Chocolate – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The popular belief that love can be seen in the eyes of a certain person is true since scientists have discovered that the enjoyment of food can be measured through our eyes, and the love of chocolate is especially pronounced.

When people eat chocolate, their levels of happy hormones rise, and their eyes shine, it has been proven.

The highly developed Mayan civilization also had a God that was in charge of chocolate (the God of Chocolate), and cocoa beans were accepted as a means of payment, it was highly valued, not money, and those who had cocoa beans were considered to be rich.

From his travels around South America, Christopher Columbus carried cocoa seeds to the Spanish court, but it did not arouse any interest. Spanish monks were the first in Europe to produce chocolate, still liquid, and they started adding sugar and cinnamon. Some of these or similar receipts are still known today.

Eating chocolate is good but not good if you eat too much – it is highly recommended to eat a bit of chocolate daily so that you can get enough to get the benefits of the antioxidants and minerals it contains.

The healthiest chocolate is organic growth, which does not bear white sugar, and in modern times you can buy millions of kinds of chocolates. So how can we resist?

All of this does not stop people from declaring themselves as a true chocoholic, as this cocoa treat is one of the favorite food for many people, and this is the love that almost becomes a true addiction.

But what happens when chocolate appears as a dream motive? What is the message that is behind this dream? Read all about this.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Chocolate

This is the dream that all people can have, regardless if you are a chocoholic or not, the chocolate can appear as a motive, and it always delivers truly interesting meaning.

If you look at the chocolate in your dream, but you do not eat it, such a dream is an indication that someone is still loyal to you. Or, this dream comes as your question is that person still loyal to you, so you transcend that fear into your dream world.

In this sense, this is the dream that comes to you when you have love troubles, and you suspected that the partner was not honest and that he would not fulfil the promises he made to you.

However, a situation will emerge in which it will show itself in the right light and move from words to deeds.

After that, your relationship will be based on mutual trust and support, and the days that follow will make you even closer. Such intimacy is one of a kind, and it should be your goal for the future – the two people who share the same passions and attitude toward life.

When you are giving chocolate to someone as a gift, such a dream means that you are wasteful in some cases in your life. If you continue to spend money as you have done before, you will get yourself a ticket for the misery trip.

You will want to appear before your friends and others, which will result in unexpectedly large debts. You will be afraid that you will be rejected if you do not live on a high arch, but at least you will know what to expect.

But if in a dream you are eating chocolate, but not too much, you are tasting the great taste it has, such a dream speaks of your need to be loved, to be connected with someone on a personal level, and why not, this is the dream that speaks of passions that you do not have in your life, and you would want to have them.

If the chocolate from your dream has disgusting taste, such a dream means that you are sick and tired of an affair that you are in right now, but in some alternate version this is the dream that speaks of a job that you do not want to work anymore, but instead of taking some action, you are staying in that bad relationship, or on that bad job. But now is the time to make some difference.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Chocolate

The symbolism of chocolate in your dream world vary a lot, and for example, eating the most extraordinary piece of chocolate symbolizes sudden kisses, but not just kisses, but also sensual pleasures.

Alternatively, this is the dream that symbolizes the absence of them – kisses and sensual pleasures. It is possible that you are courting a person you have known for a long time, but have never thought of that person in that way. Everything will work out quickly, and you will be in a relationship that, despite your scepticism, will get better every day.

If you do not eat a chocolate in your dream world, but you are looking at in the window shop, and you desire to eat it, such a dream speaks of your personality and the need to indulge, but you are aware that it will bring you so many problems later on, so you are thinking it, and you want to decide later.

If you receive a bar of chocolate as a gift, such a dream is the symbol that you would want to remain in some phantasy in your life or love life. This is the action that would be the manifestation of your wildest dreams, but it does not mean that it will occur in this form, and it also can point out that your expectations are extremely high, and nor many people could meet it.

In a dream like this, where you are looking for chocolate, and you are not able to find it, the thing is that in real life you lack enjoyment, you lack hedonistic moments where you can relax, rest your brain and enjoy life.

Dreams like these are also very pleasing and fill a person with positive energy because they generally have the meaning that you in the public love to help others and make them happy which is a really beautiful thing.

In a case like this, it usually means that you will feel comfortable in someone’s company and that someone’s help and love will really make you happy.

As you were able to see, and like in real life, dreams that have the main motive the chocolate, and if dreams are indirectly or directly connected to it, rarely have some negative meaning.

Their symbolism is often connected to love, sensual pleasures, or hedonism in general (just like in the case of a dream of any candy or sweet in a dream world)

Do I have to be worried?

Generally, dreams, where chocolate appears as the main motive, can hardly be bad or ugly. Mostly these are pleasant dreams, where chocolate is a sweet temptation and a right to enjoy a dream.

Of course, we know that dreams could at times show some secret tendency that you are having and you cannot meet it in real life, so you are searching ways, or to be more precise, your brain search ways in a dream world. Then chocolate appears as a motive.

In this sense, you should not worry, but you should pay some more attention to things you lack in life, and you would want them to be the part of your life, especially when it comes to your love life.

However, one should pay attention depending on the context in which chocolate is dreamed, and there are some very common variations or those that are borderline bizarre – and there are those that speak of your wasteful nature, especially regarding money.

If you dreamed of eating chocolate, it could mean nothing more than enjoying your life really as full as your lungs and being content with yourself, simply finding happiness in everything that surrounds you.

In that case, there is no reason to worry, and such dreams are really beautiful and relaxing.

Alternatively, you may be on a special diet that does not allow for chocolate or other sweets, or simply watch what you eat so that you are burdened with not spoiling your results.

What to do if I had this dream?

In the majority of cases, if you eat or take a chocolate as a gift comes with the positive symbolical value, and in this sense the only thing that you could do is to reduce your pleasures to some normal extent, and never to jeopardize the balance that is necessary in everything in your life, and also in joy and pleasures.

In some versions, the dream about the chocolate warns you not be as wasteful as you have been in previous periods of your life, even if your idea behind such behavior was honest and loving.

You wanted to indulge in the people who are close to you, but even if this behavior there is a negative outcome, and you have reached it.

Observe what are you doing and be very careful with your “giving habits”.

These dream come to people who love to have some joy in their lives, but it also comes in the life of the people who are craving for such pleasures and do not know what the right for their fulfilment is.

If you had such a dream, think of all aspects of it, and ask yourself more about what is your relation to pleasures in life, do you have them enough or too little.


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