Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

This is a good opportunity to observe in general some aspects of synthesis in astrology, the connection that can be seen in all astrological elements, and in it, we include the aspects of the Moon and the Sun as well, that is beside the sign and the Ascendant the two most important aspects in the natal chart (we are not saying that other planets are not important).

We are convinced that many astrological indicators are perceived and interpreted in isolation, and for this is the reason of the essence of the human mind, that everything that perceives parts, separates, subtracts, and thus moves away from perfection and equality.

We could also say, in this sections that in the science of Astrology, our mind, and our natural condition to share things, evaluate and analyse, in fact, evades from revealing things and their essential simplicity that is primary for understanding.

So, it is a good idea to look deeply into some astrological aspects, in this case, we are talking about the personality that is influenced by the Taurus Zodiac sign (the location of the Sun) and the Virgo Zodiac sign (the location of the Moon).

Good Traits

The shape of this being is created, by the influence of the Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in the Virgo Zodiac sign, that in him prevalence is in the egocentricity, the sense of practical and certain lack of concentration that never allows him to know your own inner self fully.

But this could be seen as a very good thing since this person is pointed to the constant discoveries about himself. He likes to discover and to learn, and this could be a clear way to success that he undoubtedly wants, and happiness that he sees in the harmony that will rule in his life.

Some good qualities that can be mentioned here are: the fact that this man is proper and well organised, he is one of those people who will complete the beginning of the matter to the end.

Therefore, he appreciates only the reality of real facts, practical endeavors and clear situations, nothing dreamy and imaginative interests this person. He is not a person prone to imagination, and he will rather use his mind and ration to come to the results, that will last longer and preserve the stability.

In fact, this is one very positive and practical person who has arranged nature and enthralled by stability – everything in his life must be in order, and this is seen as a good trait since he progresses in this way.

Because of his pragmatic spirit, and he has a strong inclination to classify, categorise objects, beings and events, as well as a sharp sense of adaptability to everyday life.

He will manage all things in life to his good use and maximum benefit, or he will reject them, as unnecessary and useless; in this sense, in the life of the person who has Sun positioned in Taurus sign and the Moon in the Virgo sign, things are clear.

Bad Traits

He loves all simple things in life, he loves nature, but in some other introspective he can be a somewhat difficult and restrained character that brings him in the constant conqueror of hunger.

This person has a problem in realising that not everything in life could be put in some sort of order and that for some things in life, it is a great thing to have a vibrant imagination.

Sometimes his mind is narrow that he cannot see the greater picture and the gain that he might have by creating thinking.

Also, one major flaw that we could see in the character of this human being is the fact that he sometimes can be cold and distant from people in his close environment, convincing himself and others that he is better alone (even when this is far from the truth).

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon  in Love

In love, a person who has Sun located in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Virgo sign strives to self-control, careful and methodical operation and he avoids adventure in a relationship.

Such behavior generally keeps him away from dangers and heavy bumps in love, but it could shut this person down in monotonous love life, rather than showing the desire to change. He must change if he wants to feel real and passionate love, or he will lose a lot.

But the Sun in the Taurus diminishes the coldness and repulsiveness of the Moon in the Virgo sign with its warmth and sensual temperament, so in the area of emotion, he can sometimes suffer disappointments. And he belongs to those people who will have a problem in realising where did the make a mistake, regardless of how analytical this person is; this is the area where he loses it.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

In a relationship for this person, the most important thing is that he must resist the temptations of greatness and be satisfied with simple happiness in love. He must learn all about his boundaries by providing himself with psychological and material means of enabling him to enjoy life very well, far from too many ambitions and struggles from which he has a little chance of coming out as a winner.

If he wants any love relationship to work, he must be truthful to himself, a patient, resistant, a human being with the strong temperament, he can become the champion of long-term tasks and regularity in love. He is not interested in any kind of short relations and usually enjoys when something lasts longer, so he can enjoy safety and comfort.

Of course, he might lose in this way, since he can be deprived of some interesting, and passionate experiences in love, just because he has a vision of his love life, and he does not want to step away from it.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Virgo Moon

The presence of the Sun in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Virgo sign in a personal horoscope brings these person spiritual, sharpened and prolonged desires, as well as the need to escape from the prison of his own body and mind.

His lovers should be aware of this fact; and one more thing this is also a person who loves life, pleasures, enjoyment of any kind, but some inner voice constantly reminds him to stop, to wait, to accumulate all your impressions and then let go. His potential lovers must be aware of this fact. But the question who this person could be?

The perfect lover could be found in the representative of the Pisces sign – since this person is a very rational and analytical, so he needs an emotional and compassionate partner who will understand his frequent mood swings, but also someone who can endure his petty and critical nature.

Although people who are similar to him and who are practical and real to him are attracted to him, a different type of partner still suits this person.

And the Pisces lover could be the thing that he needs – someone who is romantic, gentle, and emotional, that will be the right choice. He needs a partner who will soothe his nervous and restless nature and who will be able to handle his high demands.

He will teach a person who has Sun located in the Taurus and the Moon in the Virgo to relax more and not experience life so seriously. Such an emotional partner will soften and relax him.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon  as a Friend

There is no doubt that this human being is honest in any social activities and social relationships, also in love. He needs to have loyalty, both in friendship and in love, and his friends see him as a solid companion to whom others can count on.

However, his sometimes excessive emotional reservation confuses the environment and exposes him to the caution in interpersonal relations. He is the one friend that will help you get out the trouble, but at the same time, he will be the one that will give you a hard talk and remind you that you should never do the same mistake again. He can give you hard lectures and be strict in this way, pointing himself in the direction of a person who never makes mistakes.


This Sun and Moon connection point to a personal gift of intelligence that is based on a great perception and experience – this person is not too creative but is extremely critical, analytical and rational, and this is his way to success.

Consequently, the one that has Sun positioned in the Taurus and the Moon in the Virgo Zodiac sign analyse up to the minutest details all the possibilities of practical and material realisations.

This is the person who is in all of his actions very precise, persistent, valuable, but also gallant in giving everything that he has.

In some way, this person could be called a real champion, who can present himself in the right way and dominate society, and he has all that he needs to become really successful in everything that he does. In business, he likes to be at the top, and he is never satisfied with small positions and small salaries.

Emotionally, he is the person who can love very much when he is deeply infatuated by some person, but also depending on the period, he can be an adventurer. The highest values in his life are his family and friends, and all things and all success must be put into this perspective.


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