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We can see a lot of interesting things in a personal horoscope, but some general things can be seen in general Zodiac characteristics of each sign, and the same case is with the Virgo Zodiac sign.

The Virgos are, of course, the greatest fighters and workers in the Zodiac system of signs, both on the mental and the physical plane, trying to bring everything around themselves in a state of contrary to entropy, that is, order and more order. This is probably a feature that, at least in this 21st century, can be irritating or at least not overly popular. Of course, with a large amount of compulsory analysis Virgos go through life, and we will say that they are the ones that find the hardest, and then people who are close to them.

As far as the Virgo man is a concern, his character does not step away much from this general characterisations, and we can say that he has one mission in life – to fix something, even if the things are not broken. Until he does this, he will not be able to relax, and he will be not as much as unhappy, but more restless.

In some way, we encounter one man that is very serious because if he does not find a way to use his brain constructively in his work, he can lead you to insanity by analysing. But does this mean that this man cannot relax in love and that he is overanalysing his relationship? Read in this text.

Good Traits

This Virgo man needs to work, or he will feel useless in life in general. A Virgo is a sign to whom it is destined to repair everything that is broken, and while your environment can be annoyed, he sees this as a divine work.

The Virgo man is a precise, accurate and critical man, and his attention is devoted to the detail. This gentleman is also valuable, efficient, systematic and highly thought-out to avoid any kind of challenge – he likes to do things methodically and systematically. He likes to plan, and he sees this as his strength, not a flaw. He is the one that likes to know everything in advance, and he praises himself as one of the rarest people who can predict what is going to happen in the future and why.

The Virgo man has a tremendous sense of duty and will do everything for the benefit of others, whether his family, friends, work or community in question – this is one aspect that makes him a good person who does not have any bad ideas in his mind. He is skilful in determining facts and enjoys getting in touch with details so that many will think he is brave and overwhelming.

This man is usually a very hard worker who does not shy from hard work in every sense of that word, and he is inevitably desirable in every team because everyone knows that that can count on the Virgo man. He pleases everyone to know that only he can put things in place and that is why it is necessary – he truly likes to help others with his full heart.

The Virgo man has the characteristics that many people do not see as virtues, but they are – such as modesty and purity, and he is balanced and honest. Most of all, this gentleman has a certain kind of nobility in him, but at the same time, he is very modest (one trait that not many people have, especially nowadays).

Bad Traits

On the more negative side, the Virgo man is obsessive-compulsive neurotic that can act erratically – as others can see him at times. Sometimes he can be overly calculated, and he suppresses his emotions and does not let people get to close to him in some meaningful way; along the way, he feels like he does not need anyone. Continuous justification analysis will lead him into mental paralysis – this is just an option, and he has the opportunity to change this trait if he works.

With Virgo man, you are sure of one, and when they catch you cheating or lying, your days are counted, he can be merciless in his revenge (sometimes he can go so far that even he can see that such behavior is unnecessary). But he can be manipulator himself, and play others so well that no one will even suspect that for days or months what is going one. The Virgo man will leave you feeling like you are completely safe, and when you feel like you are, he will reveal your punishment.

Some say that the Virgo man can be prone to insensibility and that he is narcissus who cares only about his appearance with a desire for perfection.

In some, maybe extreme cases, the Virgo man are seen as the man who does not have passion, tenderness, or warmth. But at the same time is a man who can cry when he feels like it.

This man needs to take care of his health since he can be disastrous in the times when he loses his control, and when someone messes with emotions. It’s just a reflex since the Virgo man is primarily loyal to himself and he excludes all other people. Do not mix this trait with the Leos egocentrism, in this case, he needs himself in the first place, and all others come later. And sometimes he is too much for himself.

Virgo Man in Love

The Virgo man is a perfectionist who is eager to fix everything and bring it in its place, and in love, this gentleman goes and move on until he finds the perfection that he is trying to achieve. When this man is in love, he is constantly wondering if it’s what he feels is love or something else, something similar, or is he wrong – there are many questions that he asks himself. As a variable sign, it often happens that he declares love and then within a few weeks he realises that it does not love at all – this aspect is very interesting since the Virgo man is the one that likes to analyse, but he is questioning himself all the time.

He feels difficult to be connected to someone in a loving way because his emotions are unstable as with other variable zodiac signs, but he is in some way very strict in terms of expectations. So the Virgo man has a lot of problems in knowing what does he wants from himself. And one more thing needs to be added here – the Virgo man is very loyal to his friends, but when it comes to the quest for life love, this gentleman rarely maintain long emotional relationships until he finds the person who gives him the perfection he seeks or until he raises his hands from that one perfect love, when he just stops looking. And this may be the best solution for this man, to stop obsessing and when love comes to him.

Generally, the Virgo man is all but sexual, and he can be a really uninteresting lover, not in the sense that these human beings are boring, but he is not the one that will do some crazy and incredibly romantic thing for his lover. Most often, it is a partner who must force creativity in a relationship -and the good thing is that each Virgo man likes to be at the service to his lover, and in his eternal quest for the perfection, most of the men born in the Virgo sign will do his best to understand the anatomy of their partner and be able to satisfy her truly. When we say anatomy, we also mean on the analysis of a lovers character and giving her what she needs.

Virgo Man in a Relationship

Depending on what you are looking for, a relationship with a Virgo man can be quite satisfying or very irritating – he is not a suitable lover for everyone. He is dedicated to his partner, but since we know that Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury which leads to a kind of duplicate personality that cannot always be trusted. And this is a similar situation as with the Gemini man that is also ruled by the Mercury, and we all know how inconstant he can be. We all know how difficult a relationship could be with people who are not constant and who have changeable nature.

This lover can be quite superficial when it comes to emotional intimacy and affection, but the Virgo man is smart enough not to let go of the partner that he loves – he is not stupid to let his lover leave him because of his nature. He loves the routine and needs to have healthy choices in his life, whether he is aware of it or not aware, and it can make him very demanding about it.

The Virgo man, when in a good relationship, tries to live in harmony with traditional values ​​and he craves that he has a person next to him who will take care of him while he cares about the world, and have other worries in his life. Maybe unfair, but this is the truth.

He needs to have a very strict and strong moral compass to be valued in a relationship, and also he is very cautious about truth, and he will behave as a model partner. As a cliché, the Virgo man is always looking for physical satisfaction, or he goes to another extreme.

If he recognises too much deficiency with his lover, he will undoubtedly look for another, without looking back. Even the finest Virgo man has this need, and he has a problem with confidence as a reflection of his behavior.

If the partner Virgo ceases to trust you even when there is no reason for it, pay attention as this may be a sign that he is not honest.

Best Match for Virgo Man

The Virgo man is at first glance cold and distant person, and in fact, he can be very emotional, even if he does not how to express this emotionality in the right way. He can quickly change his mind, he is known for avoiding discussions and conflicts, and every conversation with the Virgo man is very interesting. As a partner, the Virgo man is very caring, at times he is sociable, and they like to appear in full light on all occasions – he can be that partner who will make you feel pride.

The amazing lovers for this interesting man can be Cancer or Scorpio.

As far as Cancer lover goes, the Virgo man constantly analyses the changing mood of the Cancer so that he can always be found when it needs a shoulder to cry or a gentle embrace. Cancer lover should not make the pedantic Virgo man ever feel guilty because of a long list of obligations. Happiness will smile to this couple, and this is especially true; they try to provide each other more than others.

When we talk about the Scorpio lover than we could say that the Virgo reacts to love interestingly – he can be scared and fascinated. The Virgo man and Scorpio lover can be a good match if the Virgo man helps Scorpio lover to open and show his romantic side; then everything will be so passionate that is unbelievable.

On the other hand, Virgo gentleman Scorpio is interesting because it is not easy to conquer, and Scorpio does not like easy prey, and he likes to conquer his lover. If Scorpio opens before Virgo and he remains mysterious, their relationship will take time, but it will last really long, and it will be amazing and solid as a rock.

Virgo Man as a Friend

The Virgo man is the one friend that likes to be at the service of others, and you can find him at hand if you need him. Given the fact that, basically versatile, many surprise all those vast areas in which the Virgo is sent.

The knowledge and skills of the Virgo man be perfected because time and effort are invested in them – he likes to use this knowledge to help his friends and make them better. Maybe his friends see this as an unnecessary process, but the Virgo man needs to speak his mind and to make his friends realise this.

In social contacts, he may need a little more time to “dissolve”, but in him you will have a trusted friend and a person who will, from time to time, lower you “to the ground” in situations when, for emotional confusion, you are urgently it needs a “voice of common sense”. He is the one friend that will help you with the voice of reason – and this aspect cannot be denied in any Virgo, they know how to look at the situation objectively. If you want a friend who will tell you the truth in your face, you should call your friend Virgo.

On the other hand, if the Virgo man has chosen you as his friend or partner, do not doubt your qualities, because you have certainly passed through a variety of tests in the meantime, without knowing it.

So, this is a good friend, but not easy, and he can be a full hand at times – the Virgo man is never an easy person, but he is not evil and has good intentions with his loyal friends.

Virgo Man as a Father

He is the one father that, and his children will never throw their sneakers under the bed and do something wrong or naughty. The Virgo man is very analytical and great in setting goals and imposing them to his children, and he usually knows how these features could be transferred to his children. The Virgo man’s children will be able to learn everything about organisation, teamwork, profitability and planning by watching him.

Because of his pronounced tendency to perfectionism, the Virgo man can be quite frustrated when his children do not fulfill his high expectations. He is prone to criticising to the things that are very painful for his children (they can remember this critique for years).  Instead of being so critical, this father should try to encourage them in the most positive sense.


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