Praying Mantis – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Praying mantises are insects that can be found all over the world. These small and green insects have got the name by their typical appearance and strange posture.

Praying mantises have their forearms folded, so it is very easy to recognize them. They look like as if they were praying to God. These insects have their elegant moves that can have a hypnotizing effects, so you may be wondering what will be the next move.

Even though you may see these insects often, you may not know that they are very powerful spirit animals. Since long ago praying mantises have been considered the symbols of the truth, peace and calm.

These insects never make mistakes and they always think well before making any move. There are also many other spirit meanings related to these insects. It is believed that seeing a praying mantis may be a symbol of good luck.

Now you will see something more about the praying mantis animal totem and its symbolism. We will help you understand the spiritual meaning of this insect.

What does a Praying Mantis Symbolize?

The first thing that we can relate to a praying mantis is peace. Also, this insect may be a symbol of mindfulness. It is known that in China the praying mantis has been honored for its amazing mindful movements. The symbolism of this insect also includes patience, awareness, intuition and creativity.

Now you will see some traits of praying mantis animal totem and you will see when you should call upon this divine insect to be with you.

Praying Mantis Animal Totem

You may not be sure if a praying mantis is your animal totem. In this case we recommend you to analyze all the traits of this insect and their symbolic meanings. If you have a silent life and if you don’t do anything in a rush, then a praying mantis may be your animal totem. Praying mantis people never make any movement without thinking. They are ready to think about something for hours, in order to make the best decision.

For praying mantis people the most important thing is to have their inner peace. They always think everything through and they never take any action before they are completely sure.

That’s why these people never make mistakes.

They are patient and they are ready to wait until the best opportunity for them appears. It is believed that a praying mantis has the ability to speak to the unknown and to receive messages from it.

You should call upon a praying mantis in the moments when you need peace and calm. If this divine insect comes into your life, it will help you find out your own truth.

You should always have a little time for yourself because it is important to make your decisions in peace. This is the only way to make wise decisions and to avoid mistakes.

If the praying mantis has crossed your path, then you should not ignore it. This way a praying mantis is actually reminding you to take some time and to think well about your life and your next steps. You should not let anyone pressure you. You should do things when you feel ready to do them.

Meanings of a Praying Mantis as a Spirit Animal

Peace. As we have already said, a praying mantis is a symbol of peace and harmony. If you let this insect come into your life, then it will bring you silence and peace. You will have a peaceful life and you will always know exactly where you are going. If a praying mantis is your spirit animal, then it will teach you all the benefits that meditation can bring you. It is necessary to calm your mind and to leave peacefully.

Stillness. Stillness is another super-power of a praying mantis and it is related to its peaceful life. This insect usually spends a lot of time in stillness and it uses this time to think about how it will obtain the food.

It is known that a praying mantis is using the period of stillness to make important decisions and strategies.

This insect actually spends more time being in stillness than hunting its prey. So, if the praying mantis is your spirit animal, it means that you should meditate more often and use that time to think about your life and planning your next actions. Meditation will help you get to know yourself much better and discover your own potentials.

Mindfulness. Mindfulness is another trait that we can relate to a praying mantis if it appears as a spirit animal. It is interesting that this insect never makes any move before knowing that it is the best option for him. If a praying mantis is also your spirit animal, it means that you should think well before you make any decision. You should be careful about your own choices in life.

Intelligence. Maybe you didn’t know that a praying mantis is one of the most intelligent insects on the world. This insect has the ability to hunt other insects and it never shows fear. The praying mantis usually comes to those people who are intelligent, patient and calm.

Intention. We will also mention intention as a very important aspect related to the praying mantis spirit animal. This insect has always its intention and nothing can stop a praying mantis do what it wants to do. It usually refers to hunting its prey.

However, if a praying mantis appears for you, it means that you should also have a clear intention and focus yourself completely to something. It is necessary to have your own goals and to focus on them. That’s the only way to reach your goals and to have a success.

Satisfaction. When we talk about a praying mantis as a spirit animal, we will also mention satisfaction that is related to fullfilment. Actually, when a praying mantis has caught its prey, then this insect feels satisfaction.

However, it wants to improve the technique for the next hunt. The same situation is if the praying mantis is your spirit animal. In this case you will receive this trait from a praying mantis.

It means that you will be satisfied after doing something and having success, but you will want to be even better the next time. You will use all the things and knowledge that you have learned before, so your success will probably be bigger.

Dreams about a Praying Mantis – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about a praying mantis are common and they may have different meanings. If you had a dream about a praying mantis, it can mean that there is a person who completely ignores you and your feelings.

Many studies have showed that praying mantis dreams are especially common for people who take some kind of drugs.

If someone has seen a praying mantis in a dream, it may also be a warning for a danger that is coming. In this case, a praying mantis is telling you to be careful, in order to avoid any troubles and dangers in the near future.

If this insect appears in your dreams, it may also be a symbol of some mistakes that you have made recently. Sometimes, praying mantis dreams are warning you to pay more attention to some people who may want to deceive you.

If you have dreamed that a praying mantis is trying to tackle some bigger preys, it means that you should face your fears.

It is also possible to dream that a praying mantis has attacked you. This dream means that you spend to much time working, so your whole life is based on your business. This dream is warning you to take some time for yourself, in order to find peace and calm.

If you have dreamed that a praying mantis is hunting its prey, it means that you should make your decisions slowly and wisely.

Take your time and think well, because it is the only way to make the right decision. Most important is to be patient and to wait the best opportunity for you.

Sometimes you may be also dreaming of a dead praying mantis. This dream symbolizes the failure in your past relationship.

That’s why you have fear of starting new relationship and you think you will get hurt again. The dream in which a praying mantis misses its leg or arm has the same meaning.

There is also a belief that if a woman or a girl dreams about a praying mantis, it can mean that she has offended someone in her real life. This dream may be a reflection of the guilt that she is feeling.


There are many situations in which a praying mantis will appear as your spirit guide. As we have already said, a praying mantis will appear at the moment when you need clarity, patience and strength. It will help you make wise decisions and avoid mistakes.

If you want to be powerful and if it is necessary for you to know your surrounding, then it is the right moment to call upon a praying mantis.

A praying mantis will be a great spirit guide for you and it will teach you many things. In the first place, a praying mantis will teach you how to be patient and wise and how to make the right decisions.

If you have a praying mantis as your spirit animal, you will not make mistakes any more. We hope this article has been interesting and useful for you and we are sure that you will recognize a praying mantis animal totem if it appears in your life.


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