Spiritual Meaning of Forgetting Dreams

What do we actually know about dreams?

Dreams are a product of our mind, some people believe that dreams represent another world which is hidden in our everyday lives.

Our subconscious is trying to send us certain message using dreams, so when we have some really strange dreams then it is likely that we need to figure out the message from that dream.

In order to find a meaning to our dreams we need to remember this dream and details in it.

Little details like colours or actions can be crucial in order to figure out the meaning of this dream.

But, the problem starts if we can’t remember our dream and this happens a lot.

You know the feeling when you are dreaming about something and you are thinking there is no way that I am going to forget that, then you wake up and for a few seconds you are aware of that dream.

But the minute you get up or focus on something else you forget your dream, you have no idea what happened or why you feel like you know the dream  yet you are still not able to find the words for it.

So how can you find the meaning of your dream if you are forgetting it?

The most logical solution to this is to write it down immediately after waking up.

That way your memory is fresh and you are more likely to write down even more details which will make it easier for you to find the meaning of your dream.

Our dreams are a whole new world with a completely different meaning.

Sometimes our dreams tell us more than we could figure out on our own.

Our brain is interesting and fascinating organ, we know how it functions and at the same time we have no idea about its abilities.

We know that we have neurons, but we do not know the location of the centre where our dreams form.

There is no place in our brain where we can know for sure that it is the place where our dreams are forming and working.

When we dream, hundreds of chemical reactions work and they do their job. Our brain stimulates pictures, dreams.

The thing with dreams is that sometimes they appear because we see stuff, it can be a reflection of our everyday visions and lives.

If you are working in a hospital for example, then it is completely normal for you to dream about hospitals or doctors.

Sometimes there is no particular meaning to a certain dream, while sometimes there is a crucial message from our dream.

So many things can appear in our dreams in so many different shapes and forms.

There are many religious texts that confirm that God can sometimes send His message to us through our dream world.

Perhaps if we are sinful or taking the wrong track, then God somehow tries to shake us up a little bit so that we can go back to the right path.

There are certain beliefs where people think that the dead can talk to us through our dreams.

So after they die, their soul leaves the body and it is free and that makes it possible for them to enter our dreams.

Let’s assume that the dream world is actually a world where are souls are free and that way when a deceased person enters our dreams they can send some sort of a message.

There are all sorts of nightmares that affects us badly, these nightmares are harder to forget than pleasant dreams.

This is because you get scared that much that your nerves remember that fear and when you wake up you are stressed and you are completely lost.

The worst kinds of dreams are the realistic ones, when you dream a dream that looks so realistic then you lose it a little bit.

For some period you are not sure if the dream was just a dream or was it something real.

And of course there are dreams that you have and after some time you relive that exact moment that you dreamt of before.

Some mix this with Deja vu, but it is not the same thing.

As I said earlier it is easy to forget dreams and it is easy to feel frightened by them.

Dreams are important and they play a big role in our lives, they are a part of us and we need to learn about them more.

That is the problem you see everyone is so busy with making expeditions to the Moon or to the ocean, but we do not even understand our minds and they are thinking about taking over the space.

Do not feel scared if you tend to forget your dreams, it is nothing to worry about it happens to everyone.

Reasons For Forgetting Your Dreams

Forgetting a dream does not just go like that, there are reasons and factors that are messing with us from time to time.

The most common one is stress.

Stress is considered to be the number one cause for many illnesses and conditions in the world.

Everything starts with stress and there can be so many complications that come out of it.

Our lives are filled with stressful events, there are so many things that can cause stress and there are so many fragile people out there that do not know how to react to it.

Being under pressure is also one reason for stressing and stressful thoughts.

You can literally stress about everything, you should not do it.

But let’s get back to the topic, how does the stress make us forget our dreams?

If you were ever under some stress then you should know that stress can affect your memory.

When you are stressing over something you tend to lose it a little bit meaning that you feel like you are lost and you forget about things you normally would not.

Another important factor that affects our memory of dreams is certain trauma.

If you had a traumatic event in your past, then it probably left some consequences on your mental health and this way you are having troubles when it comes to remembering your dreams.

Perhaps you are still going through the trauma that is also possible.

Medications affect our body in every single way, so why wouldn’t they affect our memory also.

Certain medications can completely disrupt the functions and if they have some effects then it is completely normal.

So if you are on some meds, do not look surprised if you can’t remember your dream.

Another possible cause of you forgetting your dream easily is that you didn’t pay attention to the dream.

This is also one of the common reasons why you can’t remember a dream, it is because you did not really pay attention to it while it is projecting.

Some of the common factors that can be affecting your memory of dreams are sleep disorders.

Or perhaps you are waking up too fast and that way you simply forget about your dream.

There are so many factors and reasons for this to happen, but the funny thing is that you have the feeling like you had in that dream during the day.

Our mind is a funny place and no matter how hard we try we will never know what goes on inside of it.

There are also certain ways that you can practise in order to remember your dreams and first one is to cut down the medication.

You have to wake up slowly and the minute you are up write the dream down.

Some people are trying with lucid dreaming to figure out some questions they have, but you should not do this all alone and you should talk with some expert before you try it out.

There are times where you won’t even dream about anything and that is not a bad sign at all.

Some people spend their lives without dreams, while others have nightmares every night .

If you start writing dreams down every single time you have a dream, then you can form your own dream book.

Luckily nowadays everything we need is available online, all you have to do is enter what you need.

There are many questions about dreams that we are still trying to resolve, one day we might will.


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