Dreams About Butterflies – Interpretation and Meaning

Butterflies are gentle creatures that are mostly connected to beauty, grace and elegance. They amaze us with their colorful wings, and they have been used in many different cultures as a sign representing just that.

Dreaming about these creatures is usually pleasent. We never connect them to any type of agressive behavior, and their beautiful look gives us the reason more to invision them in a beautiful way.

Butterfly symbolism in dreams

Symbolism of a butterfly is also connected to change. Since they transform themselves from their chrysalis, we might be seeing ourselves in some sort of changing phase.

If we are going through some sort of difficult times in our lives, we might invision a butterfly coming out of it’s cocoon and flying away.

We feel freedom and happiness, just like he does even for a short period of time.

These changes can also come very slowly for you, but they will happen.

Caterpillar together with butterfly represent your change has finished already, and you didn’t feel any emotions getting hurt or the change was painless for you. You feel impovered and happy with yourself.

Seeing a butterfly flying around the flowers is a good sign. This means your life is going according to plan, and your relationships with others will be calm and full of love.

If you catch a butterfly in your hand, this represents you finding love finally. If the colors on that butterfly are bright then this is one argument more in favor of this sign.

Since dreams about butterflies are mostly good signs, killing him is not.

This will not only bring you bad luck but it can also mean that your relationships are going to suffer.

You can expect tthe worse from your close ones and your love.

If the butterfly is going from one flower to another in your dream, then you will hear some good news.

Perhaps they will be told to you by your friends, and they will bring something prosperous.

Certain colors in our dreams can also play a big role in their meaning.

White butterfly brings bad health that will occurr without any warning, and black butterfly brings bad news and problems in your life.

If you are a young girl or a woman, dreaming about butterfly transformation can also indicate you are going through some changes in your life that are normal, and your mind is visualizing them in your dreams.

Butterfly symbolism through history

Most common connection to a butterfly symbol is transformation.

But, besides this meaning, there are many others that are not so common.

They can represent time passing, from cocoon to a butterfly we see different stages of life go by, and we feel affected by this change.

They also represent lightness and celebration. With their vivid colors, they bring joy to our life and can not be seen in a bad light in any way.

Connected to lightness they can be seen as weak and fragile, so we see them as easy targets and extremely vulnerable.

Many ancient cultures used butterfly symbols as a representation of resurrection and eternal life.

Their ability to transform gets connected to the eternal life, by being able to come to life after being closed in a cocoon for a long period of time.

They represent souls and many Christian tombs have these symbols carved in on to them.

Butterfly is a symbol of grace and elegance, and has been connected to the divine for many centuries.

His almost perfect appearance, makes it a beautiful example of mother nature.

His playful nature resembles child like behaviour, and connection to the youth and lightness of existance.

They represent teachers who explain to us how to overcome our biggest fears and transform into new lives, by breaking out of our cocoon.

The cycle of life we can see in their amazing breakthrough, is what makes them interesting to people for centuries and still today.

In the end, in our dreams, butterflies can have different meanings.

But, a most important one, is transformation and change in our life. just like he breaks out of his cage, you will encounter a breakthrough in your life, and change it from inside out. Making it beautiful and joyful.


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