How to Use Bath Salts to Relax Yourself?

There are different types of methods people use for relaxation. Certain smells and aromas can make us not only feel better and relaxed but they can also have beneficial effects for our health.

In these methods we can count in bath salts, because they are natural products and they fulfill all of the statements above.

What are actually bath salts?

Bath salts are minerals. They are processed in a way that they can dissolve in the water and this way we can use them in our everyday beauty and lifestyle routines.

They come in natural or industrial processed form.

They can contain different substances or different products can be marked as bath salts likemagnesium, sodium citrate and others.

They are mostly used as beauty products for skin softening or exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Beneficial effects of bath salts

Bath salts are highly popular these days. They have, like I said in the previous part, mostly beneficial effects on our skin, and they are used for exfoliation and skin rejuvenation.

They are best used in natural forms, with as little modifications as possible.since they contain many beneficial components that our body need, and by that I mean minerals, our skin will easily absorb them through these dissolved salts.

You can also use them for detoxication of your skin. Hot water will make your pores open up and minerals from bath salts will clean all the dirt that has been hidding inside those pores.

This will also remove extra oil from the skin, so they are excellent for oily skin.

Bath salts are used in medicine as well. They can have relieving effects on pains that are caused by tendinitis. May people have documented that salts also helped them with osteoarthritis.

Therapy required regular bath soaks for a short period of time.

Skin related problems, that cause itchiness or perhaps rash have also been resolved due to constant use of bath salts.

If you have trouble with high blood pressure or if you are not able to get some sleep, then using bath salts might be the right solution.

Bath salts relaxation

The best way to use bath salts is by mixing them with water and soaking yourself into this mix. This is not complicated at all, you just need to fill your bath tub with hot water, and put in some bath salts.

This is the perfect way to relax yourself and even pamper yourself a bit. From time to time we all deserve it.

Lighting some candles around your bath tub and perhaps a glass of wine, will go perfectly with beautiful smell of bath salts. While you are enjoying yourself, they will be working on your health and making you put in no effort in to it.

Another way to enjoy bath salts is by mix bath salts with water and making a footbath for yourself. Make sure to avoid doing this if you have any open sores or scars that might get irritated by the salt.

This will only cause you discomfort, and no benefit at all. Your feet will smell so fresh after this foothbath, and our body will also absorb all the healthy nutrients and minerals while we sit back and relax.

If you want to mae your bath salts smell amazing then the best way to achieve this is by adding in some essential oils. You can choose any type of scent you find to bepleasurable, and mix it in sith your bath salt soak.

Of course, essential oils should be used carefully, so only few drops will be enough for yor bath.

To make it more fun and enjoyable, you can also add in some food coloring. Since food coloring is used in our cakes and other dishes, it will be safe for your bath salt soak.

This way you can really spoil yourself, and relax while being surrounded by the beautiful sea like surrounding, while getting all the beneficial supplements.

In all the above cases, you can add in some liquid glycerin to the mix, just to make it more effective. This component has been known for enhancing bath salt efficiency. And there is no harm in making your skin even more moisturized.

To mix up all the bath salt soaks, you can use a spoon or a cup. But, in the end you can also use your hands.

Different types of bath salts

If relaxation is your goal, then you should make sure to choose the right bath salt. There are really a lot of different options out there, and sometimes it can be hard to know wxactly what you need, especially if you haven’t done something before.

Epsom salt is more a pure mineral than it is salt. But, if we exclude the fact that this „salt“ is not actually what it’s name says, it is in the end very beneficial. The most important component in it is magnesium.

So, if you are experiencing problems with fatigue, heart problems or perhaps bone related diseases, then this is the perfect soultion for you. Mix in some essential oils for beautiful smell, and make yourself a relaxing bath.

Besides Epsom salt, you can also use Dead Sea bath salt. This bath salt has been the one used by ancient people back in old age, and this salt has used in the first ever spas.

Just like Epsom salt, it has a high amount of magnesium, besides that, potassium and sulfates are also high in concentration. This makes it ideal for relaxation and also health wise.

Atlantic Sea bath salts come from deep ocean grounds. This type of bath salt is the best option for adding color and aroma. This is due to it’s great absorbing characteristic and different sizes of grain.

So, if you are craving a relaxing time on the beach, next to a beautiful ocean, this salt is the right choice. Add in some Essential oil smell, of perhaps some tropical fruit and you are already there!

Organic bath salt is the best option for the ones that live by organic type of lifestyle. Organic salt mostly comes from New Zealand and it is found in great nature reserves that have a licence to distribute these salts.

Not many countries have these licences, so this salt type is very rarebig benefit  of this salt is that it is only been processed by workers in the nature reserves, so all the beneficial components remain in their natural compositions.

These are just few examples of bath salt, and there are many more out there to choose from. Find the one that suits your skin the best, and makes you feel the most relaxed.

So, overall bath salts are an excellent way to relax and pamper yourself while soaking in all the beneficial nutrients. If you lack in certain minerals, and you don’t like taking supplements and medicines, then try out bath salts. Soak yourself in for a half an hour or longer, and recreate the perfect surrounding for you to relax and be alone for a while.

Relaxing baths like this are not only important for our skin and outside appeareance, but they are a form of therapy for us that is vital in today’s stressfull times.


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