Dreams about Ex-Girlfriend – Interpretation and Meaning

So last night you had an interesting and somewhat uncomfortable dream about your ex-girlfriend.

Maybe you broke up recently and you are still have some feelings left for that person, which is the most common case, but there can be other things that influence your mind to dream about an ex-partner.

Sometimes relationships that we were in weren’t something good to remember so this dream can actually represent some sort of reminder on our bad memories and situations we don’t want go through again.

We will list some of the most common explanations in this case, and try to explain what they actually mean.

You might not be over that person

When we have these dreams often, then that might represent our mind is telling us that we need to get this person back. If the relationship ended badly, then this might be the reason more to dream often about your ex-girlfriend.

You might be sad or angry about the way the relationship ended and there are still feelings for that person. The logical solution is to try to resolve any issues you have with that person, but if everything has been said and done then try to move forward and ignore your dreams about that person.

This is especially important if the relationship you were in, was abusive or in any way bad for you.

You should try to overcome this bad period in life and move on by spending more time doing things that you love or by spending time with people who make you happy.

Dealing with emotions from the past

If you had a dream about your ex-girlfriend after a while, then your brain might be trying to deal with emotions that were left.

Perhaps you haven’t been thinking too much about this person but your brain is still going through these emotions that you haven’t resolved to the end.

This often happens when two people just end a relationship without resolving things like adults, through conversation and then their emotions just get pushed back in order for them to get on with their normal lives.

In order for us to deal with these emotions in some way, our brain dreams about these people and situations to resolve any unsaid or undone things. Because we didn’t do it in real life, it is important for our psychological health to deal with these emotions in any way possible.

This is why these dreams represent a form of therapy for us and we actually might feel better after dreaming about these people or situations.

Dream after a recent breakup

If your breakup happened quite recently then you might still be under a big impression after your relationship ended.

You will probably be re-thinking everything and thinking about that person in general, so it is no wonder you dream about them often.

Your brain is still processing information and evaluating what had happened, so these dreams are perfectly normal in this case.

This doesn’t mean that this person is right for you, it just means that you have a lot on your mind and that you are still getting used to the situation.

Evaluating your new relationship

It is not unusual to have dreams about your ex-partner after entering a new relationship. Your mind is trying to decide whether this new situation is better or worse than the previous one.

You might be thinking about positive and negative aspects of your new relationship and dreams help you evaluate those factors.

Sometimes our minds are too busy during the day, so we don’t have enough time to think about emotional and sentimental things that might be stuck somewhere in our sub-consciousness. This is why our brains get to this information when we are asleep and when we don’t have anything else to think about.

Dreaming helps us restore and organize information in our brain and it can often work as a good form of therapy for us.

Dreaming about an ex-girlfriend while you are in a relationship

Dreaming about an ex-partner while you are in a relationship with someone new can be very confusing. You might end up evaluating your current relationship and whether it is actually good or not. Maybe you will start thinking about the things you don’t like in your current relationship and confuse yourself even more.

To help you resolve this problem you need to take some facts in consideration.

Happy relationship. If you are currently in a happy and harmonious relationship where you get a lot of love and affection from your partner, then dreaming about your ex-girlfriend might leave you feeling bad about the fact that you had this dream.

You shouldn’t be worried when this happens because your brain might just be trying to resolve some issues that have been left from the previous relationship.

Ending a relationship of any kind with someone is not easy, especially if this wasn’t on good terms. If this is something you can live with and if you feel like there is no need to resolve these issues, then forget about your dream and keep on enjoying your current relationship.

Unsatisfying relationship. This is a whole other situation. Your current relationship might be unsatisfying and you might feel like your previous relationship or partner was more exciting and interesting.

When you think about your previous relationship and partner, it is very important to think about the reasons why it didn’t work out. Perhaps you had major issues and problems that ended up destroying your relationship and going back to that partner wouldn’t make too big of a difference.

You actually need to think about your new relationship and the reasons why you are feeling this way. Talk to your partner and if you find it difficult to continue the relationship, then simply end it and try to find peace with yourself for a while to figure out what you really want.

Fresh into a new relationship. Dream about your ex in this situation is normal because we are still getting used to the new partner and we need some time to cope with changes.

Social media stalking

This is another important reason why your ex might be appearing in your dreams. Perhaps you have been looking at her profile often and looking what she has been doing so it is normal to start thinking about her a lot more.

Maybe you have accidentally run into her photo and checked out her profile and later that night, dreams stepped on the scene.

In this case, if you want to end this dream cycle completely, simply un-follow or unfriend this person on your social media, or limit their activity on your news feed.

This might be harsh but at the end of the day it will help you think less about this person.

You are very sentimental

If you are a type of person who likes to daydream a lot, then this can happen to you often. You sometimes catch yourself daydreaming about things from your past and beautiful memories that you shared with someone.

You can even be in relationship with someone new but still sometimes walk down the memory lane to experience those moments once again.

Just make sure that your sentimental feelings don’t overgrow and leave you missing this person too much, because besides those good memories, there were also bad moments that probably ruined your relationship with your ex.


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