Dreams About Doors – Meaning and Symbolism

From the civilizational point of view, a human, right at first time when he created his home (regardless of how that home was small), he put the door on it, so that he could enter his sanctuary and home, and so that he could leave the “world” behind him, the world that was filled with dangers and pain.

The Doors provided him with the protection, warmth, and everything that he cherished in life was behind the Doors, behind them, he was safe and guarded – it was his sanctuary, and the front of the Doors show what is inside.

If you are happy and you are celebrating you will decorate them, if you are sad, you will lock them, and not let anyone come inside.

This, primary aspect of the Doors remain till this day, with the one exception – today, when the options are huge, we can use the Doors to enter, to try something new, it is the representation of something new, that is behind them.

So, the Doors are used as a symbol in almost every teaching in the world, and they are the symbolical limit that divides us from “them”, most commonly, it speaks of the good (us) and them (bad).

So, in some general symbolism, the Doors are the representation of new opportunities that are open, or they indicate obstacles and blockages when they are closed, but generally represent some entry or exit from the interior to the outside or vice versa.

In the same way, the Doors are part of the dream world, and human beings often have them in numerous variations, and they can reveal a lot of our hidden parts of the mind. They can be the symbol of entrance into something new, and therefore a beginning of something new, or it can become an exit from whatever has been troubling you for a while.

In this piece, we tried to discover what does such a dream means when the central motive in it is Doors – there is virtually million of a version of this dream, but some aspects are common for all people.

And as you will be able to see, this is the dream that has so many different, small and big elements, and all of them are contributing to the interpretation of this dream.

Meaning of Dreams about Doors

The Doors are such a common object in the lives of human beings that there is a great chance that you had or will have a dream that is connected to this motive, but what does this dream mean when it appears as a motive. Sometimes you have this element in a dream, but you are not aware of it, while in other times it is the dominant symbol, and therefore it deserves special attention.

First of all, we must say that such a dream has symbolism and connotation that is different and can generally be good or bad, all in accordance with a particular situation or a clear “dream” event, in which the door is a dominant figure.

In a general meaning, the Doors when appearing in a dream are connected to the new opportunities that are in front of you, and you are only one step from using those chances, you must open those doors and take the opportunity.

Often, such a dream comes to you just show you that you are missing out a lot from your perspective, while in others it is a directive to walk the path and walk through those Doors.

But, in a negative context, no one could guarantee you the good results, so the Doors cab be synonymous with failure and defeat, if someone “slams the door in your face” and you feel very unaccepted and left out and realize that you are you missed some chances and that some obstacles were created in front of you that “close the way” for you.

So, if you have seen the Doors in your dream, it could mean that you are about to come across some obstacle, real or subconscious, both opportunities are possible. And when you look at things from this perspective, it does not matter, the obstacle is there, and you must deal with it, or go away.

In some general sense, the Doors are the symbol of the blockage, and the aspect that blocks you is “within you”. You are a person who is very insecure and prone to give up easily in the face of all problems, and that you are neither brave nor bold, and when you want to accomplish something, there is a total discrepancy between desires, words and deeds in you.

If the Doors, in your dream, are open wide, such a dream implies that you are in front of new challenges or opportunities and that you must not miss the chances that you have, so that you do not regret. The fact is that some Doors will not stay open forever, and in that sense, you may lose that opportunity and miss out what you wanted for a long time.

On the other hand, if the Doors that you see in a dream world are closed, sealed and you cannot go through them, in that case, such a dream means that you are in doubt whether to return or try to open them, there was a symbolism that you missed some benefits or opportunity for success, and that because of that quite nervous and anxious, but you are aware that you will not regain time and missed chances, and that you need to focus on new beginnings and move forward.

If in a dream someone slammed the Doors in your face, in that case, such a dream has the connotation that you are a person who feels unaccepted and completely rejected by your surroundings, and because you are someone who has an attitude and opinion, and you do not easily fit into the norms and rules imposed by the society in which you live.

The Symbolism of Dreams about Doors

The symbolical value of the Doors is huge, they speak of so many things – the things that we want to protect and hide, all that we think matters to us; but they are also the symbol of a change and a new opportunity, or a closure. It is the symbol of the exit, it is the symbol of escape, and it can be a hideout from that same change.

If you see close Doors in your dream, in that case, such a dream symbolizes the person who has hurt others too much to succeed in achieving some of your goals, and when you finally become aware of your actions and sincerely ask someone for forgiveness, you have been completely ignored, and that is you and upset, and / or very sad.

And, be happy if you had a dream of an open Doors, and if you have entered that object – it generally has the symbolism that you are finally ready to completely “get to know” and change yourself, as well as to find more time and patience for those close and dear to you and who you are in some way and neglected because you are preoccupied with obligations.

This is such an important symbol since it shows a breaking point in your life that does not come so often, and it is truly something interesting; and in this case, the Doors in your dream have a distinctive appearance, and you cannot forget of them. If you had such a dream, be sure that you must alter something from your reality.

On the other hand, if you have opened the door in a dream to “enter” a room, the real-life implies some new opportunities and opportunities that you should make the most of because they are your chance to achieve and to progress. This is true, even if you see that behind those Doors there is nothing but darkness, it is a still a call to go through them, and see what is behind them.

However, if in the dream you have opened the door and through it you “go out”, that is, leave some room and or “look for a way out”, then such a dream has the symbolism that you are a person who is completely introverted and very or lonely and closed, and that you will soon have the opportunity to meet someone and to have some communication, and to be able to gain confidence in yourself and generally start trusting people more, or being more open and cordial in interpersonal relationships.

So many dreams that have something as simple as Doors as their dominant motive hide a story of the interpersonal relations, and emotional intelligence.

To dream that in your dream you close some doors stayed “behind you”, in a sense that you have already passed them, and you already on the other side, means that you either have a desire, or you will have, to leave so many issues behind.

If you have closed a door in your dream, it means that you have decidedly left all or problems or concerns behind you, and that you want to show some kind of progress or achievement, and that you are confident in your decisions, and that you courageously “step forward” Forward, without any fear of “falling under” or someone else’s influence or domination, and that you are quite willing and brave enough to take the initiative, or to “live life by your own rules.”

Do I have to be worried?

Do not worry, but think of your dream, and try to take some lessons from it, since for sure, they can be your entrance to the hidden parts of your mind, and as such, they are the easiest way to change aspects of your life that you do not like.

Doors symbolize exit or salvation, as well as some opportunities that are opening for you, so if you miss them out, then you should be worried. The open Door dream can mean that you are quite ready to change yourself and that you just want to leave your past behind, and move forward, and show yourself and others as much as you can and want, and with such an attitude will not fail to succeed.

So, the primary aspect to look when you have a dream of the Doors is the pay attention were the Doors open or closed – this can provide you with an initial answer for the questions that you are looking for.

Some say that Doors are one of the interesting symbols in a dream world, and their interpretations can be very differently interpreted and understood variously, depending on whether the dream is open or closed in the dream, and whether it “leads” either into light or into darkness, as and whether they are new and beautiful, or are they old and broken doors, which “creak” and which cause feelings of insecurity and exposure to “external influences”.

As you could see, the Doors are the symbol, among all others, of your mind – if your mind is restless and in pain, confused, then you should be worried.

According to some interpretations of this dream, it may imply that there are some circumstances or persons who are either trying to prevent you from achieving results, or you are withdrawing before them because they are better and more influential than you, and you do not want to be bothered by them and that you are making trouble for yourself.

What to do if I had this dream?

In the real-life, for the majority of us, the Doors represents the protection of property, personal secrets and family – it keeps all those that do not belong to your “crowd” out. Even if the reality is such that all Doors could be broken, burned, will still have that feeling that behind them, we leave all the darkness and that nothing can come to us.

So, when you dream of the Doors, such a dream represents aspects of your life that you want to protect from the world, and you do not want others to see. This is not a bad idea, to find out what is that that you want to protect from others, and to think of the ways how to best do that.

In some ways, if you have seen an open Doors in your dream world, you should be happy, since that dream means that you will receive a new source of income, but also speaks of the change that may or may not come in your life, depending on the fact did you pass that doors or not.

If a door is broken or burned in a dream, it signifies difficulties for the residents of that house – this is not a good sign, and in this sense, you must be prepared for a negative event that may come sooner than you think.

The size of the Doors in a dream world can reveal so much of its meaning – small Doors are the symbol of a hidden love connection or the lover that is not loyal to you. And the large Doors are the symbol of the major change in love life that will come to you as a surprise and a completely new way of living for, much bigger and much greater than ever before.

Prepare yourself for the alteration of Love life, even if you are convincing yourself that you do not want or that you do not need any change, but you do – your mind is telling you so. And never oppose to those parts of your mind.

Some say that the dream where you are looking for the Doors, but you have trouble in finding them, such a dream is the symbol of the people who are incredibly indecisive, and who have a major issue, they need to learn how to make the right decisions in the right time. This is one of the hardest skills, but the one that could be mastered.

From the burned Doors that carry the worst possible symbolical value, a death or illness of the close people, to the process of creating new Doors that are the symbols of health and wealth, the Doors are one of the most interesting motives in a dream world, and just as the Doors of our Mind they can unlock numerous secrets.


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