Dreams about Getting Married – Interpretation and Meaning

Marriage is a special thing for each one of our lives. If we are lucky, we will get married only once in our lifetime to someone really special. But what do weddings and marriage mean as symbols in our dreams?

We will try to explain to you the symbolism behind marriage in our dreams and how we can explain them.

Dream about getting married

This dream has a not so positive meaning. You will be faced with a hard decision very soon and you will need to make up your mind pretty fast.

This decision will be very important for your life in the future and it will impact its development.

Don’t be worried about making decisions like this because we need to face them from time to time in order to shape our lives the way it needs to be shaped.

Dream about seeing someone else getting married

This dream has a positive meaning. You will hear some good news very soon and luck will follow you wherever you go in the following period.

This is a good moment to start doing something new and exciting and to focus on realization of your current projects.

Dream about being a guest at a wedding

This dream symbolizes a gathering that you will soon attend. There will be a lot of your friends and family at this gathering and you will feel happy and like you are in the right place.

This gathering will also bring some news that might be beneficial for you.

You will also meet some new people at this gathering that will be important for you business-wise.

Make sure to be there and get involved with others to hear what they have to say.

Dream about watching your wedding pictures

This dream reminds you to be careful around your partner. Maybe you are taking your partner for granted and this might cause problems in your relationship.

Remember what your partner means to you and don’t underestimate their importance and support in your life.

You have probably been causing trouble in your relationship without a reason and you don’t even see the effect it has on your partner.

Stop thinking about yourself all the time and focus more on what is important and makes you happy in your life.

Dream about welcoming your wedding guests

This dream represents that you will soon experience something new in your family. Your family life will thrive and you might even welcome a newborn in your family.

Everything will be going according to plan and you will feel happiness and peace for an extended period of time.

Dream about your wedding going wrong

If you had a dream about your wedding going completely wrong, then you will experience some misunderstandings and conflict with someone close to you.

You should be careful around other people and people close to you. Be cautious about the things you say and do because they might hurt them, and you will be disappointed that this had happened.

Dream about being a bride

This dream has a positive meaning. You will have success when it comes to starting a new romance or you might meet someone new and exciting who will change your life. If you had problems connecting with people and finding ones who are your match, then this will soon change.

Use this period wisely and connect with others in order to make it easier to find the “perfect one”. Since you will have luck during this period, make sure you don’t waste it.

Dream about getting married to a married person

This dream has a negative meaning. You and your current partner might experience something new that won’t necessary be bad or good, but it will require a lot of dedication to solving these issues and it will be a some kind of test for you and your partner.

If you endure these circumstances, then you will know that you are made for each other and nothing will come between you.

Dream about a wild wedding

This dream has a negative meaning. it represents that something bad will soon happen to you and you might embark on several unpleasant circumstances that will put you in a bad mood for a while.

To avoid this, be careful around other people and be careful with your actions in the following period.

Dream about being the groom

This dream has a negative meaning. it will bring you bad luck and solitude. You will have a hard time finding someone who is right for you and the process will be painful and exhausting.

The best thing you can do is to expect this situation and learn from it, because not all of us are meant to end up with someone.

Dream about deciding to get married

This dream has a positive meaning. Your talents and your skills will be noticed by the right people and you will be able to present them in the best way possible.

Use this period to start working on new projects and finishing the ones you have started before. This period will be very successful for you, so make sure you use it the right way.

Dream about secretly getting married

This dream represents shame you might be feeling because of other people. They have been talking badly about you and you don’t know how to position yourself in this situation.

Your recent actions caused the commotion and now you have to suffer from consequences they caused.

Keep in mind that the only thing that is important is you and other people’s vision of you might not be correct.

As long as you know what and how you did something, that is all that matters.

Dream about your loved one getting married

This dream represents that you are scared of losing your loved one and you might have even noticed that they have changed in some way. Maybe they are no longer in love with you like they were before and this is making you insecure and hurt, so your emotions are now transferred to your dreams.

Talk to your partner and ask them if anything has changed and whatever you do, don’t overreact and suspect something without a good reason for it. Sometimes we might just be imagining all in our heads.

Dream about stopping the wedding

This dream represents your relationship with someone who is either close to you or whom you meet on daily basis. This person is plotting against you and you have been suspecting this for a while now.

Be careful around this person and make sure you don’t give them any information they could use against you.


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