Peacock Feather – Meaning and Symbolism

In the world of symbolical language, almost all animals with all of their parts have something to “say” in this world, and in this sense, it is always an interesting task to look into the world of them and see what they mean.

When we say part of an animal, we are talking about the beliefs that some of the parts of the certain animal carry extra special magical properties – here we count an ear from pig or shark teeth or peacock feather.

It is firmly believed that if you came to the position of one of these things you are a very happy person, and that that secret object will bring you good luck, or money, or fortune.

What is the most interesting part here is the fact that Peacock is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world, and it certainly carries an amazing symbolic value. Of course, the feathers are the most notorious part of this bird, and in this sense the most magical part.

Everywhere you look the Feathers of the Peacock are valued, especially in the East, and in this sense, their meaning and general admiration find its way all way to the West, where it is used abundantly as a tattoo symbol as a talisman, and also in the home decoration (according to Feng Shui); all because of the believe that these Feathers bring good luck, among all other things.

General traits

First of all, let us meet a bit better this amazing birdy – it belongs to the pheasant species and in the world there are two kinds of this bird – one is so-called the Indian Peacock, and another is called the Green peacock.

Mostly these beautiful creatures live in India but also the island of Ceylon and they love to be on heights, upon the mountains, and those that are very high.

They also live in the forests, but many people love to take care of them in the privacy of their backyards, where they have, among all other decoration purposes.

But, as you will be able to see in this piece, this bird, and its feathers, in particular, bring so much more to the picture.

These units are spread where the Peacock is excited and when he wants to find a mate, or when he feels that he is in danger or when he is ready to attack.

It is more associated with males, but females also have beautiful feathers.

The Meaning of the Peacock feather

All features mean something – a larger, oblong white feather indicates that a person will have to make a family or career-related choice in the next few days.

But if you find a little white feather, it’s often an indication of the good and happy events that await you. Black feathers have slightly different symbolism and are thought to indicate the presence of certain negative influences in life. If an unmarried female person finds two feathers of a genus, it is believed that she will marry that year.

If we want to speak more of this bird, and its amazing nature, we must speak of the most prominent part of it, and you are right, we are talking about its beautiful feathers.

First of all, we must say that its feather speaks of the balance in life, it speaks of the grace of movement, and it brings that message that you must, at all times listen to yourself deeper than ever before, and what is even more relevant you must act from the center. This is not so uncommon to know since the Peacock feather is known for the eye that is in the middle of it.

Its feather also speaks of the dance of life, our dignity that we sometimes lose in life, and inability to retrieve it.

The Peacock is known for its grace, and in some ways, it speaks of that, but also of the ways how you should live your life, always with the dignity, special qualities. This bird is known for its long neck, and it’s almost exaggerated tail feathers, which he wears upright behind him either in flight or on the ground (except when he opens them or throughout mating rituals).

All of this in combination with its firm legs are positioned in the center of his torso, this amazing bird is the symbol of grace, dignity and why not the joy of life.

It is truly important to know what means this feather since it is connected to the restoration of health when your inner balance is in jeopardy, and you radiate problems.

Some say, and this is true in many traditions around the world, especially in India, where the Peacock is their national animal, that its feathers should be used abundantly if you want to strengthen the entire body and is particularly valued in cleansing and reducing poisons from your body and your soul (this is truly important to know, since this feather is also used in numerous spiritual rituals).

And as far as its healing properties go, we must say that in many countries not just its feather is valued, but the Peacock himself is very strong, and not naive at all – he is known to eat poisonous serpents, scorpions and other poisonous lizards and pests. And who would it know that animal with such grace and dignity could be such a strong and vigorous predator, but it is, for sure?

The Symbolism of Peacock Feather

Now, as we progress in this piece, we must notice that things are getting more and more interesting since the symbolic of the peacock feather is even more interesting.

This element symbolizes wisdom, immortality, pride and beauty all combined, and this is especially present in the Hindu religion, where the Peacock is considered a sacred majestic bird. There, we find out that his tail (that is created from feathers that are multicolored) is identified with the Judge, the firmament of the sky and the universal symbol of beauty.

If we dig deeper into the symbolism of the feathers; they are believed that they can truly provide a strong spiritual, almost magical protection against negative energy, Even more, people like to keep one or two feathers in their homes since it is believed that these strings of color could attract happiness, joy and career success.

Additionally, they can symbolize reputation and prosperity; and according to some other symbolical systems, these feathers serve as a talisman of material prosperity.

Now, we must speak more of the colors that could be found on the Peacock’s tail – it is believed by some that it has seven basic colors, but many experts believe it has about 365 colors. But we will focus on the total of the basic colors that could be found in the feathers since in many other birds there are one or two colors, but here we can see the variety of them, combined.

We start from a white string, ending with the black one, and in between, we can see all the colors yellow, red, pink, blue, etc. In its totality, they are the symbols of peace, blessing, spirituality, pleasure, intuitive perception, joy, strong energy, material security, power.

Also, they are the symbol of change, creativity, harmony, friendship, loyalty. It speaks of protection, higher knowledge, spirituality, inspiration, serenity, healing, and well-being.

In the end, since the peacock feathers have a black in them, and we have also spoken that they can act at times as predators, they signify the transformation, negative energy, a sign of danger.

In this sense, we must add, in some countries, the peacock feather is associated with spells, bad luck and misfortune. One of the superstitions in England indicates that a family that has a peacock feather in the home will have a lot of trouble.

All in all, there is no doubt that the Peacock feather is very powerful; it has distinctive colors and proud gait; it is associated with glory and victory.

In many cultures, it represents astral symbols, the moon, Sun and stars, but also a manifestation of a serene spirit. As we have said, especially in the East, this bird is highly regarded, and the peacock feather, which is depicted as an ornament in the crown of Lord Krishna, is a symbol of divine love and selflessness.

In Christianity, the Peacock represents renewal and transformation. According to belief, the Peacock’s meat as a symbol of immortality does not rot even when it is on the ground for three days. In the Muslim tradition, the “eyes” displayed on the tail symbolize the universe.

In some deeper angle, and if we manage, to sum up, all that we know about the peacock feather, we can say that those who have it are lucky; it will bring happiness and prosperity to the family only if it is accidentally found near the home. It is considered if a person sees a peacock feather on the street, expecting a period of happiness and joy.

Good or Bad sign

Of course, this is a good sign, and you can use it as a protective weapon that can help you maintain good luck in your life – this feather symbolizes one’s victory over poisonous tendencies that are all around us, and this magical tale can help us fight them.

Many say that this is the symbol of transformation and that it can transform the darkness into the beautiful glow, just like the Peacock shows off his beautiful feathers.

They are purifiers of poison, and in that sense, their feathers are considered to be continuously uncontaminated and are therefore used in many sacred rituals of different traditions around the world, particularly at East.

But also religions recognize its symbolical value, and its properties – for example, in Buddhism, it symbolizes the highest knowledge and associates it with the goddess; in Hinduism, he is a faithful companion of Lakshmi – the goddess of joy, abundance, loveliness and patience, while  Christianity, it symbolizes salvation as well as the image of Christ who “sees everything.” Here have in mind its eye that is in the center of every feather.

At times, the peacocks, along with his beautiful feathers, appear in the dream world, and even here they have an important and interesting means.

Here, they take on the role of the warning, but they are also connected to happiness and prosperity, that will come very soon in the life of the person who is dreaming.

Depending on the dream activity, he may warn you that you should not trust all the people around you, and advise you to consider all future steps well.

Having said all of this, truly it is no wonder why so many people around the world are using peacock feathers abundantly as a talisman to attract love, protect against love betrayal, danger and evil.

Peacock is one of the very popular tattoo symbols. Since the Sun is signified in many cults, it is at the same time identified with beauty, elegance, romance and glory.


Bird feathers played a very important role in many early civilizations and traditions around the world and it is not limited only to Western traditions.

To this day, the idea persists that when a bird’s feather is seen, it is a symbol of force and special spiritual information for the ones that find this feather.

As for the symbolism of this bird, few may think that besides beauty, it may represent something else. It will surprise you that in some nations, Peacock is a symbol of vitality, spirituality, immortality and even integrity. No one is more proud than a peacock when it walks its gorgeous feathers.

When it comes to the symbolism of this bird in the Meaning of its most pronounced part, his feathers, we must say that everything that is connected to good aspects of life.

The colors that are found on the features are also amazing, and they bring even deeper Meaning – good fortune, happiness, joy, spiritual wisdom, success.

The image of a peacock in a home (and this is highly recommended to become a part of your house, for many reasons) is also considered a talisman of protection, harmony and family unity that must be achieved by all means, especially when the times are hard and there are many problems that are around the family.

In dreams, a peacock feather indicates caution from other people that may put us at risk, while the dream of capturing a peacock is the announcement of a soon-to-be marriage – it can come as an amazing warning that could help us prevent some negative events that are about to happen.


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