Dreaming of Chocolate – Meaning and Symbolism

Food is necessary for people, it is our daily fuel so that we can function properly in our everyday activity; but sweets come as something that we consume to treat ourselves, something that will provide us with some boost of good energy and adrenaline.

Chocolate is, at least for the majority of the human population, the ultimate pleasure, the mandatory hedonism tool, the mood lifter, the guilty pleasure, in combination with other ingredients it could be an aphrodisiac, etc….

For many, it is the food of love, and Chocolate is an instant boost of joy and positive energy. Do you love Chocolate? Do you dream about it at times, or you dream of it all the time? When do you have the dream of Chocolate, when you overate or when you are on a diet, and you crave for the piece of melting, gooey piece of dark pleasure in your mouth? When it melts in your mouth, you are able to forget on all that has been troubling you.

Such a dream could have many interpretations, and such a motive could appear in numerous ways in your dream, and if we want to give you some general meaning, in that case, such a dream touches interpersonal relations, and the questions of honesty, or loyalty.

But this is just one segment of this story, and there is much more to it, there are an infinite number of scenarios that revolve around this sweet element. Read all about it.

Meaning of Dreaming of Chocolate

If you are dreaming of Chocolate, it may be an indication that someone is still loyal to you (even if you have doubt it), and the dream is just a confirmation of that relations that are not lost – people around you are honest, and if you have suspected that the partner was not honest and that he would not fulfill the promises he made to you, you were wrong.

If in a dream you are eating a piece of Chocolate, such a dream means that you are a very selfless and quiet and trustworthy and honest person and that all your own you share ideas and plans with your co-workers.

But, one version of this dream is the one in which you are refusing to eat the Chocolate that someone has offered you – such a dream signifies that you are a person who is not inclined to be humiliated in any way and that it easily accepts the imposition of other people’s opinions and attitudes. And you do not like any conditioning or ordering of any kind, not in one part of your life – you cannot be bought, and you are the person who sticks to your beliefs firmly.

If in a dream that has Chocolate as the main motive, you are giving a piece of this delicious sweet to someone else, such a dream comes as a warning. You should not waste what you have. This is the dream that carries the meaning that you must suppress your spending habits.

If you continue to waste, you will get yourself a ticket for the misery trip. At times this dream is connected to the self-pity and unrealistic point of view in life; you do not see what is truly going on around you, you can be naive at times, or what is even worse you can neglect things that are poking your eyes.

One addition to this dream carries even logical meaning, and it is related to the dream when you are eating Chocolate, but in a dream, you have a feeling that is the best Chocolate that you have ever had, and you just want it more and more, you could almost feel its taste in your mouth.

Such meaning is connected to the future sensual pleasures that you are about to have – it is possible that you are courting a person you have known for a long time, but have never thought of him/her in that way.

Everything will work out quickly, and you will be in a relationship that, despite your skepticism, will get better every day – for some things in life, in love in particular, where things cannot be forcefully done, it takes time.

If you have dreamed of being someone who gives Chocolate to another person, either as an expression of tenderness or as a sign of attention or respect, it has the symbolism that you are someone who needs to help everyone and give him advice and comfort, and that you are a person who is very kind and noble, and you just love to make all people happy, because when others around you are unworthy or sad, your personal and joy and achievements do not give you any pleasure, nor do you they bring fulfillment and a sense of harmony if you have no one to share them with.

Such a gesture just shows that you are a worthy person, who is ready to give, if for no other reason but to cheer people who are close to you.

The Symbolism of Dreaming of Chocolate

The symbolism of the Chocolate is always connected to you, your desires in some emotional and sensual way, but it is also the symbol of things that are not too good for you – you should never have it too much.

When it comes to the symbolical value of the dream where this dark sweet has the leading role, we must pay attention to other details of this dream.

For example, the taste of the Chocolate -if it is delicious and very sweet, which with each bite simply and “melts in your mouth”, in reality, such a dream symbolizes that you are too burdened and that you have little time for yourself and your loved ones, and that it is desirable to have a little fun, and to afford yourself some joys or small pleasures that will give you strength and energy.

As far as the symbolism of a dream in which you do not want to have a piece of Chocolate that is in front of you, in that case, such event has the metaphor that you are a person who is inclined to fantasize and has high expectations of all people around you.

Sometimes this unrealistic attitude costs you a lot, even if you are trying to overcome such limitations. And you should, do not be limited by anything or anyone.

One common dream would revolve around the chocolate gift – if you dreamed that someone is giving you a chocolate gift, one very nice and expensive candy, beautifully decorated, in reality, such a dream implies that you are the “object” of one’s interest or secret love.

You know what else such a dream carries – it reveals that you are not aware of that love interest, even if you are; you are not at all interested in such an emotional context and in the sense of having any romantic relationship.

You perceive yourself as the person who is not ready to date now – but your heart is telling you that you are not right, and such signal reaches your brain and is then changing your perspective.

On the other hand, the dream may imply that you will soon make some very pleasant and sudden acquaintances and friendships, and that you will be very loved and appreciated in society, and that they will either praise you or “lift you on a pedestal”, and persons with whom you interact, and friends and family members.

Do I have to be worried?

At the beginning of this piece, we have said that dreaming about Chocolate is connected to the interpersonal relations, and it speaks of honesty and loyalty, and your fear that you do not have it.

However, a situation will emerge in which it will show itself in the right light and move from words to deeds. After that, your relationship will be based on mutual trust and support, and the days that follow will make you even closer.

And the same case is when you are eating Chocolate – this is the dream that also speaks of you character, and it comes as a confirmation that you are not self-indulgent and unobtrusive, and you have no aspiration just to stand out or just succeed, but you are always, really a real “team player” and constantly think of others and help everyone and you give as much as you can to a realistic possibility.

According to other interpretations of the same dream, it may imply that you are a very stubborn and vain person, and in no way accept the advice and well-intentioned criticism, and make the mistakes for which you are responsible, even though you blame everyone around you for your failures, the fact is that you are the one who restrains yourself, or in some way sabotages and “hinders” progress and realization.

Now you know that the dream where you do not want to eat or take a piece of Chocolate that is in front of you just shows that you are the person who loves to dream/ have phantasies, and when they do not come true, you end up being very hurt.

You are disappointed when some of your thoughts or ideas are not realized the way you envisioned them, and this “dissipated” all your hopes and happiness, which you subconsciously believed.

In an emotional sense, when you have Chocolate that melts in your mouth, in that case, you are about to cope with a lot of new and difficult and arduous challenges and difficulties in all areas of your life, which are inevitable or which are an integral part of living in general. Be prepared for what is coming.

What to do if I had this dream?

Chocolate is a symbol of something sweet and pleasing to the “taste senses” and is used as a very favorite treat in the world in various forms, and is synonymous with enjoyment, peace of mind, relaxation, and for fun, happiness, joy, love and pleasure.

There are numerous associations that are related to the Chocolate, and for the majority of us. It is the symbol of the biggest possible joy (so in some dream symbolisms, it is related to the sex, and sensual pleasure of one human) or the absence of it, in a sense that you are craving them.

Although Chocolate in a dream is a very common motive, its interpretations are quite different in reality, and it depends a lot on whether one eats Chocolate in their dream, whether you are happy or not while you eat it, and whether Chocolate is consumed or gifted for example.

The Chocolate is made out of the cocoa mass and that without the addition of sugar or milk, it is quite bitter and “black”, and so it may also symbolize something that “leaves a bitter taste in the mouth”.

his is a very interesting point of view, and shows that even in sweet things, there is one part that is “bitter” – so this is the aspect that is interesting to look at, and to understand that in life, you cannot have something sweet, without the bitter part of it.

And that or means that someone too early to relax and rejoice in something, and to be quick-witted in his hopes or desires to be happy and happy, and instead of joy to have very great troubles, conflicts, sadness and resentment on various aspects of his life.

Sweet or bitter, dark or pale, given as a gift, or taken as an offering it comes as one of the most interesting motives in a dream possible – these dreams are so memorable that is truly amazing.

Some people say that they could even remember what that Chocolate tastes like in the dream, and this is one of the most relevant aspects of your dream that can show you the real meaning behind it.

In most of the cases, it is Chocolate synonymous with some joy and attention or represents something given or eaten as comfort and the need to overcome some pain and sadness.

Whatever the truth for you may be, whatever is your relation with Chocolate, if you had such a dream, try to examine it as much as you can; it will reveal to you so many things.

And this should not come to you as a surprise, and physiologist confirmed that any food, and Chocolate, in particular, is the symbol connected to the emotional life of the person who dreams, its secret desires, especially ones that you the dreamer has been suppressing for a long time.


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