Dream of Swimming Pool – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about swimming pools can have different meanings. Sometimes they can announce something positive that is about to happen in our life, and other times they can be carriers of bad news.

Either way, swimming pool dreams can be interpreted in different ways, based on small details which were present in our dream.

The more details you remember about a dream, the more accurate your interpretation will be. When you finally combine all the pieces together, you will understand the true meaning behind your dream.

Dream of a swimming pool in general

Swimming pools in general represent passionate love. This dream indicates you will soon start a relationship with someone you already know. Swimming pools in general are positive signs to have in a dream, especially if we are longing to win someone over in our life. This person is someone who you find to be very attractive and you have been seeking this person’s attention for a while.

This dream is bringing you good news when it comes to love in general and you will definitely be a magnet for others. Use this period to seduce the one person you like and perhaps start something meaningful with him or her.

Dream of an empty swimming pool

Dream about an empty swimming pool symbolizes a period of emptiness and despair in your life. Things won’t be going as planned and you are about to get in a very melancholic mood. This dream suggests you need to get more involved in hobbies you like and start living life the way you want to.

Dreams about empty pools also symbolize our emotional states. Perhaps you went through something emotionally heart-breaking and you now feel empty inside. It can happen that your partner broke up with you or you had a bad emotional period recently. When dreams like this appear often, you need to take better care of your soul and feelings and try to overcome these emotional struggles.

Dream of a swimming pool for a young woman

When you had a dream about a swimming pool, this means you will soon start a very exciting relationship with someone. This person is someone you know and someone close to you. Perhaps you have already flirted with this person and now you are about to define your relationship. Dream about a pool for a young woman is announcing a presence of a very handsome man with manners.

This person will catch your eye immediately and you will be extremely happy to have this person in your life. If you play your cards right, you might even have a chance to form a meaningful, long lasting relationship.

Dream of swimming in swimming pool

Dreaming of swimming in swimming pool represents a danger you are about to get into. Someone or something is planning something dangerous and tempting. He or she wants you to fall in this trap and ruin your reputation.

This dream also symbolizes a very bad period that is ahead of you. It is better for you to pause everything for a while and wait for a better period to come along. All business ventures could fail or get you in big debt, so it is better to stay away from investments for a while. To fight this bad energy, try to enjoy your life and do more of what makes you happy. Don’t think about all the bad things that had happened to you and focus on the future.

Dream of pleasurable time in a swimming pool

Dreams of spending enjoyable times in swimming pools represent boredom. Opposite to the feeling you had in your dream, in real life you are quite bored and you are wishing for something interesting to happen. Try to lighten up your mood by spending more time with people you love and doing things you enjoy. Go back to an old hobby and focus on things that you find pleasurable.

Take some time for yourself and enjoy happy moments with people you love. Perhaps their energy will help you get out of this depressing state and give you strength for the future.

Dream of disliking a swimming pool

When you felt dislike towards swimming pools in your dream, then you might get separated from someone you love. This person will hurt you in some way or simply come up with a reason not to be with you anymore. Period that is coming your way will be extremely emotionally hard, so be prepared for what is coming.

This dream can also symbolize someone changing locations or getting far away from you.

Perhaps someone really close to you will move to another city or accept a job offer somewhere far away from where you are now. Separation from this person will be temporary, so don’t lose your hopes that you will see this person near you again.

Dream of diving in a swimming pool

Dream of diving in a swimming pool symbolizes a change that is coming into your life. Change could be linked to your personal life or to your business life, so be prepared to take pressure in both areas.

This dream is important because it is preparing you for what is coming and you need to take its symbolism seriously. Even though change is never easy, we need to be adaptable and accept everything in life with our heads high. We never know why this change is good for us and what we will gain from it. Have an open mind and accept everything with a sense of hope and positive attitude.

Dream of someone in a swimming pool

When someone you know was inside the pool in your dream, this means you will experience complete transformation. This transformation could be in your personal life or in your career. Either way, big changes are coming so be prepared to face them. You might even be transformed completely, because of certain events that will occur.

Perhaps you will learn something new about yourself and others, which will open up your eyes and broaden your views. Accept this transformation as a gift and try to learn something from the situations you will find yourself in.

Dream of clean water in the swimming pool

If you had a dream about a swimming pool with clear water, this means you will experience success and progress. Everything you decide to start in this period will be very successful, so t is a good idea to start investing or working on big projects.

Luck will definitely be on your side, therefore you have nothing to be afraid of. Just like in your dream, the water is clear and you can embark on a new journey to success.

Dream of drowning in a swimming pool

Dreaming of drowning in a swimming pool symbolizes difficult moments ahead of you. It won’t be easy to establish conversation with people around you, so be extra careful about your words.

Treat others the way you want them to treat you and don’t embark on quests that seem suspicious to you. Since luck won’t be on your side for a while, try to devote more time to things that are not risky. Play it safe until a better period comes along and then give 100% of your effort to make something come to life.

Dream of filling a swimming pool

Dreaming of filling a swimming pool symbolizes resourcefulness. This dream indicates that hard times are coming and you need to be resourceful when it comes to your energy and emotions. This dream can also suggest you to spend less money on things you don’t need, because a very hard period is in front of you.

Alternatively, this dream can also be a reflection of your trait. You are a very resourceful person and you know how to spend your money, efforts and time. Because of this, you are very strong and resilient in difficult moments in life.

Dream of a large swimming pool

Dream about a large swimming pool symbolizes a very important meeting. You are about to encounter someone important who will change the course of your life. This person will teach you new things and show you how to be stronger and smarter.

Person you are about to meet could be your potential partner or just a friend. Either way, you can expect this person to be a very big help on your road to success. Respect this person’s efforts and show him or her equal love.

Dream of being in a swimming pool with your ex

This dream symbolizes a new, potential partner. Even though this dream is about your ex, it doesn’t necessarily mean it has something to do with them. Person you are about to meet will be everything you ever wanted and you will be more than happy to have this person in your life.

Love is around the corner and you will soon be emotionally fulfilled and at ease. If you had a rough period in your life recently, this person will help you overcome any bad feelings and help you see the world from a whole different perspective.


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