Spiritual Meaning of Bees Landing On You

Bee symbolism falls into the category of very important symbolisms. Bees have been present in our culture, religion and lives for decades and we owe that much more than we can imagine.

Bees are solely responsible for maintaining our planet Earth and we should honor them for that each day. Many superstitions are linked to bees and we still respect many of our ancestor’s old traditions when it comes to these small insects.

Bee symbolism in religion and cultures

Bees were the first insects domesticated by people. They are still one for the rare examples of connection between bees and people.

First evidence of beekeeping was found in Ancient Egypt and it dates back 7000 years.

Our ancestors noticed the importance of this small insect early on, and therefore bee symbolism got developed centuries ago. Ancient beliefs and traditions are still present in modern day bee symbolism. We understand how bees function and how bi their contribution to our existence is.

Ancient Egyptians believed that bees were created by tears of the God Ra. They were honored and worshiped by Ancient Egyptians and many artifacts were found, on which bees were present as symbols. Even in caves, where the first humans once lived, bee drawings were found.

In Greco-Roman culture, bees were linked to the Gods such as Aphrodite, Artemide and many others. They were looked upon as symbols of hard work, dedication and community.

The way bees stood by each other and worked on existence by themselves astonished people. We can say that the human race can learn so much from the behavior of this insect, because we will never reach that point where we will selflessly work to achieve something together.

Since bees are females, they were considered symbols of motherhood and femininity. They were linked to goddesses of fertility and femininity, and worshiped as motherly symbols. Female goddesses often took forms of bees, and people believed they even sent messages to humans through bees. Bees were divine messengers that came down to Earth to pass on important advice to those in need.

Bees are also symbols of intelligence and philosophy. In Christianity bees were often linked to the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary. When Jesus Christ’s body disappeared from the cave, three days before his resurrection, bees were present there as symbols of the Holy Spirit.

Bees today are symbols of Freemasons. This mystical group chooses bees as its symbol, because of hard work and effort bees put into making their existence.

Sense of community is important to bees, therefore many groups, not only Freemasons, use bees as symbols of togetherness.

Bee symbolism remained until today. These insects are now symbols of effort, partnership and hard work.

Many sayings were formed based on bee’s behavior. Today we say that someone is as busy as a bee. Meaning that this person is very hard working and dedicated.

Bee symbolism will surely continue to develop and remind us about the importance of community and team work.

These small insects won over our hearts long time ago and took over an important piece of modern day symbolism.

Spiritual Meaning of Bees

Bee symbolism is undeniably important. Our ancestors had many sayings and myths linked to bees, and some of them survived until today.

Superstition regarding bees also survived and it is still very popular today.

When a bee lands on you, don’t harass her or chase her away. Bees land on us to gather sun, warmth or moisture.

Considering the amount of work they do for us, this is the least we can do in return. Many cultures believed that a bee landing on you means good luck and money.

Just like a bee entering your home represents sudden flow of finances, bee landing on you has the same meaning. Bees are our companions and faithful helpers.

They will never attack first, so you don’t have to be afraid of them.

Bees only sting if they are provoked or attacked, therefore simply leave the bee to walk on you and it will leave by itself. Bees are known for defending themselves with passion. If you provoke them in any way, they will definitely defend themselves.

Some cultures believe that when a bee lands on you, love will soon find you.

Even if you already have a partner, a bee landing on you is announcing many positive and peaceful moments to come. Our ancestors looked forward to seeing a bee around them, because they knew that happiness is just around the corner.

If you had a dream about a bee landing on you, then you can expect many peaceful and blissful moments with your partner.

Bees are also symbols of love and partnership, so if a bee lands on you in your dream, you can expect our love to last for a very long time.

Dreaming of bees I general is a very positive sign, so you can always sleep peacefully when you are dreaming about bees.

Bee landing on you in a dream can also be a symbol of a marriage between you and the love of your life. Sometimes it can be an announcement of a marriage of someone dear to you, but either way love will be present in your life.


Bee symbolism will remain an important one for centuries to come. Bees are not only important as symbols, they are also essential for our existence on Earth.

Without bees, our nature would die and we wouldn’t be able to survive. It seems as though our ancestors knew the importance of this small insect more than we know now.

They gave it a special place among all other insects and animals, and kept it for centuries.

Bees are symbols of motherhood, partnership, love and dedication. If we would only look up to bees and implement their habits to our own lives, we would have much more qualities to express.

It is interesting to see how nature is giving us positive examples of behavior through such small creatures.

Therefore, we should honor them and respect them for the effort they are making to keep our planet alive as well as us.


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