11 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

We are all fascinated with numbers, and their meaning and their Divine interpretation, and the roots can be discovered in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India (or virtually in any civilisation that left a written recording, numbers are always present). And somewhere in between, or simultaneously, the Divine science developed and took its prime in the reveal of the meaning of numbers.

Therefore, the Angel numerology is based on the analysis of numbers, on their “secret” or hidden meaning and symbolism, and their importance for people.

Angel numbers could be seen as the collection of the Divine vibrations that will give you a final cumulative or strong influence that will eventually help you reach your desired destination. These numbers speak a lot about your personality, then about the principal goals or purpose of life (the point), what motivates you, runs, what are your talents, and so on – the realm of their influence is endless.

Your Angel number and its detailed analyses reveal the facts of fate – the path of life, with all the blessings or setbacks it carries with it.

In the end, we could say that Angel numerals that are a part of Angel messages trigger Divine vibrations, tunes and cosmic music that shapes our lives -and all to fit into the Universal plan.

Today, we are focusing our attention to the one remarkable numeral that is by all numerology readings and analyses speaks of greatness and high power that the double 1 has.

Angel number 11 General meaning

You are a sensitive human being, but also an energetic type of person who is always on the move, and who likes to see other people around that have similar energy like yours (double 1 in your life signifies that all of your life you will attract similar people).

You easily influence them, so you should learn to be more independent than they are -and above all, you need to learn to affect these people positively, preferably toward spiritual life.

What is interesting in your life is that success and defeat will always change in your life, in many unexpected ways, and they will seem to be repeated in certain cycles. You will never be satisfied with small successes because you can achieve far more significant things if you solve and direct your strong energy.

In interpersonal relations, you are not so much dedicated to analysing the character of a person in front of you-you can feel them with your power. You must also look under the surface. You will probably get a lot of money early in life, but if you’re not careful and observant, you can lose everything very quickly.

You are in love with nature, and you cannot always control it as you once wanted. Make yourself even more confident, and listen to your instinct, and preferably your mind – or the combination of the two.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

As you can see Angel number 11 gives in this sequence only and the most dominant vibrations of all, it is the number that covers the secrets of productivity – both in life and in other realms of the universe. It can help people produce ideas and implement them into the world.

In some other ways, numeral 11 is related to conflict, but we are talking about the deep inner conflict that serves to avoid irrationality, violence, irrationality, unreasonableness, and disputes of all kinds. This numeral can be seen as the primary vibration in the Angelic Universe – it represents the coat of arms of sin, ailment, illness, conflict.

On a personal level, seen as Angelical message it becomes a symbol of victory in the struggle of opposing forces, the power and dominance of the spirituality and course wisdom. Did you know that numeral 11 has these powers, and among them, there is wisdom, above all others, the supreme knowledge that not many people can achieve? Yes, it has them, but will they be used is another question.

In the end, we will say that the main focus of this numerical sequence must be spiritual enlightenment since the vibration of the 11 is related to spiritual awareness.

Number 11 in Love

Most people have problems with their self-esteem and security (about will they be a part of a Divine Love), but the Divine Love can be reached only in a time when you pay attention to yourself, feed yourself with food for your soul, love and contentment, you are not dependent on love from outside. It always exists in you, but you need to wake her up and let her energy flow in your body, and mind – this is the ultimate connection between number 11 and the field of Love.

Heart energy is very strong, much stronger than the power of the mind. We do not give her as much importance as she deserves, and this is also one of the reasons why people do not get familiar with the Divine Love, even if they have a chance.

In a cosmic marriage (between people and the Universe), and this is the marriage that is based on a Divine Love, all “hidden” and dark places will be entangled deep in the heart to come out into the light of love. The darkness will always come out in the peak of falling in love. Love is the highest vibration of all existent, and you can imagine how strong can be the Vibration that belongs to the Divine Love, while darkness is much lower vibration, since it can be associated with the earthly and imperfect subjects.

When the Divine Love is present in your life, all the unseen aspects will come to the surface to show you what you can change. Do not judge and condemn your fears and insecurities, be a person that others will look up to, and then you will feel the real Love.

The last stage of the Divine Love is the moment when this vibration is so high that you are able to say “Thank you honestly” and “I see you,” to another living creature in your world – then we create a true transformation within ourselves (numeral 11 is by some number that is connected with the spiritual transformation).

Sometimes we do not want to change, but it’s the only way we can grow – and Love and expansion are connected in so many ways, and this Angelic message proves this.

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Amazing Facts about Number 11

There is no doubt that numerical sequence 11 is very powerful and capable of big things, but it can also be self-sabotaging since some people cannot deal with the immense energy that this numeral brings in the life of the people. So, when it is connected to the Angel numerology, it brings a strong message that peoples actions must be focused on a particular, concrete goal because otherwise, it will bring anxiety and fear (and you will be able to see in the last section how damaging these two things can be).

But the amazing part of the numerical sequence 11 (we say sequence, no matter if this number only contains two digits) is that besides 22 and  33 it belongs to the realm of the Divine numbers (those numerals that have the highest vibrations in the Realm).

Even more, numeral 11 has an understanding and knowledge outside the reach of others – both numbers, and people who receive those numbers. The attitude towards the life of those who have this life path is extreme, extremely intuitive, avant-garde, idealistic, visionary, and cultural. This extreme is interesting, or at least unusual, a person who can offer a lot to society.

The Angelic numerical code that you see in the form of number 11 represent the keys of contact between you and the Angel Realm.

Often, the number 11 symbolises that you are going through around when your thoughts, ideas, and desires are manifested in the most reliable possible way since they have the most significant vibration possible.

This message is the symbol that Angelic help is on your way and that Angelic beings are lifting you to a higher level so that your thoughts are directed to the supreme possibilities (that numeral 11 allows you to have).

Do not have any doubt – Angel number 11 can make your dreams come true, but will those dreams be positive it is up to you. When you pass through this cycle (where anything is possible), it is imperative to be positive and focused on the wishes of your heart, so that your fears will not manifest (as the harmful or dark desires).

If you have this Divine number in your life, use it to create personal strength and spiritual advancement. Do not deny your instincts, let the inner voice push you towards growth and stability – you have the opportunities to do so.

Will Angel number 11 Bring Good Luck to You?

Angelical formation that you see as message number 11 means that you need to face your sadness that has been bothering you for so long, and by doing so you will start the process to be happy (Angels are saying that this is a process, not something that will be given at once, without a struggle). But also you need to realise that all that pain was necessary for you to grow in the best way possible.

Angels are saying in this Divine formation that you see as the numerical sequence 11 is that you need to release the pain and resentment as you give the Universe to carry wherever it wants – sometimes you must realise the things that are bothering you. You need to be open and honest if you’re going to become a part of the universal happiness that you will continue to share with other people.

Angels are saying in this incredible message that you see a number 11 that you can expect changes that come from the Divine Realm, and in a few months or a year, when those positive thoughts return, you will feel just mercy and gratitude.

And all the bad, painful and negative things that have happened during your struggle to find happiness will no longer be present in your life and be sure that happiness will permanently become part of your life. Mercy is not aware of the action – it takes place while you usually live and forget about the fact that you are not happy or joyful, and that you have lost the belief that you can change your life – this is the moment when Angels contact you and speak to you via numerical sequence 11.

Your only task is that you have, Angels are saying in this Divine formation is to release the pain – you should no longer deal with thinking about what has happened and to continue living in the present moment, now.


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