Pallas in Pisces

In mythology, Pallas is the daughter of Metis and Zeus. According to a prophecy, at some point she should become more powerful than Zeus, her father.

That’s why Zeus Metis, the mother, devoured during pregnancy. Then he got a severe headache, so the head had to be split and Pallas was born.

Pallas shows the possibility, as a woman and daughter, to compete with or even surpass the male (paternal) intelligence and activity (head of Zeus!).

Pallas can combine holistic female perception with male-active thinking.

Since Pallas had apparently succeeded in being born against the will of the father and even through him, one could conclude that Pallas is an important link or a further development.

They can be used to implement ideas and make them usable beyond the mere idea.

This requires more than pictorial imagination (Jupiter, Zeus), more than mere initiative, because the head of the father (Aries) was also overcome.

Pallas in Pisces Man

As fish is a symbol of some religions and how it is associated with the life cycle as an evolutionary basis for the development of vertebrates and humans.

Pisces intuitively have an understanding of life cycles and thus have the best emotional connection with other beings.

The problematic body areas for fish are the feet and the immune system. It is necessary to constantly protect the feet in order to avoid serious injuries, and since the immune system is immeasurably important as a shield against all diseases, it is not necessary to emphasize how important it is, especially for Pisces, to deal with their immunity.

When too attached to others, fish can inhibit or hinder the development of events.

Although this sign is known for its wisdom, it is not uncommon for a fish to trust someone too early or overly, and many times get frustrated.

Under the influence of Uranus, fish sometimes take on the role of a martyr, even voluntarily, to gain attention.

If he learns to set healthy boundaries, the fish will feel comfortable in the “real” world.

Pallas in Pisces Woman

Pisces needs a dominant partner in life without whom it will easily fall into self-pity and be prone to self-destruction. When independent and inspired by life events, their creativity comes to the fore.

However, Pisces cannot be alone for long until they invade their imaginary world where all humans are happy and everything has a happy ending. They need other people to put them down and keep them on track.

Pisces will do anything to help a friend. They are very sensitive and loyal. He will take his friend’s problem on himself and suffer with him. This is their weak point. Fish usually associate with people in desperate need of help.

Although Pisces will be offered to solve your problem, do not let them take all your problems with you as they will lose their identity.

They need a strong and positive friend to strengthen them. Fish love adventures, new situations and social events.

A Pisces friend will always have something exciting in mind and you will maintain a lasting friendship with him.

Good Traits

Fish do not have leadership positions or strictly business roles because they do not have the self-discipline and confidence for them. They are good writers, actors, poets or musicians.

They are excellent at everything that touches the heart and is mystical and spiritual. They are very creative and can use that skill, along with their ability to understand others, to inspire other people.

Unfortunately, many Pisces choose the easier route and never reach the glory they could. They need to stop doubting themselves because they are capable of being role models to other people, they truly value them.

Pisces’ personalities are difficult to define because they are very enigmatic and difficult to reach. They are determined by their environment, they pass on their experiences and the experiences of others in their environment to themselves.

They are very compassionate and feel someone else’s suffering. If something is wrong with them, it drives them deep, they take it to heart and have strong feelings about it.

When they are happy, they are extremely happy, when they are sad, they are extremely depressed.

Pisces has developed intuition and psychological abilities to a greater extent than any other sign. They trust their feeling, and when this is not the case, they learn quickly because they realize that their feeling never cheats them. Mana Pisces is their inability to repel others.

They do not like rejection and like to treat others the way they want to be treated and will rarely say “no” for fear of harming another person.

They are happy to help people who have a problem because helping others Pisces makes them feel good.

This is a zodiac sign of self-destruction. Fish are not destined for bad luck and unlucky events, they are attracted to them by their excessive hedonism, laziness and tendency to make wrong choices regarding partners and friends.

Bad Traits

They allow things to happen without giving a shred of resistance. They often lack strength. Fish are prone to escape into drugs and alcohol.

When it comes to “thick”, they have no power to resist or do anything for themselves. In sex, they can be very indulgent and passive.

They like to have people who stir their emotions because they practice emotional stability.

In Pisces, a conflict of different temperaments and emotions takes place. They try to adapt to the real world while their spiritual world obscures their vision.

They will try to escape from an unpleasant situation or avoid it rather than face it.

Fish are eternally struggling to learn to use their powers and imagination in a positive and productive way, as well as to become emotionally stable by not giving away their emotions to everyone because they have to help themselves.

Pallas in Pisces – General Info

These persons manifest themselves most strongly at the level of spirituality as well as in the domain of the collective – the unconscious.

Karmic preferences as well as consequences that affect creative intelligence can also be seen here.

If Pallas is burdened with difficult aspects, here we may have severely compromised mental or mental health as well as limitations in terms of intelligence or mind.

In artistic terms, these persons feel like fish in the water in the field of illusion and fiction from which they draw inspiration that emerges from the unconscious part of their being.

They are extremely creative in the fields of film, photography, watercolors, but also through art and play with shadow, light and colors.

In the field of musical expression, these are the creators of ambient music, which also contains elements of ethereal.

Here we can also find great illusionists and magicians.

In the realm of politics, these are proponents of nonviolent resistance, but also enlightened warriors.

These individuals can be very merciful and can deeply sympathize with the humanity and suffering of others.

The palace in the 12th house and in the sign of Pisces also points to all secret spiritual organizations, such as the Masons, Rosencroyers, etc.

In the realm of healing work, the Pallas in Pisces will most strongly heal through prayer, meditation, visualization, interpretation of dreams, as well as all spiritual techniques.

The Palace of Athens in Pisces deals with a fantastic, mystical interpretation of reality. They can be psychic healers, using techniques such as visualization, imagination and dream interpretation.

People with Pallas in Pisces have gifts for meditation, spiritual guidance, and other spiritual practices. They are poets and inspirational artists.

They are lovers of nonviolent resistance and pacifism. They are compassionate and want to heal universal suffering.


Pisces has developed intuition and psychological abilities to a greater extent than any other sign.

They trust their feeling, and when this is not the case, they learn quickly because they realize that their feeling never cheats them. Mana Pisces is their inability to repel others.


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