Life Path Number 7 – Meaning, Personality, Compatibility

The people of this vibration are the most hermetic, enigmatic and strange of the entire numerological scale.

The depth of their thinking, their great intuition and their spirituality, distance them from people who have more materialistic concerns and interests.

Life Path Number 7 – What Does It Mean?

They are the mental Saint Thomas of the Numerological Scale and their curious mind never ceases in their search for truth and the reason for things.

Uncommunicative, cautious and often repressed, they hate temperamental displays, are often lonely and withdrawn by nature and seek solitude to meditate, find themselves and strengthen their spirit. The loneliness of the 7 is interior and does not depend on their environment.

These people almost always have exquisite tastes and want the best for the best, they are attracted to travel, comfortable living and cultured and refined environments.

Proudly worthy and content the 7 radiate a distinction and elegance that prevents them from airing their feelings or their problems, as well as relating to coarse and ordinary people because they have a select spirit that does not admit medians of any kind.

It is often difficult to be a 7 and fit into society so they usually uncheck others and their inner life sometimes isolates them and distances them from others. There is almost always a great distinction in the outward appearance of the 7.

They radiate class and lordship, a class that is born from their inner depth and that is often also reflected in their serious and deep eyes, eyes that speak of an old soul and very wise.

However, its serious and distant appearance, drives away the attempts of approach of other people and are usually the most misunderstood people of the Numerological Scale.

They are often classified as cold, conceited, proud or unfriendly, but there is none of this. What happens is that knowing, (at the subconscious level) that they are extremely sensitive and vulnerable, they try to defend their feelings and intimacy.

Although it is very easy for them to penetrate the interior of others thanks to their intuition and their developed powers of observation, few people can get to know them deeply because they do not externalize their feelings and avoid physical contact. They feel very much, but externalize so little that only a person as subtle and spiritual as they can understand them.

Eminently inspired and receptive, their philosophical and profound reasoning facilitates studies and research.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

Their utopian fantasy that sometimes makes them look for a perfect and unreal world leads them to escape from reality when it is not as ideal or as beautiful as they dream.

Sometimes they do it mentally, abstracting and letting their imagination wander so that they totally disconnect from reality. (This is the most common and typical evasion of the 7 and is manifested in them since children)

They can also do it through reading, since almost always the 7 are voracious readers and this hobby gives them a huge wealth of knowledge. (Many 7 important and famous in many fields, have been self-taught).

However, the most dangerous evasions of some 7 are usually alcohol, sex or drugs. This happens almost always when the Birth Chart is weak and the person, unable to accept reality if it is sordid or difficult, lacks the strength to overcome.

Original, creative, proud and individualistic, they do not easily accept advice or help of any kind and follow their ideas to the last consequences, regardless of the opinion or judgment of others. A 7 will always have the courage not to compromise if he defends his beliefs, so he often travels his path of life alone.

People 7 have a tendency to periodic depressions and many of them tend to live in a fictional world without adapting to reality, using any means to deceive themselves. They can become pessimistic, gloomy, sullen, distrustful, self-conscious and selfish.

If the rest of the Table shows repressed, austere and severe numbers, their tendency to depression can lead to obsession, neurosis and emotional frigidity.

Some 7 are obsessed with neatness and cleanliness. They fear contagion, especially in public places and can become true maniacs. Stopped and repressed, they feel the need for freedom but they are unable to let go.

If many 7 numbers appear in a Numerological Chart they become visionary utopians out of reality and can be believed enlightened.

The people of this Vibration perform very well in all activities where quality and safety are important, because their goals are perfection and mastery. Because they are very analytical, they crumble everything and like to get to the bottom of things, so the results they achieve are usually optimal in any profession they choose.

They almost always have the facility to gain the trust of the people they work with, being admired for their knowledge and culture; knowledge acquired by reading, studying, researching and analyzing.

Normally they are serious and uncommunicative people on an intimate and personal level, but they tend to have the ability to speak professionally.

People 7 have great psychic powers and their intuition is more developed than in the natives of other Vibrations, so they tend to daydream, but they will rarely use their free moments to have fun frivolously, but to isolate themselves and cultivate their spirit.

The contact with nature is very important for them since it allows them to meditate and find themselves. They will always leave this contact completely renewed and ready again to face the world.

They will always work better on their own or under the orders of people they respect and admire. Societies are not doing well unless the partners are as perfectionist as they are and the Company’s clauses give them freedom of action.

Normally when they make a decision they are very active and persevering, without faltering until they reach their goals.

Children 7 are distinguished by their seriousness and because they are almost always very mature in relation to their age. They are “old children” whose knowledge and behavior exceed the normal for their age.

Curious, dreamers, imaginative, perceptive and intuitive, they often lock themselves in their inner world and escape from reality. They are quiet children with whom you have to reason and explain everything, always respecting their intelligence and individuality.

As Parents the 7 are sometimes too demanding and have a hard time assimilating their role as parents, but they are responsible and solicitous to fulfill their obligations. They should try to make the father-son relationship more friendly, relaxed and above all affectionate.

Love and Life Path Number 7

The people of this Vibration usually have few close friends because they are extraordinarily selective and although they know how to listen, they hate talk and do not like to mix with ordinary or superficial people, but when they give up their friendship they are selfless, generous and very loyal.

This Vibration gives a mental predominance, so that people 7 tend not to get emotionally involved and when necessary they can make sharp and definite decisions, in which the head acts and not the heart.

As they are almost always introverted and few-word people, they dislike crowds and large social events, but they are usually open and communicative when they are in small groups of people who share their same interests.

They are usually very jealous of their intimacy and always try to put a barrier to the curiosity or interference of others. Many times their cold and distant air spoils the attempts of rapprochement of other people and this harms them in their emotional relationships, making it difficult for them to find happiness and stability as a couple.

They are greatly admired, but often from afar and most of the 7 are fine and caring people, attentive and polite, gallant and considerate, but not affectionate or demonstrative.

Dreamers, emotional and very sensitive, the 7 are shy and introverted by the same depth of their feelings, which have a hard time giving way out or expressing them in words.

Therefore, they are often lonely people who find it hard to find their soul mate and who often even feel alone in company, due to lack of communication with their partner. Under this Vibration there are more singles and separate people than in any other.

In principle, they better combine with another number 7 which is its exact replica. With a 7 because they are so serious, rested, formal, judicious and reserved as they are and a 9 that seems very much for their curiosity, magnetism and intuition and because like them, they have the same need to perfect themselves spiritually and together they can try to penetrate the Mysteries of the soul However, 9 is often too intense, bohemian and vehement for 7 to feel relaxed in his company permanently.

The 3 and 5, cheer up the life of the grave and profound 7, but in the long run they may end up overwhelming it with their restlessness, their inconstancy and permanent need for movement.

Although the 1 and 8 are too bold, ambitious and aggressive for the 7, this one, who admires them a lot because they are bright and often successful, tries to overcome the differences. Do not forget that the 7 admire talent and intelligence.

The sweet, accommodating and tolerant 2 and 6 usually have no problems living together, but in this case if 7 cannot or does not want to provide them with the constant stimulus and the signs of affection they need, it may not be a very fortunate union.

We must also bear in mind that the 7 does not support the tears, recriminations, or the offended mutism that are sometimes the forms of protest of these numbers.

Interesting Facts about Number 7

They excel in scientific activities. For his intuition and knowledge of the human soul as a psychologist, psychiatrists.

Their curiosity and their awake, penetrating and analytical mind that reaches brilliant reasoning allows them to create, perfect and innovate in many fields, especially in the scientist, in research and invention. They can also be brilliant mathematicians and economists.

They stand out in Teaching and lyrics since they almost always have the ability to express themselves in writing, so that they could achieve notoriety as novelists, comediographers, essayists, screenwriters, literary critics (especially) and playwrights.

They also do well all related work, such as booksellers, librarians, archivists, collectors, etc. and also tend to be excellent teachers.

Artistic activities: they have interpretive talent, but the world of theater and cinema ends up overwhelming them and unbalances their nervous system. In music they would have more success as performers than as composers.

His strong sense of beauty and aesthetics can be very useful in the design of fashion, jewelry, etc. as well as in interior decoration or in Institutes of Beauty, Aesthetics or Hairdressing.

Although they may have excellent ideas, they lack the practical and commercial sense needed in the business world.

However, they can achieve good results at the head of real estate or marriage agencies, also as representatives of artists, business promoters or appraisers. As they love to travel they will feel very comfortable as in charge of Travel Agencies, tourist offices or as guides.

There are more people related to the occult and metaphysics in this Vibration than in almost all others. Parapsychologists, seers, astrologers, numerologists, graphologists, chiromaticians, etc. They achieve success and notoriety both in practice and in teaching.

Other professions: they are often very attracted to archeology and can succeed not only in this field, but also as geologists, mining and metallurgy engineers, antique dealers, jewelers and gemstone experts. Their love of nature and animals allows them to perform extraordinarily well as farmers, naturalists, botanists, horticulturists, florists, rangers, carpenters and cabinetmakers.

As they love the sea they will perform very well as fishermen, merchant sailors, naval officers, lonely navigators etc. And also of course as veterinarians, instructors and animal tamers.

If your professional life is very hectic, you should develop an activity that brings you peace and balance in your spare time, something like collecting antiques, outdoor sports, the search for mines and treasures and also writing, reading or researching in any field.

As employees, the 7 are responsible, industrious and perfectionist, but they will always perform better if they are granted a certain degree of independence.

As Employers, they should look for efficient and responsible employees who do well on their own initiative, because the 7 do not like to send or impose themselves on others. Their intelligence, their talent and their brilliance, allow them to stand out and there is the possibility that in their professional life they reach more brilliance than money.

Although they belong to one of the less materialistic vibrations, they are interested in having enough money to live well because they are refined and always want the best of the best. They are not interested in treasuring money and if they have it, they almost never boast it.

This does not mean that they have no ability to win it, quite the opposite, since a 7 often accompanies success (but in the vast majority of cases, popularity and notoriety dislike them).

Normally the number 7 does not waste, it can stick to a budget and economy when necessary because it recognizes the importance of money, but if you want to take advantage of your money you must give your administration to other people, because he has no practical sense, nor money it is the goal of your life.

Seeing Life Path Number 7

No other vibration produces people with such inner depth or personal dignity. The mystery that seems to envelop them, emanates from a spirit obsessed with the search for knowledge, a cultivated and restless spirit that has come to understand that Revelation will only come to you investigating, studying and diving inside.

Magnetic, intuitive, perceptive and inspired to clairvoyance, nothing escapes your penetrating and insightful mind.

Normally the 7 are studious and analytical people who have enormous curiosity and great powers of observation.

Mentally bright, individualistic and independent, they distrust everything they ignore and often disagree with the opinion of others, accepting the facts only when their rigorous criteria have been able to investigate, analyze and understand it for themselves.


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