Dream About Flat Tire – Meaning and Symbolism

Imagine yourself going on a highway at 130 km / h, and you are enjoying the ride, but suddenly a loud bang is heard, and the car suddenly turns away. At this point, you learn that one of the tires on the car – is flat, and you are starting to worry.

There are few of us who are able to control themselves on the road and in that sense, a flat tire is the worst among the worst, and what is even more disturbing is the fact that you could lose your life, or hurt someone since in those times you lose control over your car.

It takes a real self-confidence and calmness to be able to control your vehicle, and many of us are not able to do such a thing, but we should try regardless.

But, this is one of the common things that occur in our everyday life, and following the same lead, we must say that a flat tire could appear as a motive in a dream.

What does it mean when it does? Does it speaks of the control, or does it speak of something else? Read all about this dream motive.

Meaning of a Dream about Flat Tire

We must look at this from a perspective that such a dream is not so common, at least as much as this occurs in our real life, but still, this is a meaningful motive, and it can tell you a lot.

So, this is the dream that implies that you will have problems because of jealousy – and in the wrong place and in the wrong time you will explode, and make your life even worse- The flat tire is the symbol of the emotions that you may be suppressing in life, and they came to light in the worst possible moment.

If the tire on your car is flat and you still feel like you can do something but you feel bad, it is possible that you check with your partner frequently and follow his every step. You are, in fact, suffocating your lover and making your lives miserable.

Another meaning that is associated with the dream of a flat tire – it comes in the form of advice that you should delay your trip, or in the wider sense, it speaks of the job/task that you should delay since it is not the right time or place for such a “mission”.

But if in a version of this dream you see someone else with the flat tire, in that case, such a dream indicates that you are happy to do everyone a favor, even if that person is a stranger and someone who you see for the first time in your life, it shows the depth of your soul and the naivety that you have.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Flat Tire

But in some way, the symbolism of the flat tire in your dream world could have a somewhat different meaning, in a sense that we come back to the idea of suppressed emotions, and it does not have to be your emotions; someone from your environment may have them, and they are directed on you, so the flat tire is the symbol of a release of that suppressed emotions.

In some way, such a dream symbolizes that someone from your life, it could be someone close, but it does not have to be, wants to get rid of you, they want you out of their life.

This is especially true for you if you are new to work or college, perhaps your co-workers see you as a competition, because you are a free-spirited person who is open and honest, or you have more talents then they do.

Your colleagues will not be sympathetic to the people who present them with competition and will do their best to push them to the background. They will make it clear that you are not welcome in their company and that it would be best for you to give up.

But, depending on the other circumstances in your dream you will know what to do, is it worth it to fight back or you should give up that job. And sometimes it is best to give back and to let go.

Sometimes the flat tire is present as the dream symbol, in the case when you do not panic in that situation; in that case, such a dream is the symbol that you must service and take care of people and tasks that you are doing on a daily basis, a not to neglect them because they can cause you the problem at the moment when you least expect, and when they need to work properly.

In this way, such a dream is a warning sign to service your obligations, but not just that, you need to service your goals, but also your emotions and your spiritual state. When they “burst” you will be in a major problem.

One alteration to this dream is the one version in which you not only have a flat tire, but you see yourself resolving the situation, you are changing tires in your dream, in this case, the dream symbolism suggests that you could expect a better job or business opportunity.

In fact, such a dream means that you are able to make the best possible solution and progress from things that are seemingly bad.

Do I have to be worried?

In the version of this dream in which you have a flat tire, after you guess that something is wrong, such a dream is a warning that is not the good time to do something that you have planned.

You’ve probably been wishing for it for a long time, but for your financial situation, it would be much better to have patience and wait for a more favorable moment. You are used to completing all your whims, so you often can’t judge when it’s enough and when you should stop.

This attitude is due to bad past experiences or projections of your hidden desires that you attribute to others. You create pressure for yourself by imagining lascivious scenes where your partner is cheating on you – you are tormenting yourself, and creating the worst possible life for both lovers, so you should stop doing that before it is too late.

Such a dream could be a warning sign, and a wake-up call to alter your behavior as soon as possible before you do not become pathological jealous. Despite the assurance that you are the only one for him, insecurity and doubt will come to the fore; threatening to ruin your relationship and damage the trust you have long built.

The tire is the symbol of your emotions, that could be over the top, unhealthy even; and you could have problems in your personal life because of it.

In another version of this dream, such a dream could be an indication that you are about to have some good business opportunities, the ones that you will create for yourself; and what is even more, the ones that you will create form a negative experience.

Also, such a dream could signify that you are the person who is driven by doing good deeds, it is a way of life that suits you well (the version of a dream in which you see yourself helping people with their flat tires on the road, for example).

It is enough for someone to tell you what is bothering him and you will already be thinking of how to help him – your emotions are deep, and you are able to make every sacrifice for the people you love, but often get frustrated when you realize that they cannot or do not want to reciprocate.

What to do if I had this dream?

Having said all this, you should re-evaluate your life, especially your relation to your lover – perhaps you are driven by the jealousy that is tormenting you and making your life a misery.

Sometimes this is the dream that speaks of your obligations, and it can direct you on money problems that will be current and all because you are not able to deal with them in some proper way, or you neglect them all the time.

As a rule, the burst right in the time when it is worst possible, so if you can to do something to make your life better and more or more organized, why not do it in that way.

Think about it, surely there is a way to solve this problem – and this is the same reaction that you should have when you are driving and having a flat tire – do not panic, that is for sure.

To dream of changing tires has good meaning because you have a great business opportunity; as we have said so think of what it could be, think of the ideas that could grow from that event.

In some simplified versions of a dream with the flat tire, in them, if you just see a flat tire, but you do not get to see the case, then, there are money problems that won’t be easy to solve.

If you dreamed of a flat tire on your car and you are afraid to stop, in that case, such a dream means you have a problem with your vehicle, or translated with your ego, with the person you want to become.

As in real life, try to focus on what is real, and try to resolve any issue that you have, at the right time.


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