Dream of Potatoes – Meaning and Symbolism

Potatoes, like bread and beans, rightly have the designation that they are mandatory food, and such ingredient is a staple in the diet of the majority of the population, it can also be an effective remedy to always have in your house.

Treated as food for the poor, it is often underestimated, although even today the French say that the “potato-ball” throughout the time of their legendary kings was the most excellent in France, in a court attended only by emperors, kings and queens.

So, potatoes are used abundantly, they are an everyday item, and this is the item that is even used in medicine, for example, you can lower your body temperature using potatoes. Maybe the key is in its simplicity, and maybe we must look at them as such – everyday item, that could feed many, and can cure many; but also the symbol of the poor.

But what does it happen when you dream of this ordinary, but an amazing item? Does it imply that you about have some losses, or that you will be able to find some cures in an everyday object?

Read all about Dream of Potatoes, what does it mean and what kind of symbolical value it carries?

Meaning of a Dream of Potatoes

Often times we dream potatoes, but more often they are not the primary motive in a dream, more they are one of the elements in a dream, but it is said that they are a symbol of transience.

If you had such a dream, it means that your material condition is ok and that it could be improved in some way; but the fact is that the majority of your goods you like to share with others.

It may be an indication that you are about to start one amazing job that will give you incredible material wealth, and this is true in the case of this dream when you see yourself planting potatoes.

But if you see yourself in a dream that you are extracting potatoes – such a dream has an implication that you are about to enter some bad mood and have numerous desires that cannot be fulfilled.

If you are doing this process angry, it means that you are unhappy with some results of your hard work. If you are doing this process with a cold heart, then it means that you will be able to do it and make the best out of some tedious job.

If you see yourself in a dream that you are peeling potatoes, such a dream implies that you will be in a bad mood and that you are about to miss some events that you see as much more important than anything else.

You will probably be forced to do something that you do not like or that you feel below your level, but you are obligated to do so, even if you are doing it forcefully.

Although you are not vain, you will have the impression that you have been wrongfully punished for something that did not depend on you and that you could not influence.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Potatoes

Hundreds of millions of people on this planet Earth depend on potatoes for their daily survival, and as such, they hold a great and incomparable value. Where hunger and poverty are greatest, humble potatoes are the most important crop after rice, wheat, and corn – and in this context, do the symbolical value of the potatoes in a dream changes?

If we want to look at things from the other side, we could say that seeing potatoes in your dream is just the representation of your simplicity, but not in a good way; someone could call you a lazy person who does not want to make any effort in life, but it wants to have some results. This is not possible, and you should change such views as soon as possible.

But seeing potatoes in a dream can also be a metaphor for a problem that is like “hot potatoes” – it is a problem that you want not to solve, but to get rid of as soon as possible and to give it to someone else hands.

The situation was ignored rather than properly resolved; no one wants to handle the problem – and you feel like that problem (potatoes) are burning you, and you just want it to go away, no questions asked.

But, if in a dream you see yourself eating mashed potatoes such a dream could be a symbol that you are worried, and the reason behind that worry are your financial issues. You are deeply concerned about how you are going to make all of it work, and this idea is so troubling for you.

One additional meaning that comes here is the one in which you see yourself eating baked potatoes, and many say that this is such a good sign, it symbolizes that you know what to do with your hard work, with the fruits of your work.

Do I have to be worried?

Do not worry, the dream of the potatoes could be a reflection of your worries, and such behavior did not take you anywhere good, so stop it.

Some say that this is a dream that is announcing a pleasant moment, it says that after hard work, good times are coming and that you will have many pleasant moments.

In the same context, it is said that if you have planted potatoes in your dream, your wishes will come true – you just have to wait for them to grow and to have the perfect time to leave the ground and make your life better (fulfilled). Maybe, they carry a lesson of patience.

So, depending on the circumstances in your dream, potatoes in it, could take a completely different meaning. If you harvest them, they could be a symbol of good luck, or material gain, fulfillment.

If you eat them, they could signify poverty, but it does not mean that you will be hungry, it could symbolize that you will lose someone or something that was dear to you.

If you plant them then such a dream signifies prosperity and good jobs that you are about to have, and on the contrary, peeling potatoes is never good news, cause such a dream signifies worry and bad mood (in which you put yourself primarily, so this is definitely an aspect to work with if you had such a dream).

There is also one more version of this dream if you steal the potatoes, it could be a signal that you want to take credit for someone else’s work, but it could also be a sign that you are about to enter some serious problems with the people who are close to yours.

Now, you can see that this everyday object is the symbol of both – good and not so good; depending on how you see them, or what you do with them in a dream.

What to do if I had this dream?

Potatoes are often said to be a symbol of poverty, but we must disagree – this is not so true, even if such a dream is connected to the material gain, to the hard work, etc. It can mean good material condition, successful jobs if you dream of planting potatoes.

Extracting potatoes announces a bad mood, desires that cannot be fulfilled, as well as peeling them, it could be a symbol of an action that you do not want to take, but you have to.

If you pull potatoes in your sleep, it symbolizes gain. Thanks to the persistence and effort you put into it, you will be able to find a job that will allow you to provide everything you have always wanted. None of you will expect to endure it, so you will spend your money solely on yourself and your needs.

It is possible that in the coming period you will have financial problems that will make you keep an eye on every penny and think carefully about whether what you are buying is really necessary.

You will feel that the quality of your life has declined and, at this point, it is most realistic to accept and reconcile with reality.

When you dream of planting potatoes, it indicates that you will do good work, and this is one of the best dreams that you could have if the potatoes are the primary motive.

You are the person who thinks that he knows everything best, so mostly you rely on yourself and your abilities.

You can say that you are in every broth of dormancy, but this is the only way to be absolutely sure that everything is done the way you envisioned it.

Do not burden yourself, if you had such a dream, perhaps its message and symbolism are much more beneficial, maybe not in the first sight, but it carries a much more then you could ever see.


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