Cat Crying at Night – Superstition and Meaning

The definition of superstition says that it is a belief or practice that has two principal characteristics. One is about causing happiness and dodging an accident, and the other is about some kind of magical influences, and magical indicates what science cannot explain or verify.

May this be as it is, we are all superstitious, and there is no object/animal /motive that cause more superstition than the cat, primarily the black cat?

For many cats are favorite animals, they love that they do not have many obligations with them, they love that they know how to cuddle and that they are fluffy – but there is one thing that is connected to cats, on the contrary with dogs.

There is something that connects cats with the superstition, and we can start with the black cat, with the cat that we hear at night, etc. – there are numerous beliefs that are connected to the cat.

Cats are generally attributed to the following traits: cunning, wisdom, mystery, caution, and they are believed to carry some healing properties (you can place them on the part of your body that hurts you, and the pain will go away).

So, in this piece, we do not attempt to depict cats as bad symbols, but we want to discover what does it mean when you hear cats crying at night; and we think that all of us agree that this event is not pretty, on the contrary, it is terrible.

Read all about this.


First of all, we must start by most common belief regarding this, unpleasant event – it is believed in the majority of countries, that when cats are crying at night, they are announcing that something bad is happening.

But, this is maybe the simplified version – in some cultures that see cats as beings that have nine lives, and are part of the underground, when events such as this one occur, it represents one of the most powerful symbols. It is used to conjure up the power of four basic elements: air, water, fire and earth.

It is believed that such an event shows the elements of the cosmos that allow for the essential existence of all existing things, these elements intersect, intertwine, and at the same time depend on each other, and cats are beings who can feel these changes and they can announce events.

They are such beings that are able to connect to all these elements, to unite them into a fifth, separate circle and thus evoke the perfection of nature. But they can also be connected to the darkness, and it is believed that such sounds show the darkness that comes from the underground.

It is clear, therefore, that each of these events is directly related to one element – this event that is very powerful and cannot be neglected, since in it we see life force, inspiration, creativity and warmth.

We could also see and recognize agility, inventiveness, independence, freedom but also changeability; in them lays practicality, reality, endurance and stability, while there is the emphasis is on spiritual awareness, fertility, emotions, sensitivity and calmness.

The fifth element, that is, the fifth circle, would thus serve to give us the perfect balance of all these energies, one comprehensive knowledge that would turn all of these qualities into one of the most ideal.

In some cultures, in some countries, cats are beloved and used in numerous rituals to evoke some spirits from the parts of our Universe, and if they succeed in such event, they claim that they can recognize the image of an infinite circle that is possible only with the proper functioning of the basic elements.

That is why it is not surprising that we use the term infinite when we in these rituals they want to conjure up everything that is closely related to the cosmic, i.e. the celestial, but in it, there can be darkness, and cats are beings who can feel such powers. They need to release it, so there the award crying sound.

In other parts of the world, people identified with them, and in this sense, they believe by using cats in their rituals they are able to reach the fifth circle (element).

All of this that we have said in the previous sections, just like the one belief that the black cat should not cross your path or you will have bad luck in your life, are superstitions. But somehow, people believe in them and swear that this is true – the fact that this event has a “spooky”, is just another proof that there is something in these and similar superstitions.


The event when cats are crying at night (in fact they are not crying, they are just producing such sounds, that is similar to child’s cry) -could represent (for those who believe that cats are not ordinary beings, a family animals) a powerful symbol that also represents the connection the Spirit with matter.

In other words, their cry reminds that there is the Spirit that rules all other elements, and that darkness is one of them that is close and that cannot harm cats but maybe humans it can.

Since cats have multiple lives, they give us, at the same time, youth, old age and dying. It rounds out our existence, gives meaning to life, to put it bluntly – it is the final product of united energies.

When you look at the old civilizations, for example in ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals and were brought into connection with the Egyptian goddess, who was the patron saint of homes, goddesses of help and healing at the same time.

And when you hear cats crying at night, you know that something bad is going to happen, that someone is going to get sick, etc. In honor of this goddess, cats were often mummified, along with mice, to feed themselves.

In Egypt, by far, the cat was the ultimate animal that was ranked much higher than any other, even some people, like slaves.

In ancient Rome, the cat was dedicated to the goddess Diana, the goddess of the moon and hunting. They also considered her a household keeper, and when they left home and went outside to “cry”, people knew that something bad is going to happen to them and that their household is jeopardized.

Nordic legends tell a cat how to tow the chariots of their fertility goddess, Feya. Cats were therefore thought to bring the blessing of newborns and to hint at family birth.

In Celtic legends, the cat represents the guardian of the underworld – and here we come to the roots of the previous stories, this is the centre of it. When these stoic, quiet and mysterious beings cry, it fits the idea perfectly – they are, in fact, communicating with them that underworld, and are “giving” us numerous messages that we must-read.

However, black cats were considered evil and were sacrificed – so this rule only expanded in the modern days, but the core of the story remains the same.

In the western tradition associates, black cats with witchcraft and things got even more interesting when people hear them cry at night (think of this event, you probably have in mind a black cat). This is because black is associated with the potential dangers of the night and the cat is associated with transformations, just as night changes our understanding of reality.

You can see that darkness, transformation, the fact that they have numerous lives that they are cunning and that they could virtually get out of anything, set us to believe that there is something with this event.


When we look at the Universe, we can see that we all are connected in some way and that even the darkness has its place – of course, we must always be more connected to the spiritual centre, to the Source, but there are some beings that are created as such so they can communicate to the both sides.

Humans are not created in this way, and all of us should assign their lives to the centre itself, because everything starts from it, and everything returns to it. It is, in fact, the central force that sucks each of these elements into itself, and therefore represents the perfect mechanism, a kind of compass that helps us find other parts of the world more easily.

But cats are beings that are so different then people, and sometimes we are afraid of them, and we must say that such a thing comes from one reasonable place.

We cannot count how many superstitions there are regarding the cats, and we think that the event such as when they belong to the night, and they cry worse than a black cat crossing your path.

So, the belief that a black cat brings misfortune dates from an era when witches were thought to take on a pet shape, and who better for the role than a black cat.

It was also thought that the black cat would bring misfortune to the one who crossed the road. However, if the black cat was the first thing anyone saw in the morning or New Year’s, it was considered a good sign so you can never brand them as pure evil.

At night, the black cat should not be beaten with the right hand, as the hand could remain hurt, but the event, in which you hear them cry at night, should not be interrupted, it is safer to listen to them from a distance.


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