Dream About Bed Bugs – Meaning and Symbolism

Unlike the most of us who are not the fans of the bugs, of any kind, on the other hand, there are those who are lovers of the same insect world, who enjoy studying their appearance, shape, color and function in nature, their bad and good sides.

Lovers form insectariums, while others, bugs, find dozens of ways to get rid of them as soon as possible – and the idea that they are not only in our yards, but in our homes, or on the bed.

Either way, love it or hate it, one thing is for sure – bugs are all around us, and they even have their symbolical meaning, maybe not the one that we think.

When they appear in a dream world, small or large ones, colorful or monocoloured, harmless or dangerous, deserts and rainforests, meadows and mountains.

We meet them adapted everywhere but also stray in our dreams, and most of us will agree that such a dream is not the best one, but it also has some lesson for us.

There are just a few nightmarish dreams that we often see in the horror movies, and when you think about it, they are extremely terrifying.

Bugs as a motive in our dreams can be bad, and they can truly cause us to feel uncomfortable, but there are a few versions of this dream that is scarier than the rest.

We are talking about the motive in a dream that is connected to the bugs in the bed, and this is truly scary. Often time’s people are not sure is this real deal or just a phantasy.

In the next couple of sections read all about this dream.

Meaning of a Dream about Bed Bugs

General meaning says that if you have a dream about the bed bugs, it is the dream that indicates that you are one very modest person and that others appreciate you for this, but you are not happy because of such a status. But this is the dream that shows you that you should find more confidence than before, and you should use your talents more.

If in a dream, those bugs are not just on the bed, but they are also on your body (head, they are trying to enter your ears, mouth, eyes), and such a dream is the symbol that you are about to have a feud.  There will be no peace in the coming period, and you will be distracted by every little thing, but you can make things better.

If in a dream you see yourself and bed bugs, and in the dream, you are attempting to kill them, such a dream implies that you may be the target of someone who is close to you and who wants to use you.

That person has a plan that they intend to put into action at any cost. She won’t mind treading over the dead to get what she wants. You will realize that she also views you as a tool that can help her, and that will start to bother you.

If the bed bugs in your bed are huge, and they are all over you, you feel bad and scare, and this is not the best scenario, such a dream could have this symbolism.

The bed bugs in your dream are the representation of your enemy in real life that can be maybe “disguised” as a small or insignificant enemy, but it is just the show.

You have a conflict with someone and therefore are extremely careful that person may come to you once again attack.

A giant bed bug can, on the other hand, signify the joy, wealth and happiness as well as the hard work you put into making it all happen. So this is the dream that has an alternate version that carries a better symbolical value.

The worst-case scenario is the dream in which you see bed bugs that are coming under your skin, and such a dream signifies a feeling of inner restlessness, dissatisfaction, a tendency to become ill, and a difficult general condition. This does not need to be understood as a terminal illness, but it surely means that you must pay attention to that part of your life.

If bed bugs crawl around your body, in the alternate version, shows that there is a possibility of minor financial difficulties, but if you were able to get them off, the uncertainty about finances would be resolved soon.

So, once again, such a dream comes to you as a warning sign, so that you can pay attention to one segment of your life that could be under some issue.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Bed Bugs

If the bed bugs in your dream are small and black, in that case, such a dream has some symbolical value that it is possible that you will have an unpleasant experience with the people close to you or with whom you interact, in terms of gossip and even slander.

Be careful and beware of the intruders working behind your back; they are just waiting for the right opportunity to attack you and make you miserable.

But if the bed bugs in your dream are middle in size but they have some different color (all of them are different colored bugs), in that case, such a dream brings you the symbolism of the great disappointment in love.

A loved one will disappoint and let you down in some ways, but try to find a positive side and a possible solution. Things do not have to be lost – it could be just one problem area in your love life that you need to resolve or pay attention more.

If in a dream that you have bed bugs are counted in millions, and you see them all over you, in that case, your dream means that your love life is in a bad place. Your emotional life plays a central role again in the future.

If you see one big bed bug in your bed, such a dream calls you to set your life in the right place – you should focus on the essential things and goals in your life. Set priorities don’t waste your time on empty stories, useless plans and waste time.

If you are in a dream, and you see bed bugs in your bed, and you are attempting to kill them, slapping with your hand all over the bed, and they are escaping and you could not do it; such a dream indicates that you will soon get rid of all those problems that have been plaguing and troubling you for a long time. The more bugs you kill, the more successful, richer, more confident and more satisfied you will be.

If you succeed in catching one or two of the bed bugs, such a dream has a positive symbolical value – you are about to have a lot of happiness, long life, lots of health and well-being, while if the beetle has caught someone from your environment, family or friends, be prepared to help that person because some the sight of the same will be very much needed soon.

Do I have to be worried?

Even if we know that this is not the dream that has some positive meaning, you do not have to be worried, cause the bed bugs often represent you a certain problem in the form of warning, so you have the time to make things right.

If you had such a dream, you would not be clear about people who go into debt to satisfy unnecessary whims. You will work on yourself and your education and will always prefer to spend money on books and cultural events than on cloths.

No one will even bother to look at you, let alone tell you something bad. You will also be angry with yourself for reacting violently to every little thing and you will see that people from your area have started to avoid you.

Such a dream means that you are prone to emotional crises, jealousy, loss of self-control and self-belief. You will be distrustful. Make every effort to deal with any unpleasant situation that you find yourself standing and restraining.

You always have the time to make things better, and what is even better, in most cases such a dream is just the representation of a moment, that can be bad, but that can go away if you try.

What to do if I had this dream?

A large number of people consider bugs to be harmful insects and usually try to destroy them in various ways, especially if they are localized in their homes, gardens, fruit trees and crops, where they can cause great harm to hosts. But the worst kind is the one that is near you, for example, bed bugs.

In a dream world, they appear, and in most cases, they are bugs that announce something, and when they appear in the dream, it is not particularly pleasant.

The multitude of smaller dream bugs in your bed indicates that your life is not currently on a great path. Simply, there is a lot of discontents that have plagued you lately, and often you are tense and unloved because it is not going all the way, as you have imagined. You feel you are losing control of the essentials in real life.

If we summarize the dream story of the bed bugs, it seem to remind us to pay attention to ourselves, to our own progress, to make an effort for our own well-being and a better future, and not to pay attention to enemies, malicious languages ​​and comments, but to build for ourselves a nicer and better life, so that we ourselves can be satisfied.

Even if you do not like bugs, do not be scared, often times this is just a wake-up call to pay attention to certain parts of your life, like love life, and to look around you.

Sometimes you just need to look for the enemies that are close to you, but they are hidden in the form of beings that are small and insignificant.


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