Dreams About Alligators, Crocodiles – Interpretation and Meaning

Alligators are vicious animals. They inhabit swamps and hot parts of our planet and feed of other smaller, and often weaker creatures. Alligators are an odd animal to dream about, unless you saw a show on TV about them, that made an impression on you or perhaps you had a chance to see an alligator up close and get scared by him.

In any case, we will tell you a little more about these animals and their hidden symbolism and meaning. sometimes even the most common symbol in a dream can have a very interesting meaning, so you should definitely read this if you want to know more about this terrifying animal and its symbolism.

Dream about seeing an alligator

If you had a dream about seeing an alligator, then this dream represents that your friends and co-workers might be working something out behind your back, or your friends are not exactly the way they present themselves.

You can somehow feel that those people are not completely honest, but you never had a chance to face them about it or find any proof of their two-faced behavior. You should definitely be more careful around certain people in your life, and reveal only things that are necessary. This way you will be able to protect yourself from their influence and avoid getting hurt by them.

This dream can also represent your enemies. They are actively trying to destroy you and finish with you, once and for all. If you know who these people are, make sure to avoid them or be prepared for everything they are going to send your way. You need to strike back with the same power in order to defeat them, and finish on top.

Dream about walking on an alligator

This is another unusual dream to have, but it is not impossible. If you had a dream about walking on an alligators back, then this dream represents that you are going to experience some problems in life that will come up suddenly.

You will need to address these problems by yourself in order to succeed, because there is no other way to make them go away. These problems are going to be related to you personally, so no one else can solve them for you. Make sure you act in time, because if you don’t, these problems could turn into something much bigger.

Dream about an alligator eating its prey

If you had a dream about an alligator, eating its prey, then this dream represents that your life is definitely full of excitement and weirdness. You have been living life to the fullest but certain situations that you will face, very soon, are going to leave you confused.

You got used to living in a certain way, and the things that are about to happen to you, will be something different and unusual for you. They don’t have to be bad, they will simply be different than the ones you are used to. They will probably be related to your lifestyle and the way you are living currently.

Dream about an alligator attacking you

If the alligator in your dream was reaching out to get you, or opening its large jaw, then this dream represents that you have offended someone recently by your words or actions. You are the type of person who likes to talk without thinking about it, and this always costs you in life.

Perhaps you should pay more attention to your behavior in order not to offend others. Even though you never mean to offend anybody, it is important to work on yourself and be more careful around others, especially if they didn’t deserve the treatment they got.

As for the person you already offended, make sure to apologize and explain your words or actions.

Dream about stepping on an alligator

If you had a dream about stepping on an alligator, then this dream represents you are experiencing some negative vibes in your life. They could be coming from the people around you or simply from the environment you are currently in.

If you are not happy about the way things are, at the moment, then you can always work on yourself and make significant changes to your life. Negativity and pessimism won’t bring you anything good in life, so act in time and turn your life around.

Dream about taming an alligator

If you had a dream about taming an alligator, then this dream represents your relationship with people from your past, who haven’t always been fair and honest to you. Perhaps you had some unresolved issues with them, or feuds, and now you are finally be able to resolve them in the best possible way.

These people have been important to you, at a certain point in your life, and it is definitely not fair to leave things on bad terms. Forgiveness is the best way to heal and move on, for you and for them.

Dream about two crocodiles fighting

Dream about two crocodiles fighting, represents a battle between two people in your life, who have a strong impact on you. Those people could be your parents or perhaps two lovers fighting for your attention.

Whatever it is, this conflict has a strong impact on you and your emotions. You feel like you are in the middle and you don’t know to whose side you should lean on. Perhaps it is best to stay out of the conflict and involve yourself only if it is necessary, because this can turn out to be even worse for you.

Dream about an alligator chasing you

If the alligator in your dream was chasing you around, then this dream represents success in avoiding obstacles in life. You are going to be able to finish all of your business projects in time and avoid being sabotaged by your enemies.

If you had serious troubles in the past, this period in your life, that is coming your way, will be much more successful and prosperous, as far as business projects go.

This dream can also be related to your personal life and problems you have been experiencing with your partner. This dream symbolizes resolution of those problems in the best possible way, and happiness in both relationship and career area of life.

Dream about seeing an image of an alligator

If you see a photograph or an image of an alligator in your dream, then this dream represents enemies that will emerge from nowhere in order to destroy you. These people are not very familiar to you and they will appear in your life suddenly.

Even though you might think they are there to hurt you for no reason, they were actually very familiar with your life and whereabouts. Everything happens for a reason, so these people will definitely have a goal in mind when they come out to get you.

Dream about a dead alligator

If the alligator in your dream was dead, then this means you are going to be able to defeat your enemies. All of your troubles from the past are going to go away and things will finally get back to normal.

This period in your life is also a good time to finish all of the projects you have started before, because they will all end up being successful.

Dream about someone close to you petting an alligator

If you had a dream about someone who is close to you, like a partner or family member, petting an alligator, then this dream represents you doubts about this person. You feel like that person is not being honest with you and you don’t know what they are actually thinking.

They have always been by your side, but recently they started to distance themselves from you and ignoring you. The best thing you can do is to talk to them and ask them what is going on. Sometimes we just make problems in our head, that aren’t really there, but sometimes our doubts can turn out to be true.

Dream about an alligator swimming

If you saw an alligator swimming in your dream, then this means you are going to end up in some unpleasant situations very soon. This dream can serve you as a warning sign tgat things are not going to go according to plan.

This dream can also be related to a person close to you. Perhaps someone close to you is going to experience problems in personal life or career and you are going to have to be there for them and comfort them, just like they would be there for you.

Dream about killing an alligator

If you had a dream about killing an alligator, then this means you are going to experience some good vibes in your life. Everything will be going according to plan and everything you start at this point of your life will turn out to be a major success.

Make sure you use this period to improve all aspects of your life where you have been lacking. You will also have a bigger chance to meet someone who will win over your heart and make you fall head over heals for them.

This positive period, for your personal and business life, won’t last long so make sure you make the best out of it.

Dream about an alligator in the water

If you saw an alligator in the water, then this means you are very unsure of yourself. You always weigh things and can’t really make up your mind about something. Perhaps you should trust your instincts more and use your intuition to make up your mind.

Even though this leaves a lot of room for mistakes, it is the best solution. When we rely only on ourselves, there is no one else to blame if we fail.

Dream about an alligator sneaking to get you

If the alligator in your dream was sneaking around you, then this dream represents a period of difficulty you are going to experience. This will be a hard period of life, overall, so you should prepare yourself for the worst. Things can’t always go according to plan, so you should get used to bad things happening, and wait for better days.


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