Dreams About Arguing With Boyfriend – Interpretation and Meaning

Arguing with your boyfriend can be something that happens on regular basis or sometimes. Whenever it happens it is definitely not pleasant, even if it is only in our dreams.

As a symbol in a dream it can be both good and bad, depending on other things that were going on in your dream.

It is important to remember other things in your dream, other symbols, because they add their part when we interpret dreams.

Dream about arguing with boyfriend in general

If you had a dream about arguing with your boyfriend, then this dream symbolizes your desire to express hidden emotions to your partner.

There is something deep inside you that you are afraid to share with your boyfriend, so you keep bottling everything up.

In your dream, all of the anger and emotions got spilled out and you want to do the same thing in reality. There is something blocking you from doing that, so ask yourself what that block is.

Dream about arguing with ex-boyfriend

If you had a dream about arguing with your ex-boyfriend, then you still have some emotions left for this person. You feel like you haven’t said everything and there is still a lot to do and say to this person.

Perhaps your relationship ended roughly and both of you haven’t had a chance to speak your mind.

The only way you can stop having this dream is to find that person and say everything you have to their face. That way, everything is going to be resolved and you will be able to continue with your life.

Dream about arguing with boyfriend when single

If you are not in a relationship right now, but you had a dream about arguing with a boyfriend, then you might be stressed over something.

You are not very happy with the way your life is right now and you don’t know how to get out of this situation.

Somehow, everything you do is not enough to win someone over and you find it hard to form a meaningful relationship.

Instead of wasting time thinking how to win someone over or why someone doesn’t like you, focus on your own happiness and do something for yourself.

This dream can also warn you about how stressed you are and how you need time to relax. It is best that you take some time to relax and enjoy things you like doing, because you definitely deserved a vacation.

Dream about arguing with boyfriend in a public place

If you were arguing with your boyfriend in a public place, then you might get exposed for something you have done in the past.

Perhaps you did something you are not proud of and now all of your dirty laundry is going to get out into the world.

Be very careful about people around you and don’t fall under their influence.

They could be out to get you and ruin everything you worked for.

Rethink everything you have done in the past and think of a reason why someone might hate you.

When you realize that you did something wrong to this person, apologize and try to fix the situation.

Dream about arguing with boyfriend in your home

This dream symbolizes tensions that are present in your home. These tensions might be present between you and your family, or even between you and your current partner.

You feel like there is a lot of negative energy around you and you want to get away from it all.

Try figuring out the reason behind this situation and find a way to fix things between you and your loved ones.

Dream about arguing with boyfriend in church

This dream symbolizes your desire to get closer to the person you are with, but something keeps popping up between you.

Problems come out of nowhere and you can’t seem to reach out to your partner in the right way.

Maybe you need to think about your action more and realize where you are making a mistake.

Perhaps your partner needs some space to decide what he wants in life, so give him or her some time to think about everything.

Dream about arguing with current boyfriend

This dream symbolizes your desire to connect with your partner through conversation. Perhaps you are not very communicative or your partner might be hard to reach through conversation. That is why you can express what you think and feel only through dreams.

Try practicing conversations in real life and stop sweeping everything under the rug. Until you start to open up to your partner or your partner to you, your relationship is going to be hard to maintain.

Dream about arguing with boyfriend in a car

This potentially risky situation represents your current relationship. You constantly feel like you two are on thin ice and things haven’t been great lately. You need to reach out to your partner and ask him what is wrong. Constant problems and arguments could lead up to break-up and if you want to prevent that, be more persistent in finding out what is wrong.

Sometimes our partners have a hard time to express their emotions in the right way, so it is good to start a conversation on this subject.

Keep in mind that you need to be kind and avoid attacking your partner over something. If you continue to throw guilt around, nothing is going to get better and your relationship can only end.

Have more consideration for your partner’s problems and he will have more consideration for you.


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