Ceres in Leo

A Leo is the most dominant zodiac sign. Is also creative and extrovert. They are kings among humans, in the same way that lions are kings in the animal kingdom.

It is usually believed that people of Leo are superb, but in reality they are not.

What happens is that, in general, Leo feels that he has nothing to hide and if he has something positive to teach others, he will do it without problems.

When she is a couple, Leo’s wife will require a life with many social events.

The man who is next to a woman of this sign, must be very active both at work level, since the lions are ambitious, as well as sexually.

The relationship has to be stimulating because if the lion gets bored, the relationship will end.

Action will always be necessary and not be left. The Leonine woman will welcome surprises and new situations in which she can stand out.

A man who wants to conquer a Leo woman must gather many attributes but in return he will get a woman who will accompany him in his goals.

Ceres in Leo Man

Ceres and Leo is in decline, however, it is a position more than ideal for dealing with children, as well as to enjoy a prolific nature.

In addition, it can be, typical of the creative artist and, in any case, indicates an important source of creativity.

The paternal role tends to dye maternal features, even presenting cases of fathers (boys) who are mothers, while the woman occupies other activities.

On the other hand, there may be the case of the artist-teacher and the sports instructor, concerned with the hygiene, food and health (material or spiritual) of his disciples.

Nor is the case of “padrazo” (or “madrassa”) excessively consenting, or “blind” to see the defects of the children, or their own with respect to them.

Ceres in Leo Woman

It is a particularly demanding Ceres, even elitist. Every detail that kills is here is dramatically noticed for extermination! Perfectionism is not an empty word for the native.

This is not the easiest Ceres for the environment! The native can prove to be tyrannical because he wants to control the slightest detail, to refuse the slightest defect.

Rather than adapting to realities, the native will rather be tempted to adapt the realities to him! And instead of doubting him, the native will doubt others and make others doubt!

Reason and reasoning are brilliant and eloquent certainly, but also disconcerting bad faith and one is not far from imposing one’s mistakes to be right!

Of course Ceres in Leo brings self-confidence, in his abilities if the rest of the theme has a certain objectivity, the native can go very far easily because anxieties and stress are more stage fright of the diva proud to enter the scene to show what she knows how to do!

Good Traits

It is time for you to be aware of what we should express to others, even, it is a time when you will have to know how to manage your pride and above all begin to work very well in the fact of trusting yourself in order to generate changes real, clear and forceful as to what you have wanted to do for some time here.

Do not forget that you must be aware that sometimes we cannot be so permissive and complacent.

They are very generous with their intimate surroundings, couple or friends. In the field of love, Leo’s man is competitive and will look for a woman he can be proud of. You will want a sociable woman who enjoys the outings.

That is elegant and has good taste when dressing. He likes to flaunt his conquests and win a leading role at the social level.

The lion is quite demanding when it comes to choosing a woman but when he gets involved he is usually very generous and very affectionate.

He will defend his family, his family and especially his partner.

You need a woman with the ability to adapt to new situations. He is outgoing and will give much importance to social life.

It is a sign of a fixed nature, convincing with your ideas, quite persevering for your goals and very stubborn in your way of thinking.

They need at their side a woman who has the ability to be seen, to dress well and to highlight her physical beauty.

He will always offer his best image and pretend that his wife does too. The woman who conquers Leo’s man will enjoy a relationship with a lot of passion and lots of affection.

On the other hand, Leo women are energetic, active and impulsive. They need to be the center of attention permanently, they do not like to go from being perceived.

They are competitive and will look for a man who lives up to what they are.

Bad Traits

People with a strong influence of the Leo sign in their birth chart like to be the center of attention and let others enjoy its splendor.

They like to be the Sun at the center of their own universe, around which all things revolve, and that is why they need fans willing to reflect their greatness.

But it may happen that the individual Leo is not able to carry out his own expectations. In that case it can give an impression of being all facade and appear conceited, hypocritical and arrogant.

As the myth of Heracles shows, we must first defeat the animal inside before adorning itself with its attributes.

Ceres in Leo – General Info

Only then can their dignity and power be recognized. He must acquire authority throughout the course of his life.

The more you get all this the more control you will have over your life and thus achieve your independence.

They are open to the concerns of others less fortunate than them and willing to help whenever possible.

This is due to their warmth and goodness but at the same time it has the effect of making them more aware of their own importance.

Leo shares with his opposite, Aquarius, an interest in the development of human potential.

But while Leo is interested in personal development, Aquarius does it for the community as a whole.

Leo also has, like the other signs of fire, Aries and Sagittarius, a passionate energy.

While Aries channels his energy in a certain direction to start something new, Leo radiates his energy in all directions, affectionate with his surroundings.

And finally Sagittarius will use his energy to inspire others.

From the quadrature signs with Leo, he can learn from Taurus to cope with the world of the material and, from Scorpio, the power of transformation.

Feels nourished when personal efforts are appreciated. Attention, respect and admiration will make you feel nourished. Put on a show for your benefit.

Better yet, make them a participant. They provide a living example of self-confidence personality.

They also have a way of infusing others with confidence.


Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun. It is here that the zodiac reaches its maximum splendor.

The natives of the Leo sign are very creative people who need to express their emotions. They want to show their talent, leave a legacy to be remembered for.

Leo is ruled by the sun. The women of this sign stand out for their sensuality and charisma and you have a great capacity to excel in social gatherings.

They are not people who go around many times, they are direct and if they feel interest in a man, they will let you know.

Otherwise, they will be cold and distant. They are clear about their emotions. If they are indifferent, it should not be pressured or insisted because it will not help.


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