Taurus Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Sun in the horoscope can point out on all those aspects of the person that could be seen on the surface, these are the things that are found “in the light”; and the aspect of the Moon shows the reason why we do the things in life we do, and it points to a reason and sensuality (emotionality also).

Both of these two aspects are equally important, and in any astrological analyses, they go together like a package, because one cannot be understood without the other.

Today we are looking into the character of the person who has the aspects of the Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon the Pisces sign – we will try to explain how this member of the zodiac understands and sees life. Read all about him and make your own conclusion.

Good Traits

Many astrologers claim that this astrological combination is great – the connection between the earth (the Sun in the Taurus) and water (the Moon in the Pisces), carries an extraordinary idealism in life, romanticism in the interpersonal relations.

This is also a person who has clear views of life, along with the magical illusion and a dreaming soul – he is the person that simply fascinates others at first glance.

He has a certain “slowness” of thinking, but his aspiration for passivity and the postponement of decisive actions allow him to calm down the chaotic moves that he will do in his life. He has such character that allows him to finds the strength and to be more patient and in some way a more modest person than he may be.

In some deeper introspective, we could say that this person has a generous character, and more than anyone you know is inclined to sacrifice and unselfishness. If he remained calm and focused in his life, it allows him to learn a little by little too slowly calm personality by keeping his from breaking apart and seeking hidden abilities (that he undoubtedly has).

It would be a pity if he could not use the richness of his sensitivity in a world where everything was classified, measured, and prepared – these are the two worlds in which he needs to find a balance.

If he cannot, then his life is in a constant struggle, but also this does not have to be a “death sentence” for him, he is also able to grow from such experiences.

Also, we must say that the Moon in the Pisces can point to two different characters in the same person – the first is the one that can draw energy from higher sources, have good intuition, calmly and quietly works, sympathetically and somewhat distanced to his environment.

Bad Traits

On the other, the more negative side of the story, this is the person who can be troubled by his character, in a sense that he will experience the double temptation: how to reconcile his sensual resilience to the world – to possess it.

This is the person with an irresistible desire to drown his emotionality, and at the same time, he does not want to limit his body with any obstacles.

Sometimes, this human being, who is under the impact of the Sun / Moon combination found in the Taurus/Pisces, does not have the strength to give up life’s pleasures and personal pleasures whatever that might be for him.

His life project is too wide to be experienced if it does not only settle with its most urgent desires -maybe for him, the saying that says “everything that is for human is no strange for me either” is true.

And the other type that we have mentioned that exists (in the previous section we spoke about the best possible version of this personality) is the one that is a dreamer who dreams big but is not able to cope with failure, and then he will not even try to do something, because he is not certain that he will have a success – the difficulties lead to resignation and then become discouraged.

We also spoke about the fact that this man can grow from the pain, but there are times when the discouragement is so severe, that he cannot recover.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon in Love

In the emotional plane, this is one person who is very sensitive and even fragile; he is the one that easily binds to his lovers – this person is a dreamer who wants to have a warm family and is much attached to his loved ones and children. No matter what his flaws might be, he is the one that is; by many consider being an ideal partner in love.

Here, we encounter to one very negative trait that is connected to this human when it comes to love – this is a person who is prone idealising others, and in some ways, he does not overlook the disappointment. This is a part, where this person can experience the worst aspect of love – to be disappointed in love, after a time spent in idealising his love.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

In terms of choosing a spouse or lovers, he knows that he is reliable, but mostly he feels better in more extended emotional relationships, and will usually opt for them; but this is not a rule. He may go through phases where he cannot resist the need to have sensual pleasures in many ways, shapes and forms. This stage will pass, and some representatives never pass through it, but some do.

When in a serious relationship, the one that has located Sun in the Taurus and the Moon in the Pisces sign will show everything that a perfect lover should have – a tenderness, love, understanding, care, etc. But, here we encounter to his expectations – this is one human being that has high expectations from a future partner that usually falls down in reality.

So will his relationship be successful or not, all depends on his ability to cope with a reality when the time for that comes. He will struggle to submit disapproval, criticism, even though he has such nice love potentials -potentials without proper support do not mean anything.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Pisces Moon

Now, when we know all that we need to know about the habits in love when it comes to the person who has tandem Sun and Moon located in the Taurus and Pisces combination, we can say that the best match for him would be someone who has strong visions, is in love with love and life.

His lovers must realise that he has so many hidden traits, and he likes to be relaxed and does not like to be limited and slowed down by his lover.

He needs someone who will know that he is the eternal dreamer who is never sure about anything but accepts the major changes that life brings.

His perfect match could be found in the Virgo sign – this is a reliable lover, one that is more organised than he is, and has the same or similar values in life and love also. When needed, this is a person who can be strict and commanding, and this may be the things that this person needs in love.

Taurus Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

As a friend, he is one of the best that you can ever find – he is the one that knows how to listens, and provide with amazing and useful advice, he is the one that will give you support, and a suggestion in a very practical way.

When in a good mood, this person is the one who will charm anyone who is around him with his delighted nature, small things and gestures that he gives to his loved ones. You will easily recognise this human since he usually has a few loyal friends since childhood.

They usually associate all of their lives, and each and every one them has a special place in the “gang” – and for him also, this is the second family that he loves and needs so much.

So, he is one very helpful, inspiring and suggestive companion who has what to offer to the people who are around him – he has the talent for innovation and goodwill to help other, can be very useful to society because they help to find a way out of stable situations where it grows and can promote progress in a shared life and understanding among people.


So, in this person, we encounter the astrological combination of the Earth and the Water, and in the long term, he represents the synthesis of two very interesting characters. Taurus that represents the location of the Sun, with its strong will and clarity of view, is here in connection with the Moon in the Pisces, a sign of those who are always somewhat vague, unstable and undecided.

But, in fact, this combination can enrich the inner life of the person who has this combination thanks to their gifts of intuition, imagination and fine sensibility.

He is the one that can understand reality with intuition and a great instinct that he can take advantage of; when he wants he is able to really know how others feel, and it’s difficult to see and discover his inner strength and will power.

But, one word of advice – he needs to feel in accordance with beings and things: when this condition is fulfilled, he can be immensely successful. Otherwise, he can be completely absent and ineffective; ending in the struggle between the intelligent and the imaginative part of his persona.


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