5555 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

There is no doubt that we, as human beings are under some great force that responsible for all things that happen in our lives. But the main question is how and when do we know that this Force is speaking to us, and who do we know what this force is trying to say to us, and even more, what should we do when we find out?

We can be even in greater doubt when we find out that we have received Angelic information, and Divine assistance is even more needed.

To be precise, this Force is talking to us through Angels, and even more, it speaks through numbers that we can see all around us – dreams or real life. You can find Angelic influence all around you; there is virtually no source where Angels will try to get to us.

You will know that Angels are talking to you and that you should look all around you in the search for some vibrations that come from the Angel numbers when your senses are sharpened.

You feel the real world through the senses of smell, touch, taste, vision and hearing. But when something extraordinary is happening, you will receive signals, but you will still understand it (you will feel the smell or sound). It can even be buzzing in the ears, but you will know what is going on in and that some higher power is trying to talk to you or to gain your attention.

Some people even claim that they get visions, or see figures and their movement, usually white, but the main thing is that you are motivated to look in certain things, like in clock on the wall, or at a license plate. Do not be afraid, but continue to listen, be open and watch, asking questions.

Today we are looking at the Angel formation 5555, and we are trying to look deeply into meanings that are hidden in this Angel message. We will also discuss people who receive this message, and we will try to find out what are the reasons for such an event.

Angel number 5555 General meaning

Why this message finds its way to you? Who are you, if number 5 is your number in any shape or form, why is numeral five the number that follows you, especially now in this visible series of four numbers 5 in a row? You are a person, who can be judgmental but is usually good and right, but like all things, you need “revision and repair”, both here and there – and you should never shy away from such Angelic intervention (that in this case comes in the form of series of 5).

Here we can speak some more about the main characteristics of people – they are filled with flaws, and this imperfection is one of the main characteristics of humanity. And having in mind that number 5 is “perfect” number you can understand the reason why this number is sent to those with “flaws”.

There is no escape from this imperfection and even impurity, cause only Divine Forces are perfect and pure, but the primary motive in the life of humans should be to follow this model.

You are attractive and beautiful, and there is no doubt that those who are followed by the number 5, but you should work more on your character to emphasise that beauty further, and not any beauty, we are talking about the inner beauty, that you hide so often form the world.

You are grateful and despised those who are not – but in doing so; you become unworthy of any attention since you should never despise anyone who does not think as you do.

This can be one of the “sins” that you commit, and Angel interference is mandatory in this sense – it comes through numerical sequence 5555.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

In some way, symbolism is connected to the number 5 is a sense; but will look deeper this statement, since in the numerical formation 5555 number 5 appears four times, and this is an enhancement of the fives attributes that should never be underestimated.

Number 5 is, in fact, a man – when you look at the human being, you can see the head, two hands, two legs. This is very important to mention and to depict this you should think about the Leonardo da Vinci that draws a perfect man. Leonardo said that he concluded that the man of his extended legs and outstretched arms fit into a square and circle, perfect geometric figures.

So, in a way, he drew an ideal human, and by some claims human is perfect -or we should be more specific the human should be perfect, the vision of his creation is perfect (God).

Also, number 5 is connected to our experience of the world we live in – and we do such thing with using all of our senses – taste, smell, hearing, sight, touch. We need these five senses to find our way through this world of many negative things, but also those beautiful and joyful.

Even further, we discover this world by using five fingers on our hands and feet – you probably have wondered why we have five fingers on each hand and feet?  It is said that every finger represents something meaningful in our lives.

When numeral five appears four times, its powers are even more enhanced, and it is the number that points to evolution and change – those who see this number or are under its influence are eternal wanderers, like travelling, moving, getting to know everything new – to start evolution you must be ready for a change.

And the change as the most critical virtue that hides behind the symbol 5 is that everything starts with change, especially in the case of unknown areas.

The number 5 is the leader, and it leads by using intuition, it is the inner voice that we got from that Universal force to use it when we need it, but sometimes we neglect it, and then we make mistakes in life.

It is the number that symbolises observations -movement and communication, the process of learning comes from their lover of life that is restless, full of unpredictability and turmoil.

Number 5555 in Love

The process of learning about Love in the world is simple; first, you need to learn to love yourself so that you can give love to others.

Number 5555  is connected to Love as it teaches us all to learn how to love yourself and how to support yourself in moments when we feel miserable when we are not at all when we do not see the way out of the problem, and especially when we feel worthless and unproductive.

It’s hardest for those who do not have much love and support from their environment, but this Angelical formation encourages us to search for support. But the problem will arise if we do not learn that the problem with this is that no one can ever satisfy that void, just ourselves.

For this reason, it happens that we are the people from whom we expect love and support from pain and doubt because, in the moments when these people react differently, we feel again rejected and rejected -and this is the case with people who receive numerical sequence 5555.

Angels teach you that everyone needs love. Even when we can provide ourselves with love, we are not alone in the world, and it is not true that we can do it all by ourselves. We cannot, and we do not have to.

However, as the world reflects us, the provision of love for yourself means attracting people who will also give you love. You will attract even more people who will be your true friends, who will love you the way you are, with all your defects and virtues.

Number 5555 is just showing us the way, and it is the number that gives the mirror to see our reflection and to know what Love for us is, or it can be.

Amazing Facts about Number 5555

Every Angel number is amazing and meaningful in its own terms, and in some numerology teachings, it is the number that symbolises ease, energy and air flow, movement, travel – all of these traits are reflected to the people who receive this Angelic information, or these traits represent their way of learning essential truths in the world.

It is also the number of rebellions and Angels want to enhance this trait in the people who received 5555 to rebel against all things that bother them, and stop them from being the best versions of themselves. It signifies the unique and competitive spirit, the readiness to defend at all costs the attitudes to which it is believed.

Now the amazing thing about the Angelic sequence 5555 is why you, of all people, have received this message? Well, you belong to the realm of the people who are very temperamental, impulsive and adventurous but who can hide behind their comfort, they may never look deeper.

Most of all, they value their freedom and are constantly looking for a change. They are full of life energy and optimism, and they try to live as intensely as possible, but even they need some help, and Angels will never shy away from helping anyone; the important thing is that in people human warmth and love are awakened.

Will Angel number 5555 Bring Good Luck to You?

You are the person who received a message under the significant number 5 that in this case comes in the series of four and this is important just for the sake of enhancing its vibration and pronouncing its importance.

But, you are still wondering what do Angels want from yours? Are you on the way of happiness or you should derail to go back to the right place?

We will tell you – God wants you to know that he has not, and Angels are telling you that you are preparing for a wonderful new phase of your life. Search for new things in life, and entering a new phase in your life is something that was prepared long before you even prayed and asked Angels to help you.

What they ask from you is to stay open, and talk to them as much as possible, and you will feel the coming miracle for yourself. Everything will change, and you will feel deep in your bones the Angel touch.

Angels also remind you of the importance of “the timing” (sometimes it is not a good time for a change, and sometimes is, even if we cannot grasp why). Sometimes they must first produce the right circumstances, and only then can it reach the desired goal. If you stand steady, with your thoughts and faith, nothing can prevent you from fulfilling your desires.

In the end, this Angelic formation that was sent under the world of humans by the numeral 5555, points to the listening, it reminds you that you cannot do everything yourself in your own life, but sometimes it is necessary to hear a second opinion. Be open and talk to the people who are around you, and share your feelings, it’s possible that you will be directed to the right path.

Do not forget that in your life you need to make a good plan for everything you do and that only the great lessons that give us strength for new victories are unsuccessful.


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