Chiron in Aries

The place where the individual or natus is most vulnerable and the place where the Achilles heel is, when Chiron is in the first field or, for example, in the sign of Aries analogous to the first field, is the place that signifies a basic sense of existence, self-affirmation, initiative and primary identity. And often possible physical appearance.

Chiron in Aries Man

The person with Chiron in the first field unconsciously feels that he exists only as a mirror of someone else, and the motivation to fight is also just the interest of someone else.

These individuals are characterized by a great show of courage and a fighting spirit that is nothing more than compensations for pain and fear and insecurity, which can always bring in a repeated cycle of hopelessness, self-destructiveness and hasty actions, transferring all emotional pressure into pure action.

These individuals are hurt by their militant self-sufficiency because they are unable to seek help and support, convinced that they can do it all on their own. And the reason for this attitude is mostly despair and fear that it will manifest something that they aspire to and aspire to with something visible or out loud.

They perceive every utterance of personal goals as a definite call to failure. It is as if they envision themselves a failure in the beginning. And what they usually aspire to – they either do not know what is at all or, if they know it, they hide it deeply, fearing that it will not be taken away, ruined or in any way destroyed.

Instead of their own self, they feel a huge emptiness and pain that they are generally incapable of withstanding.

Psychologically or Adler, with such a position of Chiron, it is quite possible that the spontaneous expression of desire or desires is quite openly suppressed in childhood.

Whether in the form of repressive upbringing methods, strict adherence to the hourly rate, lack of physical support, or overemphasis on the toilet or anything else, whatever.

Restricting and interfering with some natural rhythms has created great confusion and belief that what they want is not acceptable and that in no case or form should they strive to satisfy those desires.

Below, in this way paralyzed will, deep and often or at least not rarely misplaced anger gathers. Anger in the true sense of the word, because the first field is ruled by a very aggressive Mars.

And as a consequence, they always have to hide what they really want in life and through life, because they fear it will be destroyed by external forces, and so too often in their lives they get what they basically do not want.

And all believing that loudly acknowledging what they want causes panic because it touches the wounded area in them.

It is more than likely that the environment around these individuals was much suppressed, and perhaps even overt aggression, which in them created timidity and diminished independence, and even some of their personal rights.

All this, such a situation creates nothing but a habit, simply a habit, that one must live by satisfying and satisfying others.

You do not serve my dear Chiron owners in the first field to fill in the gaps with other people or situations, while remaining anonymous. And just because you think it is dangerous to be noticed…

But on the other hand, you should not go to extremes and do not need to strain yourself now or inflate your will to the degree that you look like a true embodiment of energy, enthusiasm and striving, so that it does not really happen that energy is like a soap bubble, after all.

When it bursts, the risk is that you will again fall into the sad confusion of pain and uncertainty. And to get to the point where only powerlessness is felt.

Chiron in Aries Woman

Whether or not you have Chiron in Aries (if you had it you would be living your return from Chiron), these are going to be years of hard work in discovering a more genuine identity and less possessed by the defenses we set out to protect ourselves.

The goal is to build a healthy ego, an ego that serves the purpose of your spirit instead of constantly sabotaging it.

Where you have Aries in your natal chart (astral houses) they will be falling walls that you have put on and have prevented you from showing yourself as you really are.

These same walls have meant obstacles in your personal relationships (Libra zone, opposite to Aries) because, if you do not have one, you cannot surrender.

I remind you that there is where Chiron has begun to walk through Uranus in the last 8 years. While Uranus brought “electric shocks” so that you realize that you are much more than what they told you had to be, Chiron in Aries comes to bring emotional medicine (and in some cases, surgery) to heal you, from a Once and for all, the false belief that being strong and being vulnerable are opposite realities.

EYE: if you tend to fall into the role of victim (which is also a defense against the fear that your own light gives you), Chiron will apply what in English is called tough love: hard or firm love, to wake up and bring you back to your personal power

Good Traits

This position will decisively mark your initiatives. If you have the desire to move forward, to show who you are, you are going to have to face your limitations, but courage, the desire to move forward with your best attributes to have opportunities, is going to be a form of self-healing.

There is no going back when you decide to dare to take the first steps towards conquering a leader position, which is, in short, what you are. Chiron in the place generically occupied by Mars and Aries, the will to overcome you is the key.

You have a long stage to make decisions, to restore your priorities as an existential approach, here the “I Am” is activated.

This is an excellent place for healers, for therapists, since it is like bringing the healer’s energy attached to the body and soul in every way and with respect to all needs.

It is going to give you a lot of charisma, that you feel again that you have a mission, (if you had forgotten or parked it).

It’s about looking for new challenges related to your initiatives, feeling freedom but to resolve conflicts, especially for those who have the return of Quirón, (Chiron born in Aries). Stimulate you is the key, focus, aim and go for your goal.

Bad Traits

People with Chiron in the first field are prone to infrequently even those self-destructive fantasies that are completely unnecessary, and are merely the answer to anger, frustration, and loss of control over some situations.

It is nothing more than a response to an inner desire to regain some sense of power. Just a reaction to a deliberate inability to find one’s way.

All of you who have this planetoid in the first field, do not act like one of your own, arbitrary adolescents, who will not allow anyone to interfere with his omnipotence. It is impossible for you to enjoy living with a sense of uneasy timidity.

It’s quite difficult for these people to start something that is counter to the Aries sign and counter to the first field that I am basically.

Either it just rushes to start or be delayed, or with that experience, these people have a bad habit of getting away and, for example, preferring to get sick just to avoid deciding what to do now.

They stumble upon the threshold of something that seemed so exciting to them at the start. As they step in, resistance and agitation occur in them. Sometimes they just think they step in.

Chiron in Aries – General Info

The presence of Chiron in Aries is going to open burning wounds, which are red hot and affect the pride, the moral of the races, of the people, of personal and collective initiatives.

Healing everything that affects one’s own Being and initiating avant-garde work can be excellent options for Chiron in a sign that initiates processes, that seeks to emerge, have full autonomy, be a bridgehead and leader in discoveries.

All this can accompany the transit of this healer through Aries, where the Fire of the will has to burn until it consumes, cauterize the social scourges, eradicating what is contrary to individual and collective evolution.

Chiron will encourage leading discoveries in areas that not only affect medicine, but other arts. It will influence the most daring initiatives that reveal possibilities for resolving cystic conflicts; it will give much relevance to what has to burn, renew, revolutionize, renew; it will emphasize stuck and developing situations.

For the natives of this sign it will be like having an ally willing to raise them, to support their initiatives, giving them more value, more boldness.

Whoever is willing to adventure has all the possibilities open to undertake very special projects, very novel, but where the component of individuality must give way to that of connectivity.

Chiron is a Master and seeks to develop his abilities within the community. For the Aries born from those dates, it will undoubtedly be a revolution, they will have a very special gift, that of instant conflict resolution;

They will be excellent therapists who will not let situations languish, but will seek the rapid evolution of events. Nothing can stagnate with Chiron in Aries, everything advances with forced marches.

Children may even be born in a hurry, souls who seek to incarnate quickly, and who move from the astral world to the earthly world very quickly, and possibly we will attend medical advances that will impress us.

Chiron is a comet asteroid discovered in 1977, while transiting the sign of Taurus. It is located in the middle of the last social planet, Saturn, and the first transpersonal, Uranus, being the missing link between being, mandate and tradition, and the desire to launch into the new and be creative.


They are constantly struggling to find something that will give them a sense of existence that they actually lack. And then, burdened with the overwhelming search for confirmation, they also get into impossible tasks and endeavors that are quite difficult to accomplish.

Often this can be a futile effort. As is the case, people often wanted to outsmart both themselves and everyone around them without despising anything and not thinking about the often devastating consequences.

Often people with this position of Chiron project their body as well feeling ashamed and confused so that they feel humiliated by a personality that others generally do not even notice, and to them she looks ugly, monstrous, freakish…

Let’s all say their ears, if they are kinky, or that their feet are too thick … They act either too high or low, inconsistent or unwieldy.

These are all identification problems that they struggle with and lose a lot of energy without needing.


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