Cancer Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

To make them completely different from the other objects in the Astrology, or in a personal horoscope, the term that is used to describe The Sun and the Moon is “The Luminaries” – and by this, we are pointing out that these two elements are not common elements in the horoscope, but much more.

Besides the eight known planets, besides Earth, there are Moon and Sun; and they are called luminaries because this term suggests that both of them are origins of light, and it’s true they are both the eminent objectives in the sky and two of the most authoritative spots of information in a horoscope. From the, and in combination with other aspects you can find out so many useful things about yourself.

Today we are dedicating our time to the people who have Sun located in the Cancer sign and the Moon in the Pisces – in the text below, you can read all about this astrological combination and its impact on the life of this individual. You can make your own conclusion how is this reflected on his character and his personal development.

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Good Traits

Here we encounter one person who has a very interesting personality, in a sense that both objects, Sun and Moon are located in the water signs, Cancer and Pisces. And, in some introspective, this means that the character of this human being is well developed, in a sense that there are no contradictions and inner conflicts that can act as a disabling factor.

He has a nature that can find in it immense resistance, which compensates for its hesitation. So often he succeeds in creating himself an existence that suits his taste and needs – he can become really successful if he succeeds in dealing with many issues in his head.

But the true strength of this combination in the person is the engine that keeps and feeds is the world of emotion: the time of the Cancer, thoughtless and exclusive, the time of the Pisces, which is based mainly on the religious attitude towards life.

We will add that that this person belongs to those people who are genuinely dreamers in their realities, and sometimes that dream-like life is without any binderies or borders.

In fact, he loves to dream great fantasies and belongs even to the group of people who are visionaries, extremely intuitive although they appear mildly phlegmatic melancholic. And he is all of that, and we believe that all of these traits he can turn into his virtues.

He has such strong intuition and imagination, and he can just follow the rule that everything that a person mind can imagine is real, so all of his dreams could be real and achievable.

Bad Traits

The Moon in the Pisces gives this person a somewhat double character – and all of his virtues could be seen as a flaw and vice versa. And the Sun in the Cancer sign does not help very much in this sense, and it can even deepen all negativity that may come from such diversities.

In the perfect circumstances, this could be a person who is a hard working person who is able to draw energy from higher sources, has good intuition, can achieve a lot by working calmly and quietly; he is even a person who is sympathetic and somewhat distanced from the majority.

But, all of this could go in the other direction, the negative direction where flaws overwhelm everything else – then a person who has luminaries in Cancer/Pisces combination belongs to the dreamers who are unable to cope with failure and problems, and then they will not even try to do something, because they are not sure of success – the difficulties lead to resignation and then become discouraged.

This can be the person who easily loses power and energy and can stick in one place for a long time without any ability to move on any further and inability to really see what he should change in his life.

Also, one very pronounced flaw is that this human being gives his trust to completely wrong people who use him in the worst possible way. Many times in life, this is others use the person in a most terrible way, and the negative part is that he does not see the problem and will make the same mistake many times over.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon in Love

The one that has luminaries located in the Cancer and Pisces sign can hardly, in an emotional sense resist temptations, especially those needs to escape reality. His world is often inhabited by unreal illusions, and when those illusions are connected to the emotions, thing become even worse, and his impact in this realm is negative.

In every sense, his feelings are vague and controversial for many, which make him unable to make tough decisions, or to make decisions at all, so the wrong choices are often when it comes to this human being.

When, after many (diverse) experiences, he feels that his personality is endangered, he tends to retreat into his shell and try to question the traces that the world has left, to retreat to a hidden place to think about the purpose of life and about his place under the sun.

In every scenario, he is the one that will have a problematic personal life, but from a positive point of view, this is the person who can love like not so many people.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon in a Relationship

This person who is under the impact that comes from the Cancer and Pisces is susceptible to impressions and prone to indecisiveness, and he cannot always silence his feelings and preserve his head for cold analysis.

He is passionate in this sense and his thoughts fleeing dreams and sometimes calm down in creativity; his need for loneliness and intimacy with his lover does not push him to hang out with others as he needs to get his full bloom.

This is one person, a partner and a lover who find forgiveness as the easiest thing in the world and his lovers know that he changes his mood every 5 minutes, it’s sometimes difficult to understand him when he is in these stages, but he is one of the most passionate and emotional people you will ever meet in your life, and he is able to give himself very deeply and very strongly to the person who he loves.

Not many people in your life will have such ability to love, and such ability to make you feel like you are the best person in the world.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Pisces Moon

So, here we meet a person who is emotional, mystical, prone to internal “struggles and unrests” as if his subconscious wants constant waking, and external advises him to stand. However, he belongs to the people who best know the human soul, the heart – who can be his perfect lover, in good and bad?

Our guess is the representative of the Taurus Zodiac sign – he is the one that creates a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, so he also brings down the bits that reflect his soul in a love connection.

These two souls will match perfectly and will complement each other – where one lover is weak, and the other will help.

He (the Taurus lover) is not so romantic in the sense that he has a rich imagination, but he will show his gentle side after a while. And this waiting game is maybe the right thing for this candidate – he will have enough time to think things many times over.

He can be a poetic, romantic, gentle spirit come out on the surface, and the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Pisces sign this will work.

Cancer Sun Pisces Moon as a Friend

Looking things from a “friendship” perspective, this is the person who is very pleasant toward people he loves; he is a very tolerant, and his fruitful ideas attract people easily from his surroundings.

He is very faithful to his relatives and friends with whom they have a correct relationship. He needs a constant exchange of thought, an idea to be complete, and this is the reason, why this human being needs to be close to the people who are smart and have many ideas and like to talk about them.

In the end, he is the one that likes to help, and for this “Job” he will do more work more than many other people, and this is the sacrifice that he is willing to take.

Sometimes, because of this trait, he may be the one that will suffer the most, since his “friends” may use such tendency for their own cause, and the negative thing, is that our hero will rarely learn a lesson.


To sum up, this entire story, we will say that the person who has luminaries located in the Cancer and Pisces sign is characterised by the simultaneous presence of two similar but still very different worlds: static passivity of the Moon in the Pisces and tendencies towards unreal Sun that is located in the Cancer.

For this human being, it is necessary to enter into the essence of things; his excessive sensitivity exposes him to all possible external influences that make him- in a way, a filter for people and the events of their time.

He often owns an artistic gift, but he thinks things will agree so that he can stay on missed opportunities. Phlegmatic, he lacks passion, but he has intuitions.


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