Unicorn Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

The Unicorn is a creature of stories and legends, and there is no one that has never heard of this magical, beautiful and happy creature, and we will add there is no one that has some negative feeling connected to this being.

The mythical uniqueness of this creature thought to be royal has evolved over the centuries, and with the popularity of fantasy novels, and movies, the Unicorn gained even more notoriety.

It is connected to the most magical and unique things, and usually, it is seen as one of a kind being that is the only one of that kind in the world. The search for this being is also one of the most used bases for legends and myths around the world.

The Unicorn was always white, with a spiral horn on its forehead and a gleam in its eyes, sometimes it is depicted as a creature with wings that have all rainbow colors on them, making him even more beautiful.

In scientific terms, a unicorn could have been any animal that had only one horn, namely goats, cows, and deer, with or without a genetic mutation. But the science is not relevant in this case, the magic and uniqueness are important – and this is the most important aspect when it comes to this being because there is nothing that is negative that is connected to it.

In art, the Unicorn has been represented over the centuries with debt or how it deals with the lion, or any other strong, and powerful animal. Unicorns exist in many places in Western and Eastern mythology, and in all of them, this creature is depicted with the horn that is believed when taken off the Unicorn, he dies, and you become very strong, since its horn is magical (often in stories, the horn is “made into the powder”).

Here we will mention some of the most prominent unicorns in modern culture.

In dreams, such a creature has its own meaning and symbolism, and in the next few rows, you can find out what they are if you had such a dream. We are not saying that this is one of the most common dreams that you could have, but when you have this dream, you will remember it. It is truly something special.

The Meaning of Unicorn Dreams

If in a dream, where you have just seen the Unicorn, such a dream does not have a very good meaning – it could be a sign of your fear. You are the person who is desperately afraid of illness or the opportunity that could take something from you, and you will lose your life as you know it until that point.

If in a dream, where you are able to communicate in some ways with the Unicorn, and it seems that it understands you, such a dream shows your tendency toward idealization.

Such a dream indicates that you will idealize the person you are in love with, and this does not even have to be a person who is known to you, but someone who you like from aside, making that person such perfect beings, that any “normal” communication will ruin that permanently.

But if the dream depicts you as the Unicorn, you find yourself in that “skin”, such a dream means that you are a very imaginative and creative person who can make a life one of a kind miracle. If you haven’t already, try using that talent of yours, you might as well make good money, or become very successful in something that you do for a long time.

Either way, follow your dreams and don’t hesitate to be who you are – you are one of a kind talent, so you should use it.

If in a dream the Unicorn is hostile toward you, such a dream shows that you may hear good news from abroad, or from the environment that is not familiar to you.

If you are planning a trip or maybe moving to a foreign country, you may receive positive information soon, or you want to hear from someone who is not close to you, now you will hear that person.

You have an exciting period ahead of beautiful and ugly moments, but it will remain in your memory as a very good experience, so this is the dream that has an amazing meaning.

But if a dream depicts you are hostile toward the Unicorn, such a dream depicts that you will put a lot of effort and time into some futile work – whatever you do, or try is going to be for nothing.

If you see a dead Unicorn in your dream, such a dream points to happy moments that you will have very soon. You could experience great happiness in the near future, whether it relates to professional or private life. You will probably realize something that you have been dreaming about for a long time.

If you are the one who kills the Unicorn in a dream, such a dream means that you will finally be able to “consolidate forces” and focus your energy on solving one task at a time – and now is the time where you will stop disposing your energy to many different projects, you should focus on just one at the time.

The Symbolism of Unicorn Dreams

If we speak of the symbolical value of the Unicorn, such a dream symbolizes your unrealistic obligations and now is the moment to fulfill them, or you going to lose the moment, and you will not be able to bring it back.

Such a dream symbolize that you will soon have to deal with the obligations that you were putting on aside for a long time. It’s time to take responsibility for your actions and finally “grow up”.

While you find some of your actions sympathetic and want to keep a positive spirit, regardless of the severity of the situation, others seem childish; but you should not listen to others in this case, but yourself. You will have to face reality, or else you will let life simply pass you by.

If you have a dream that you see the Unicorn, and you are afraid of that “picture”, such a dream indicates that you might find yourself in an unenviable position in the near future. When discussing with a colleague or superior, you will have to refrain from saying what you think; otherwise, you might offend that person, and make yourself an even bigger problem.

An even bigger problem is that the topic of that conversation will be your life and the decisions you make that he/she disagrees with.

If the Unicorn in your dream is hiding from you, and you are in a desperate need to find it – such a dream means you are “pulling” some trauma from the past, and that now that trauma is near you.

Some unpleasant events have left a mark on your psyche, even if you neglect such feelings. It makes you reluctant to let new people into your life, and you should never be like that, it is not your nature. Your time is reserved for only a select few, who are the ones who respect you and who value you for their kindness and loyalty.

If you are riding the Unicorn in your dream, or in some ways you are flying on that animal, since it usually appears as a magical creature with wings – such a dream symbolizes the fear of rejection.

Since you are not an adaptable person, you always fear in the new society how people will experience you, and you think that no one could understand you completely. That is why you give the impression of a withdrawn and complicated person even though you are not. It is good that over time people get to know you and love you as they are, but it is frustrating for you always to go the same way to get there.

If you are touching the Unicorn in your dream (gently tapping his back), and you feel that “magic” such a dream is an indication that you are the person who in real lacks attention. You may feel that your partner is neglecting you and that everyone else is more important to him than you. This is especially pronounced in people who have some sort of informal or secret relationship.

You are probably thinking intensely about leaving him/her and finding happiness with someone who will love you more, but you are also afraid of losing what you currently have. The opportunity that you should embrace by all means.

If in a dream, you are using its magic to help others, and the Unicorn is your pet, in some way, such a dream indicates that you need help or protection. For some time, you feel that you do not have enough energy for many things.

You need a reliable partner, someone who will be able to recognize what to do and who will follow your life pace without much “philosophy”. Your current partner may not be as ambitious as you, which can be frustrating.

Still, if that’s the only downside to your relationship, you might want to compromise.

Do I have to be worried?

No, you do not have to be worried, everything will fall in its place, and you will receive everything that is meant for you – such a dream implies that you were probably faced with difficult life situations that contributed to your anxiety for every little thing.

In this way, you may want to get the attention of people around you and try to tell them that you need to care more about you. The response of your body and your psyche can be an escape to illness, so it is best to seek professional help, in addition to the help of dear people.

In some versions of this dream, it shows that you will consent to various sacrifices to show your partner that you are capable of doing everything for him or her.

Over time, you will find that only you are trying and changing your lifestyle to adapt to it. You won’t get much in return, and it will open your eyes, and this is what you need in the current moment.

When the Unicorn in a dream is connected to love life, and it is in some way a dream that is connected to your feelings and your shyness, in that case, this is the dream that announces that you will like someone who will lose your head.

Even though your friends will warn you that this person is not for you, you will think that they are jealous of your happiness and you will stop hanging out with many.

It can also refer to futile attempts to have a quality relationship with a partner or friend. It is possible that you are simply not on the same wavelength. Just trying to change each other can only have the opposite effect, so you should stop doing that, it does not bring any results.

What to do if I had this dream?

You should feel happy and feel blessed because you had such an amazing and not so common dream; the Unicorn is mythological creature, and the search for this being is the idea that is behind many stories and legends, so when this creature shows up in your dream, you know that your mind has something relevant to tell you.

Perhaps you have been putting off some work for a long time, and now your responsibilities have piled up.

So you decide to get organized and take matters into your own hands. In doing so, you will ignore the advice of friends, parents or partners, and without any pressure, solve the problems yourself.

You also have a solid business, and this is the dream that shows you that your talents are unique and that you should use them and make your life amazing, and that there is nothing wrong in valuing them a lot.


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