Chiron in Pisces

Chiron has to do with suffering, with pain, with unexpected and uninvited fate, but also with wisdom, healing powers, sacrifice, compassion and courage.

The Centaur itself, who is half horse, half man, symbolizes in my opinion man himself, namely the animated, divine being in the mammalian body.

Even we humans (lat. Homo sapiens sapiens), who carry the wisdom twice in the name, are capable of high art, music, philosophy, mathematics and science.

On the other hand, we cannot deny that even the wild, animal and cruel instincts erupt again and again. If you need examples, just open a daily paper.

And perhaps this is why Chiron symbolizes, more generally, the suffering of man in his nature and the endeavor to overcome this animal nature once and for all.

Chiron in Pisces Man

In order to be able to interpret the passage of Chiron through the Pisces, we still need to know what significance the sign of the zodiac Pisces has. The Pisces are the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac (from 20.2 to 21.3 of a calendar year).

This is about the individual’s desire to be absorbed in something greater than the limitations of human existence.

The symbolism of a down and an upward floating Pisces also indicates that this sign has to do with a twofold longing.

On the one hand the yearning for return to the womb, psychologically expressed as total regression, on the other hand, the longing for spiritual dissolution upward.

This could also be called the yearning for death or salvation, because the earthly life seems far too difficult and hard. People who were born with an emphasis on this sign have a lot of imagination, longing and imagination.

Chiron in Pisces Woman

Spirituality and religion play an important role in their lives. Moreover, their social streak is strong.

They can selflessly help others and sacrifice themselves for their well-being, for they feel their suffering as if it were their own.

With seismographic accuracy they perceive things that take place around them. The danger is that the boundaries between oneself and others are no longer perceived and lost.

Because the yearning for merging is so pronounced, they tend to dissolve into each other and completely forget themselves.

Good Traits

Chiron in Pisces can indicate wounds in beliefs, intuition and willingness to help those in need. Piscean energy has plenty of empathy, usually feeling what the other is feeling, sharing their pain. However, their altruism can be confused with ingenuity, their sensitivity with vulnerability.

Thus, people with this position on their birth chart may have been injured for being wrong about others, suffering disappointment or betrayal. You must redeem your lost spirituality and faith by helping and inspiring others.

Chiron in the sign of Pisces signals existential crises. One may eventually get into a religious, spiritual crisis or lose faith in the world and others. Individuals with this placement on your map may always be in a universal crisis. For them, their “crises” are never small and the feeling is that they reach overwhelming proportions.

Care must be taken not to let escapism take over, being careful to keep clear of any dangerous substance or situation that symbolizes an immediate escape from possible stifling realities.

In addition, you should also avoid a greater tendency to victimization. Feelings of guilt are also influenced, eventually causing the person to feel this way even though they have done nothing. That is, there is really no reason to feel guilty.

They often have a lot of imagination and gain more potential to be considerate of everyone because of a natural empathy. They need to be careful about the disappointment others may cause.

Therefore it may be advisable to lower your sensitivity, stopping a little from caring about all the problems in the world, thinking that you always have to take on the role of saviors. However, through their emotions, sensitivity, adaptability and psychic ability, they are more likely to find the answers to their anxieties.

Individuals with Chiron in Pisces need more clarity, whether of conscience, spirit or purpose. Disappointment and betrayal can make life seem harder than it already is.

Therefore, they should learn that things often happen for a reason. By examining their problems, they can gain a deeper understanding and thus achieve that understanding.

The fact is that they need to channel the most of Piscean potential, dealing with everything that surrounds them in an inspiring way, regaining their ability to be impressed and believed in order to help people.

However, you must balance your altruistic feelings and understand that there are disappointments along the way, but they can be overcome. That way you can find the cure for your problems.

Bad Traits

Touches the themes of this house (trust, help, heal) in a way that Fears and uncertainties come to the fore. It falls to the born here sometimes very difficult to trust the earthly world and its laws.

You know, that earthly order and human laws do not meet the claim of infallibility can correspond. It also has a longing for unconditional love and feels at the same time mental fears of being disappointed or abandoned. He has the other hand about the ability to teach others the way to trust in divine guidance. These people have a great empathy.

They feel disconnected from the divine unity, the cosmic security. They have a higher level of knowledge about the spiritual world from which you came. In them subliminal fears act to be left alone. They yearn for conditional loose love and devotion, but at the same time are suspicious and are afraid to leave become.

This mental wound causes your slightest indication of rejection Fears are aroused to be expelled. You are constantly in the tension between your yearning to experience true affection and disappointed fear become. To avoid this pain, you can focus entirely on the material world and focus on career success. Then you avoid any contact with spiritual and subtle themes.

Nevertheless, in you remains the wound of mental separation from the unit. You could also be especially spiritual, social or turn to artistic areas to feel a sense of connectedness through this path to experience with life. On the other hand, this CHIRON wound causes one special gift to impart a spiritual knowledge to others.

You can therefore in artistic, spiritual, psycho-therapeutic or social fields to do valuable work. You can convey absolute trust through your compassion. For you, it is important for you to be aware of your spiritual, artistic and social attachments as well as your pain of being separated from the spiritual home.

It is also important for you to find retreat opportunities and demarcation methods, which can protect you from the flood of perceptions. You are with the innate Sensibility to better protect yourself and finally the benefits of your system to appreciate. ”

Chiron in Pisces – General Info

This sign has a potential for suffering. If Pisces believes that suffering is a noble experience of life, Chiron believes that suffering is inevitable and we will all suffer one day. Thus, this link amplifies the experience and idealization of suffering.

The spiritual approach to Chiron in Pisces may want to regard suffering as a noble end in itself. However, there is a risk of becoming trapped in illusory pain or suffering and treating it as real. On the other hand, there is a possibility that a person may feel that he is not suffering and that he is not working hard enough to try to heal the wounds or their failures.

The most practical perspective may be to treat suffering not as an end in itself but as a symptom. This can be complex because for Chiron no “wound can be healed” and the problem may become impossible to reduce or solve.

To some extent and somehow it may be necessary to find a way to cope with the problem (pain or suffering) to maintain integrity, originality and strength, accepting that one is not as powerful as one thinks. We can’t always command the ship, sometimes we have to hand the rudder to someone else’s best prepared hand to help us.

While Chiron is in Pisces, there is a tendency to attract injured people who need some healing. If you accept the challenge of becoming your healer, it must be a serious and committed decision. When under the influence of the ultra-sensitive and confusing energy of Pisces, it is easy to assume the conditions and feelings of the people around you.

If you are not sufficiently prepared for the experience of being around deeply injured, sick or suffering people, you may be confused by your efforts to help and become ill. It would be like jumping to save a drowning person without swimming.

It is essential to be able to recognize one’s own limits and not accept what one cannot do. This does not mean turning your back on those who need help, but it means recognizing what you can and cannot really do without sacrificing your own physical and mental energy. This is especially true when it comes to the needs of your physical body.

Any normal human being needs to have adequate and healthy sleep, have the time and space he needs not to get stressed and do what is necessary for his personal well-being. However, Chiron is meant to be much more than simply a “piano carrier”.

Chiron is wise, has a sense of things, has knowledge of art, medicine and knows how to make use of nature, he knows how and how much to help someone.

He accepts his wounds and knows that he must not waste energy on the inevitable. For him, energy needs to be used in a profoundly creative way because it has learned from pain, the feeling of rejection and suffering. He became a master healer and teacher through his own experience.

As such, people with a strong natal chart Chiron eventually become professional in healing areas and have a special ability to guide others through the difficult terrain they are familiar with.

Pisces is also extremely creative, artistic and spiritual. When we surrender to plunge into the creative process, we are harnessing the energy of Chiron in Pisces.

As Chiron will be moving through Pisces until April 2020, so pay special attention to your creative drive, the inspiration to bring into existence something potentially wonderful, exciting and rewarding.


Collectively, the sign of Pisces is most closely related to what C.G. Jung called the “collective unconscious”. According to Jung, the collective unconscious is over individual and independent of culture and is studied through intercultural comparisons in myths, magic and fairy tales.

In it act the so-called archetypes, which are recurrent psychic patterns that have a structuring effect on the collective and individual psyche.


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