Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Some people claim that the Astrology was founded in Mesopotamia, but almost every early civilisation, Egyptian, Roman or Greek dealt with this science in some way (usually the similar way, they look at the sky and make some calculations that they later connect to their lives).

Even in those times, astrologers recorded that the majority of the constellations (stars, planets), moved in the sky together. They also noticed that some stars were different than the others and those stars are in fact what we today know are planets.

Astrologers also noted the movements of the Sun and Moon (the luminaries), as the significant factor in understanding Astrology.

Today we are looking closely at the person who has Sun positioned in Sagittarius sign and the Moon in the Scorpio sign. What does this mean for this human being and all those who are around him? Is this position of the luminaries good or bad? Read all about this.

Good Traits

This is a person who manages to focus his abilities and energy in the most important issues, mixing cynical efficiency and permanent idealism -he achieves great results in this way.

He can focus on relevant things among many irrelevant that surrounds him, to objectively look at them, and to passionately to change them according to his ideals.

He is able to stay away from the difficulties and responsibilities of everyday life, but altogether he is the one that is ready to give a lot of power, energy, and he has a real potential to succeed. The main thing in his life is to be motivated and focused in life, and he will achieve greatness.

He has extraordinary research abilities and intuitive detective spirit, so he should not be ever underestimated – if you do not want to tell him the truth because he will always “break you”. In this sense, he can be ruthless enemy, and he will never shy away from conflicts, be sure of that.

He bases his work on this knowledge and experiences that gain during life, the good and the bad. His strength consists in the power of regeneration, and he is able to overcome any temptation.

Bad Traits

As it comes to the negativity that is present in the life of the person who has Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and Scorpio sign, sometimes wants to disrupt social habits and organises this disorder on a permanent basis, but often falls into wandering.

Regardless of his strengths and inherent abilities, he can fail in his passionate rebellion that confirms the expressed desire for free risk, hurting and bad programmed action.

This Astrological combination can be complicated for personality because these are two characters whose meanings differ greatly – one side is the one that worries, upsets, impresses and frightens (the Moon in the Scorpio).

This cause this human being to openly oppose everything that is bothering him, and in that process, he often crosses the borders of the world, but for that, he does not always have enough strength.

This is the moment when he fails and when he needs to give 110 per cent of his strength to move on and make some changes in life. It is irrelevant if he has the power to move on, the thing does he wants it, and sometimes he does not.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

What needs to be clear at the beginning, in love, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Scorpio sign is under the impact of painful and conflicting passions.

What he needs to do is to avoid the traps of everyday life, hinder the way through life, from time to time, and the violent love does not always have the best consequences for his life.

His goal in life and love is to live and love freely and indefinitely. He always tends to change his current state and always opposes everything that leads to banality and boredom- so any monotony in love is out of the question.

Sometimes others will say that this person is insensitive to pathetic, or drama because he is under the constant flow of deep emotional traces.

He is annoyed by acting in love, so he respects when things are clear, and direct when he knows which place he is his. He is maybe cold and distant, but he is always honest in any interpersonal communication, and people usually know if he likes them or not.

So love for this human being is the same (or closely connected) to the truth.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

Attitude toward love is one thing, and the behavior in a relationship is another. On the one hand, he has an expressive need for independence, and, on the other, he shows the increased visibility. In real life this is manifested through rebellions, the contradictions – he wants to show one thing in love, while he feels something different.

He may even be in a relationship that is not suitable for him or can be so ruthless when he needs to end that romance. He sees these scenarios as necessary, and in compliance with his character, that is brutal and honest at all times.

So these two currents clash in him, and it is his unique characteristic that often hides intentions, he does not always show his will, and it could be very problematic for his lovers.

In fact, it is not very easy to get to know him emotionally, because much lies hidden under the surface. The potential lovers are fascinated with the erotic, mysterious vibrations this human being sends – he is an incredibly passionate and loving person who is for some unforgettable lover.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon

Although, looking from the outside the one that has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Scorpio can “operate” as cold, proud and fighting person, but deep inside he is extremely vulnerable inside and is constantly intermingling with the “building and explosion passions.”

Though conscious that he often complicates his everyday life, he usually does not want to change, or subordinate to others, so this should be taken into consideration when someone wants to be his lovers, among other things.

But who can be the person who will get along with this complex person? We believe that this place could belong to the Capricorn sign, and keep your thought to yourself, because you will see why this lover is the best possible choice for our candidate.

Such a combination of signs in love gives one love connection that is in a very nice way simple and natural, without any need to make things even more complicated.

In addition, both partners, in this case, are very protective in terms of what contributes to the strengthening and stability of this relationship. Generally, they have great chances for success and longevity of the romance.

Sagittarius Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

He has a strong will in life, and at the same time this human being seems reserved, but he never forgets to give respect to others and tends to look at things in their entirety, to the very bottom. He is not a superficial friend who will never listen to your problems and does not invest his time.

But one thing must be clear here, this is the person who has Moon located in the Scorpio sign, and that means that his poisonous sting always hits the target, so his friends easily become his enemies.

What we also have to mention is that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Sagittarius and Scorpio signs has a deep love for his closest people, family and friends and in a special way he is connected with the people he loves, although he will never show it openly.

In return, this person must be aware of his sarcastic language, which can deter other people from him, and by doing so, he will live better and will avoid conflicts with his friends.

He is also the person who is very picky in life and does not want to accept people so easily in his life, so just a few people could be called his friends.


If we want to sum up all that we know about the person who is under the luminary impact seen in the Sagittarius and Scorpio sign, we must say that there are many points of contact between these two signs, but there are even more points of contradiction between these two extremely strong Zodiac symbols.

This is the person who is constantly searching for the practical satisfaction of his intellectual and moral aspirations that are very important to him. There are innumerable shades and richness of contrasts that allows him to escape the superficial view of life, but what remains is the fact that is very hard to get to know the soul of this person because he is never overly open, but he is always honest to the core.

His strength consists in the power of regeneration, and he is able to overcome any temptation, even if in his life there are many, nothing should discourage him.

The depth of your psyche is the cause of many exaggerations in his life (especially in love life), and he often sees injustice, and he is always convinced that you can do better.

In the end, this is the person who must be aware that he has got a line that nothing goes so easily in his life, and if he is not ready for compromises, he will never be able to be happy, and his entire life will be a challenge, a struggle.


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