Dolphin – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Dolphins are beautiful creatures that inhabit our oceans and seas. They are known for their gentle nature and loving character, so many people enjoy spending time around them or simply watching them swim carelessly in the water.

Dolphins always had a special position in mythology and culture of many different nations because of their kind nature. Now, more than ever, people are starting to see what lies behind their gentle nature and spending more time around dolphins is now possible.

In movies and books today dolphins are usually represented as our friends and faithful helpers. Symbolism of a dolphin has been important for many different cultures around the world, so we are now going to dig deeper into their symbolism and find out what lies underneath.

Dolphin traits and characteristics

Harmless – Dolphins are very friendly and very kind. This is why so many people enjoy being around them and spending time with them. They are being used in therapy and in working with children who have various types of difficulties. This only goes to show how sensitive and gentle they are and what makes them unique.

Intelligent – Dolphins are extremely intelligent. Many of them can learn tricks and they also have a special type of empathy that makes them different from other types of creatures that live in deep oceans and seas.

Sensitive – This trait is linked to the other two above because dolphins, even though they are friendly and intelligent, tend to be extremely sensitive to their surroundings. They can sense danger from miles away and it is hard to get close to them, if they never before encountered a human being. But, once they get adapted, they are a treasure to have around.

Dolphin as a totem

People born under this sign or people who have dolphins as their power animals are known to be very graceful. You will probably see this person when he or she enters the room, and all eyes will be on them.

There is something in the way this person carries herself that makes her different than most people. If you are born under this sign, then you will rarely overreact to something or make a huge deal out a meaningless situation. This makes you a charm to be around as a friend or as a partner.

But don’t get fooled by the innocent and graceful looks of this person because they have more power and strong will to succeed in life than others. Their graceful nature might come in handy as a disguise. People get too comfortable to your kind nature, but then, when they are least expecting it, you will stand your ground and show them that things can’t always be settled with a smile.

People born under this totem are also playful. Their playfulness and graceful nature, makes them an ideal combination for a partner, but sometimes relationships with these people can be a little bit too much too handle. Their playfulness comes from their innocent and childish-like nature that sometimes breaks out of their character.

Intelligence is something that is an obvious trait for people born under the dolphin totem, and you will find these people in almost all areas of life, but, you will definitely recognize them because of their success. They love reading books, learning new things every day and sharing experiences with others. This makes them ideal students but also teachers and you will definitely learn a lot being around this person.

This trait is an ideal one to have in a friend, especially if you are experiencing problems in your life that need a good fixing solution, to make them go away.

Dolphin people are extremely compassionate and aware of other people’s sufferings. They can sense that something is not right and that a person has some kind of troubles in life. Being intelligent and sensitive as they are, dolphin people are going to be there for you through everything in life. If a person that was born under the dolphin totem is your friend or family member, you will never be alone in life.

Dolphins always travel with other dolphins, so people born under his totem are friends to die for. They love being a center of attention on any party or social gathering, but they have close friends they wouldn’t trade for anything in life. Even when they start their own family, dolphin people are still going to be social and go out like they did before marriage. Socializing with other people is something that fills their energy and going on through life without being around other people, is simply unacceptable to them.

Dolphin people are very balanced in life and this balance is very important to them. Even though they like to spend time with their friends and socializing, their family life and career are never going to suffer because of this. To maintain this balance in life, people born under this totem or people who have this animal as their power sign, will always sacrifice their desires and settle for something appropriate. To some this might seem like a big sacrifice, but knowing that their balance is secure, dolphins will settle for this sacrifice any time.

A possible bad trait or characteristic in people born under this sign is that they tend to be two-faced at times. This characteristic comes from their desire to maintain peace in their life but also enjoy life as much as they can. So, to please both sides in life, they sometimes have to get out of situations they think are not right for them and disappoint few people along the way.

Whether this makes them bad people, it is up to you to decide, but a decision that is going to save them a lot of misfortune and stress is always better, at least in their minds.

Staying active and constantly moving is their whole life philosophy. People born under this totem or with this power animal are sporty people. They love being outdoors and exploring endless possibilities of their body and soul.  They treat themselves with an adventure from time to time, just to break out of their everyday routine.

Dolphin as a symbol in a dream

Dreams about dolphins are unusual and not many people have them. The easiest explanation of a dream about dolphins is that our mind is simply recreating something we saw recently. But, what if this dream came out of nowhere and we can’t explain why we had this dream? If this happened to you, then you might want to look into the symbolism of a dolphin in a dream to figure out what is the universe telling you.

If you had a dream about a dolphin in general, then this dream represents positive energy and a lot of luck in the upcoming period. Everything you start doing is going to be successful. This is a very good period to start working on different projects because luck will be on your side.

If you had a dream about petting a dolphin is a representation of love you have for someone in your life. this person could be your friend, your family member or your partner and perhaps something happened recently that triggered these emotions to come up to you in a dream.

If dolphin in your dream was swimming, then this dream represents new adventures and career opportunities that are coming your way. You will be able to break out of your boring everyday life and start doing something more meaningful and dear to you.  Whatever this new adventure might be, make sure to give 100% of your time and effort, and great things will come out of it.

If dolphin in your dream was dead, then this dream brings you bad news about someone or something. Perhaps you are going to hear bad news about someone you know and love, or maybe your project that you have been working hard on, is going to fail. Prepare yourself for what is coming and don’t be afraid to fight every problem straight away.

If dolphin in your dream was talking to you, then this dream is a representation of a deeper connection you are going to make with someone. This person could be someone from your surroundings or from work, and after one good conversation you will find out that you have many things connecting you.

Dolphin as a symbol in different cultures

Dolphin has been used as a symbol for centuries, but due to territorial limitations, many cultures only experienced dolphins through books or images. People didn’t have endless possibilities to travel and explore, like they do no, so discovering dolphins wasn’t easy.

The Native Americans have stories about dolphins that date back several centuries, and they saw dolphins as guardians of the tribe and the nature of the tribe. They believed that dolphins were once human but they got transformed and now their duty is to protect nature and people. They represented happiness and reclaiming energy of the tribe, so their symbolism was highly appreciated.

Similar to the above symbolism, in Celtic culture dolphins are also guardians of people and nature. They protect us from evil and they are a representation of rebirth and better life.

Chinese culture sees dolphins as saviors of people and ships, while they are in the open ocean. Dolphins were protectors of the sea and ocean, so people usually had dolphin images or symbols on their ships during sails.

Other tribes and nations, who lived near the ocean respected these animals and never saw them as a threat of any kind. People now realize the beauty of a dolphin and take good care of them, by protecting them from fishermen and people who see them as an opportunity to earn money.

In popular culture, dolphins are interpreted as our loyal friends and helpers, and many popular movies and TV shows use dolphins as their characters. This way, children from an early age can relate to them and see them for what they truly are.

Dolphin symbolism has always been and always will be an important part of so many cultures and nations. And now, when we have the opportunity to get to know these beautiful creatures better and make our lives richer.


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