Ceres in Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and is governed by the planet Mercury, which endows it with a superimposed mental condition.

Virgo is passionate about the details and an enthusiastic observer of the bad things that others might consider insignificant.

Very aware of everything that hacks, they enchant the order.

It may be in the service of one cause for the individual.

Due to the fact that the term Virgo is related to sexual abstinence, this sign has, in a certain way, a misleading reputation.

According to the psychoanalyst and astrologer Liz Greene, the mythological Virgo is “the image of a free woman who marries, in the first place, with her inner being, and second, with her husband.”

Which means you have to be faithful to one thing before you tell them.

Ceres in Virgo Man

Nutrition comes by work, by detail; sometimes they nourish themselves using criticism. They need positive criticism of you. They are good employees who enjoy serving or being helpful.

Your health is an aspect that you will have to work very well during these moments, which will help you to improve with some details that you have been experiencing for some time now, and that for some time it has been difficult to overcome you walk.

However, sometimes we will only analyze the details and it may be very complex for us, so be careful to avoid any kind of problem.

Ceres in Virgo Woman

They are really just trying to help. Comfortable are busy, especially with jobs. They want to nurture others through service.

At worst, they become perfectionists who can never be satisfied with their work or with others.

It is in its position of Ruler and Ruler at the same time. Virgo is especially adaptable to the circumstances and knows how to get the best out of them.

Approve the fertility of the earth and prepare it for the sterile times to come. It renders its services to the community in a humble way and in turn aware of how indispensable it is to work, because it feels the need to be the center of attention.

Occasionally, Virgo may focus too much on the details, without seeing more. It will be difficult to understand other points of view different from his own, demanding and tight-minded. He runs the risk of surrendering to other needs while ignoring his own.

Ceres takes care of us as these aspects of Virgo that might seem contradictory, but united. Virgo’s natives are better people who know the relationship between good nutrition and good health.

Virgo shares with his friend, Pisces, a certain devotion to the community. But when Virgo surrenders to material needs, Pisces has to do with spirituals.

Virgo can also, like the other signs of the Earth, Taurus and Capricorn, a tendency had the physical. While Taurus focuses on his body and placer, Virgo and his health and Capricorn to fulfill his task.

From signs in the framework of Virgo, this can be learned from Gemini and the art of carrying out various things in turn, and from Sagittarius, how to use the visions as a source of inspiration.

Good Traits

Virgo is the home of Ceres, so it is conducive for Ceres to care for and serve others with the most effective results, by combining the spirit of service with efficiency in it, adding the yearnings of perfection and usefulness to others.

But these questions go beyond service only and work, and become more general, since, those qualities, together with the desire for perfection, lead to the worker-artist’s own results, since even the most futile tasks tend to be carried out with thoroughness, attention and method.

clearly denoting that, in this case, creativity, expressed more in intention than in its materialization itself, is usually more the result of constructive and exhaustive work, than of a “direct connection with the Muses”, or, and In other words, this connection is, here, the result or culmination of dedication to work.

The spontaneous concerns of Ceres in Virgo, are directed towards food and, above all, towards hygiene, as well as preventive medicine, comprehensive psycho-physical balance, etc.

In this area it is where the desire for purification and improvement is most clearly manifested, and even the organism is receptive to natural diets of purification, readjustment, hygienists, etc.

Bad Traits

The native sees life under the microscope or through graph paper! It can have a lot of trouble with what is out of the ordinary … its anguish!

Fears are obvious, impulses strike in the unconscious as if there was a hard rock concert in the basement of the academy of savoir vivre!

But it can be an opportunity to create … just to live 200% by leaving the concert of monsters out!

Even being, this one of Ceres, one of the facets that most clearly shows the sign of Virgo, does not stop showing its solitary tendencies and the difficulty of understanding (on the part of others) of its own psychology.

The critical and discriminatory capacity, and Ceres’s strong sense of order and morals tend to be oriented towards himself, contributing to mental and psychological complexity and to the internalizing tendency.

Ceres in Virgo – General Info

Don’t wait for a short list talking about Ceres in the signs, that’s not what I want to talk about here.

I have actually looked at Ceres on some maps, but the texts I have found about Ceres are, let’s say, simple to say the least without offending their well-meaning authors.

The point is, I can’t agree with this story that “Ceres is our personal way of nurturing” whatever, simply because that attribution already belongs to the moon, which accounts very well for her.

The Ceres myth is very vast, it is not just a matter of “nutrition”.

It goes, for example, about the seasons, the grudge, the petty, miserable look of a goddess who took no pity on the winter when they took something she liked but didn’t belong to her (her daughter). ; These authors also often ignore the astronomical elements about Ceres, her periods, aphelion, perihelion, etc.

Pluto relates to the desires and needs of the soul related to its continuous evolution.

Ceres seeks, from a macro point of view, the soul’s mandate to reclaim, claim, revive, and be reborn from a most prized possession – which is of extreme value to itself and the soul.

This precious good is usually extracted through a significant karmic / reconnection relationship. Comfort for the unfulfilled desire of the soul can also be found through a vocational path of service.

Ceres is at home, she is going to act in a pure way! The native is an example of practical, technical, analytical, critical … a true expert! Everything is sifting through his ultra-precise mind!

We are of course very reasonable, seeking that everything is in order, just … left to look for the little beast and see only the tree that hides the forest!


I think it is too hasty to define Ceres without any serious observation. Escaping the overuse of analogies with mythology is essential.

If one is to find meaning, one has to observe how the planet is inserted in daily life as a new quality of time and not as a merely human psychological process.

This is the most serious problem in all modern astrology: the search for understanding of psychological processes, before a definition is found in terms of quality of time.

Modern astrologers simply ignore that psychology is not a matter for astrology!

Ceres, for those who don’t know, is an asteroid, one of over 4000 bodies that are part of the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter.

But Ceres stands out for being the largest of these asteroids, for containing one third of the mass of the asteroid belt, and for being rounded like a planet.

Under certain conditions, Ceres is even observable to the naked eye as a pale, diminutive point, observable (to the naked eye) only when passing through the constellations of lion or virgin when opposed to the sun.


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