Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

These articles could be interesting for all those of you who do not know anything about the Astrology, and its basis, but you certainly know what your Zodiac sign (the Sun sign) is.

These are by requirement generalisations, as there are only 12 Sun signs, and this means all of humanity is divided into twelve groups, and it is obvious that this division cannot be good, so you need to learn more about your own natal chart.

Majority of us know what kind of characteristics are connected to that sign, along with the complementary traits associated with their best lovers, for example. You can find out a lot of useful information about your Sun sign, but those formations are just some that may be the truth, but many things depend on other elements in the horoscope, and among them the position of the Moon in the natal chart.

Today we are looking into the life of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Capricorn and Cancer sign.

Good Traits

This is the person who is blessed with patience, persistence, stubbornness and above all with the ability to accept him as he is. All of this will help him fight all obstacles, and in the best case scenario, he will eventually learn to avoid the spiritual break.

If he built himself in this way, if he learns to ratio prevail over dreaming, he will be able to realise his ideal, which is to devote himself to only one ambition fully. He has goals in life for all of his life, but it does not mean that he will achieve them, but if he succeeds in having just one strong and realistic ambition, he can.

If the person who has luminaries in Cancer and Capricorn combination succeeds to overcome his mental discomfort, he will become coherent and manage to remain abstract, faithfully to his origins – or in the simpler words, he will fit into the society that he lives in without forgetting his roots.

He can own and show excellent authority in his work and life, he always tries to be honest, but to exclude emotions a little here, although, in the event of injustice, he tends to show occasional explosiveness.

Still, he has the character that brings out the patience that comes to the right situations, both in business – and in life.

Bad Traits

As a loner and a person who tends to be burdened with his own emotions, that he tends to dig deep inside of his soul, and it is not uncommon that in these conditions he is relying on itself, on his own habits, refusing any spontaneity.

He is often regarded as a weird and unapproachable person, in a bad sense – he is a strange type and a human being, and he has the feeling that he is damaged in this way, and others feel this.

And as time passes, a human being with the Sun and Moon in Capricorn and Cancer slowly develops a complex of lesser value that increases his inhibition. By this, he jeopardises all of his relations, with family and friends, but mostly this applies to his romantic relations, where he usually becomes a lover that is hurt in the end.

He takes a really lot of time to recover from such situations, and this may be the beginning of his life, so he needs to strength in this area of life.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon in Love

Emotions are very strong in this individual, there is no doubt, the Moon that is located in the Cancer sign allows it, but it brings one more trait -his emotions must be treated with caution.

This is the person who in any interpersonal relations and also in the romantic affair is the one that has an immense fear of ridicule or criticism, and this feeling makes him a discreet, diplomatic and conventional person. You now have the picture of how he behaves in love, and with people, he is not carefree and easy going lover.

The main advice for such human being in love is to take care of his moods and not to take everything so personal, sometimes people do not want to hurt him, and it is more the matter of circumstances.

Others love him since he is rich in overflows and able to reconcile the dream and the public – you know that dreamy person who can imagine things, but it is also in some ways grounded.

But there is always that fear that he will become delusional in love, cause even when he decides to come out of his firm shell (the Moon in the Cancer sign), he could realise that the world is not as threatening as he imagines.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

But, we must admit one more thing here that is very important for his emotional life – a person who has Sun and Moon located in Capricorn and Cancer sign, is a lonely person who needs to love and be loved, an idealist who is overwhelmed by clarity, a gentle person who is haunted by his own coldness when it comes to emotions.

His enthusiasm is blocked for making him feel uncomfortable in front of himself and in front of others; he is rising between himself and the rough reality. He needs a lover that will make all of this go away, and where he will reach the desired safety, even it can seem like an invisible and insurmountable barrier.

But the bigger problem in the love life of this human is the fact that he is not always sure what he wants. His personality is attempted, subordinated to fantasies and doubts in him; he is unconcerned and confined to the difficulty of logic and conformism.

In love, and when truly in love, this human being is an idealist, a fantasy lover, he dreams a dream of great emotions, and believes that there is no problem with the initial blows because he is aware that the character does not do everything so easily.

Best Match for Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon

If he finds happiness in love and overcomes his fears and difficulties in life, he has at his disposal a large assortment of useful qualities for a fruitful inclusion in all life activities; seriousness, concentration and organisation – are just some of them. His partners will enjoy with him in one life that is organised and fulfilled, and he will cherish their home and live for that stability and tenderness.

Then this is that goal that he dreams of, and the person who will help him achieve this goal is born in Zodiac sign Scorpio.

Love combination of these two truly has the potential to create a very emotional relationship with the emphasis on the possibility of a gradual realisation of a deeper understanding.

Both lovers, in this case, can succeed in achieving that one goal of a perfect family, even without much the sent words deliver a good mutual connection if they feel intuitive and understand their mutual passionate urges and needs.

Capricorn Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

As you could have seen in the previous section the one that has luminaries located in the Capricorn and Cancer signs is not a typical representative of the Capricorn sign, he is much quieter, shy and more sensitive than a typical Capricorn.

But he truly loves his family and friends and puts him in the first place and gives it an advantage over all other things in life.

His friends may help him keep his dreams connected for good values and lead his feelings and choice.

In associations with friends, he can be spontaneous only when he feels completely safe; then he discovers that he is more sensitive than he shows.

His main human virtues come from the fact that he never forgets his roots, including his long term friends.


In this astrological combination of luminaries, the elements of Earth and Water are connected, and we can clearly see the cohesion of two different forces, the static and raw force that is behind the Sun in the Capricorn, and those in the continuous oscillations of Moon in Cancer.

The nature that is born here is a person who is in the constant search for conscious confirmation of one’s own values and honest recognition of his qualities.

In his life, this person is confronted with the sentimentality of the lost paradise and remains bound to the past and is effectively dependent because his need for gentleness and warmth is enormous. And he does not know to express it in the right, and this is the lesson that must be learned all of his life.

He expects a lot from his community, relationships or marriage. He believes in love for his whole life, and this is that dream that we talked so much in the previous sections.

He is strongly linked to his chosen people, and in romantic affairs, he is very erotic and turned to freedom at the physical level, because this level is important for general health, so it is difficult to endure solitude.

We must add, in the end, as we sum up all that we know about this human being, is that this luminary combination is not easy. This is because this person is often in a disagreement between being the best, between a career, a love without which he cannot get professional motivation and acceptance of the environment.

But, the main thing is that he knows what is best for him and that his efforts and struggle, cannot be in vain.


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