Anteater – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Anteaters are definitely creatures to remember. Their long trunks help them reach into anthills and eat ants that live inside.

This mammal got its name because of his eating habits and the fact that ants and termites are his preferable source of food.

There are several different species of this animal and most of them inhabit the South and Central America.

Anteater Traits and Characteristics

Solitary – Anteaters are usually solitary animals. They walk around the forest by themselves and rarely engage with any kind of interaction with other animals.

Weak sense of sight – Anteaters are almost blind so they rely on their big trunks when it comes to finding food.

Since their sight is so poor, anteater’s sense of smell got so developed that they are able to protect themselves by only relying on this one sense.

Anteater as a totem

As totems, anteaters are symbols of solitude, emotions, insightful, and ability to sense danger.

People born or protected by this totem are bound to be more in touch with their feelings than other people.

They have a good sense of predicting when something bad is about to happen, so they usually hide before anything occurs.

People protected by this totem are also very insightful.

They always look past the outside and look for something meaningful and deeper to get in touch with.

This means they form relationships harder than other people.

This makes it harder for them to find friends and partners.

Careless relationships are out of their field of interest, so they would rather spend their time alone than with people with whom they are not in connection with.

Anteater symbolizes solitude and this is exactly how people born under this totem live.

They enjoy spending time alone with their thoughts and are usually labeled as introverts.

This way of life can sometimes be hard on them, especially if they surrender completely to this solitary way of life.

It is important to wake them up from this solitude and remind them that there are people who care about them and miss them.

Even though they love being alone, this kind of life can quickly turn into depression and when it does, it is hard to get them out of that deep hole.

Anteater as a symbol in a dream

Anteaters are particularly interesting symbols in a dream. If you had a dream about an anteater, then you might be in a difficult situation in life.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by a business arrangement you are in, and you are looking for a way out.

If anteater in your dream was dead, then you could prosper from a business arrangement.

Things will be going your way and you will definitely have luck with finances.

If anteater in your dream was eating ants, then good times are ahead of you and you shouldn’t be afraid for your future.

Alternatively, this dream could also be a sign that love is just around the corner.

Anteater as a symbol in different cultures

Anteaters inhabit the South and Central America. Because of this, their symbolism was largely developed by cultures and civilizations that lived in those parts of the world.

To the South and Central American tribes, anteaters were symbols of nosiness, lethargy, finding what is lost and ability to sense danger before anyone else.

To the ancient tribes, these animals always seemed like they are lethargic for a reason. Just like sloths, anteaters spend most of their days sleeping or slowly walking around the forest.

Since their traits weren’t very desirable, tribes rarely used anteaters as protection animals.

But, they still worshipped anteaters since they were one with the nature and all of its beings.

They believed that dreaming about an anteater is a powerful sign. Having an anteater appear in your dream meant, you need to be more in touch with yourself and that the solution is somewhere near you.

In popular culture, anteaters symbolism hasn’t changed that much. They still symbolize searching for something that is always at hand’s reach.

Being in touch with your inner senses is everything this symbol is about, so just like anteaters, we sometimes need to close our eyes and get deeper into our own souls.

This is the only way we can find answers for the problems that have been torturing us for a long time.


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