Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Luminaries in the personal horoscope always need to be observed with the planets to make the whole picture about one person.

They represent different spheres of a person personality – and the astrological signs represent how you function in life, how you feel, what you want, and how you behave in many different situations during life. And here it should not be any confusion, the planets along with the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) are the principal characters that define the personality, but with the careful observance of the luminaries show a distinctive, recognisable character.

Today we are dedicating our attention to the person who has luminaries located in the Cancer and the Taurus sign, and we will say right now that this is one combination that is seen as very well.

In the article below you will see why this is the case.

Good Traits

The person who has Sun and the Moon located in the combination Cancer and Taurus signs is very cordial, tied to his own and home; and he has a great permanence remains faithful to what he chooses in life.

He is the perfect neighbor, he is the solid pillar in the environment where he lives, and he is the one that will protect all those who are around him when the storm hits. Feeling of responsibility does not allow him to make decisions easily, especially if he could endanger those he loves – he is one very honorable and decent human who will do the best for his environment, and then for himself.

This kind of sacrifice is not so common among other people, and just because of this it deserves a thumbs up; being able to do something good for someone else, and then for yourself is a major thing in life.

He is not a slave of the material values, even if he wants to have them in his life – and what remains the constant is his spiritual life that is colored by romanticism and hedonism and rises above sensual joys, which underline his tendency toward peace and happiness.

Also, this is the person who you will never see fleeing from any given difficulty if he has to master them to preserve what he has – the need to keep things safe and secure is critical to him. In any case, it is a person who is very competent to defend his interests and jobs, capable of perfectly organising himself and his life, despite living under the strong influence of feelings and pure inner impressions.

In the end, we can say that as far as his great features go, this person finds a perfect way of combining the wealth of the soul and incredible intellect.

Bad Traits

Looking things from a more negative perspective, we can say that the person who has Sun located in the Cancer and the Moon in the Taurus sign is the one that has a silent, even the unobtrusive nature and his acquaintances and the environment must never disturb calmness and his quiet and orderly appearance. And this can be sometimes problematic in his work environment that is stressful.

From time to time this person must take time to make impressions and learn new; when, however, he learns something, he rarely forgets it. He is maybe the one that is the overly cautious person who in the same way commends praise, and he is not prone to make quick conclusions, even if these decisions are necessary for life. And the only person that can lose something is himself, so in this sense, he may have to find a balance in making quick decisions and risking, and thinking through until the answer comes to him.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon in Love

Many people will like the imagination and creative abilities of this human, but even more in his realistic views on life – his head is on his shoulders rather than in the heavens.

He is the one that will build his love life (like everything else) stone by stone seemingly careless, but deep down in his heart, he will feel passion and care.

Whatever happens in his love life, he follows his ultimate goal: security for himself and his lover. In love, this person is very sensitive and gentle towards his lover, but he is not the person who is careful when choosing a person who will he do not give his heart, nor he is a selective one.

He prefers long-term relationships, deep and sincere, no matter how glamorous they are or they are not – they need to be the real deal, or he will not be happy. So anything that is fake, or over the top is not his cup of tea, to say it metaphorically.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

Since in this astrological combination, we can see the Moon located in the Cancer sign, love life for this person is a huge dream, a dream of perfect and lasting love, in which he can enjoy as much as he pleases, with a very imaginative sensuality (he likes to take care for his lover, both emotionally and physically).

Because his inner world is not a part of silence – he wants to have a solid and long term relationship that will be the basis for the future family.

In some cases, the love relationship of this person is so important for his life that it acquires a human dimension that often distinguishes it from the community of mortals, but does not distance itself entirely from materialistic temptations.

He still has his own dreams of being secure in a material sense, and his actions are directed in this way, and it is a preference that his partners feel the same about life.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Taurus Moon

Everything that the person who has luminaries in the Cancer and Taurus combination must last long and provide him with the safety and security – and all of his relationships are long, with deep emotions that are nurtured. Sometimes he shows willpower in the desire to live in the way he chooses – he needs someone who he will never have to change, because this person does not like to change.

However, when deciding on action, he is ready to turn everything in the way to reach the desired goal – and the goal here is to be happy in love for a long time. Who can provide him with that? We believe that this special place belongs to the person who is born in the Zodiac sign Cancer!

If these two merge, it usually ends with a wedding. Both of these two are committed to the family, very sensual and deeply sensitive. They are educated in such a way that they work and work hard to achieve their dreams of financial security and lifelong comfort.

They value family values and traditions, and this is what we like to call the match made in heaven. It is a well-known fact that the only couples who share similar dreams and want the same things in life can actually stay long together.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

This person is the one friend that likes to enjoy in his life, in a sense that he cares where he sees his friends, and they all have to be successful, just like he is. He has a few long-term friends who he likes to most and who are his strength in the time of need and vice versa.

He is also the one friend that shows some stubbornness in the desire to live the way he chooses and sometimes his friends do not approve his decisions at all, but they have to deal with it.

Since it’s difficult for him to get started and change, he should be subjected to re-examinations and revisions, and his friends are often those who will direct him to do so.

However, when he moves into action, he is able to tilt everything in his path, removing those who create disturbances.

This self-defense principle has a relatively limited territory that cannot be expanded, and this is the person who will do everything to ensure security in the area that belongs to him.


Here we see two elements that are compatible – the water and the Earth that give a stable character – the prevalence of feeling over reason and creates a nature capable of deeply participating in the joys and sufferings of others, but which at the same time suffers great disappointment when he does not encounter a similar approach even among the closest ones.

For this person, the sense of comfort, physical and moral, as well as the need for material and effective security prevails on top of everything else in life.

Here we meet one human being who has such abilities that is truly capable of perfectly organising his life. He is blessed with great creative abilities, but at the same time, he is a very grounded person.

Sometimes it seems that he is making his life very careless, but that’s far from the truth. Their ultimate goal of this person is security in every aspect of his life.

So, in the person who has Sun located in the Cancer sign and the Moon in the Taurus sign shows a person who gives priority to emotions over reason. Beyond the whole comfort of life, both physically and morally, they also need to material security.

Cancer – Taurus is cordial, very tied to his family, and remains faithful to what he chooses, and often his closest relatives experience him as a kind of support in life.


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