Dreams About Jewelry – Interpretation and Meaning

Jewelry is considered to be a common sign in dreams. We all wear or see jewelry on daily basis, so it is no wonder that we dream about it.

Symbolic meaning of certain precious stones and materials is very important for these dreams, since their symbolic meaning influences these dreams a great deal.

Dream about wearing jewelry

Wearing jewelry of any kind, in your dream, symbolizes negative energy. Symbolism behind this dream, warns you about a possible robbery or even you becoming a victim of someone’s bad intentions.

A person might even try to make fun of you or get you into something potentially dangerous for your future.

Dream about amethyst jewelry

Amethyst is a purple precious stone and wearing jewelry made out of it in your dream, symbolizes satisfaction.

Something you are going to do is going to bring you a lot of positive energy and make you feel great.

This dream can also represent a situation that is getting near, and you are going to profit from it greatly.

Even though you might have been anticipating for this to happen, take this dream as a confirmation sign that things are going to go in your favor.

Dream about a large piece of jewelry

Dreaming about a large piece of jewelry, no matter which kind, represents gratification you will receive. Someone is going to admit to everything you have don and you will receive a great amount of gratitude from this person.

This dream also brings positive news when it comes to your personal life, work and all other areas in your life.

Dream about diamond jewelry

If you had a dream about diamond jewelry, then you will experience insults or complaints from someone. These insults are going to be well-deserved, since you’ve probably done something to aggravate this person.

Take better care of other people around you and try to be more considerate.

Dream about trying on jewelry

Dreams about trying on jewelry represent bad health. Dreams about wearing jewelry remind you, or warn you, to take better care of your personal health and think more about your well-being.

Ignore everything that is pressuring you and focus on things that bring you pleasure.

Dream about buying jewelry

If you were buying jewelry in your dream, then this dream might be foretelling your future. This dream usually indicates high status in life and a lot of money.

Perhaps you are going to marry someone very influential or even win a lottery and afford yourself everything you could only dream off before.

This dream can also be a representation of happiness in general and positive energy that is going to come into your life. Everything you start at this point in your life is going to bring you a lot of money and power.

This is also a very good period to start making some new connection, business and personal ones.

Dream about losing jewelry

If you lost jewelry in your dream, then you are going to be unhappy in the upcoming period. You will probably stumble upon unfaithful people who are only going to try to use you.

Things won’t be great work-wise either, so be prepared to lose some money and lose some business-connections.

Dream about finding jewelry

Finding lost jewelry in your dream represents success. This is the perfect period to start gathering profit from everything you have been working on. Fruits of your labor are finally ready to be picked and things will definitely go your way.

This period in your life is good for starting new projects as well and finishing the ones you have already started. Either way, you will make profit and be very lucky.

Dream about giving someone jewelry

If you gave someone jewelry in your dream, then you will be forced to give someone up in real-life. Life is going to come between you and this person, and you will be forced to say goodbye.

People come and go, and you need to understand that this has probably happened for a good reason.

Dream about your boyfriend buying you jewelry

If you boyfriend bought you jewelry in your dream, then this foretells a positive future together. Things will be working out great and nothing will stand between you two.

If your boyfriend bought you a ring in your dream, then this dream symbolizes your desire to get closer to your partner and forming a more meaningful relationship.

Dream about throwing away jewelry

If you threw away your jewelry and you no longer wanted to have it, then this dream symbolizes your desire to break out of your comfort zone.

Perhaps you need to start doing new things that are going to bring you more pleasure and get you out of the habit you have fallen into.

Meeting new people and doing new exciting things is going to help you overcome the boredom in your life.

Dream about receiving jewelry

If someone gave you jewelry in your dream, this dream represents new opportunities. New horizons are going to open up for you that could help you progress in life.

Taking these opportunities and making changes in your life is going to help you become a new person and succeed in life.

Definitely take the opportunities that are going to come into your life since they bring you a lot of new and exciting things.

Dream about selling jewelry

Dreams about selling your jewelry symbolize possible financial problems you will get into.

These problems are going to be caused by risky projects and business ideas you were working on.

Avoid investments in this period and lay low for a while.


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