Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

You need to start to understand Astrology and all that it can bring into our lives, and you always need to think “outside of the box”, beyond the basics, and of course, you should always focus more on the good stuff, rather than things that are some astrological “rule”.

By knowing the traits that come from your ruling sign (the Sun’s position) you can know positive aspects and try to miss out on the negatives.

Today we will speak more about the person who has Sun located in the Aquarius sign and the Moon in the Taurus sign.

Read all about this combination, and be the judge is it good or does the positivity takes it all.

Good Traits

This is the person who has inexhaustible energy that allows him to confirm himself in the things that he thinks are right, and he is stubborn in the search for the goal.

The Moon in the Taurus is forever looking for some value, and in the end, he will find what the right value in his life is, and it will be unbelievable to follow it.

This is the person that in its core hides something that we will like to call mental fluency, but he is the person who is often more oriented to the material than spiritual matters and is not as optimistic as he stands on the ground for his own sake.

He has an extraordinary sense of what he can do good, and he will enhance this knowledge as long he can, and on top of all, he will enjoy the fruits of their work.

He is more than able to perform various tasks and is extremely connected with what he will leave behind, and it is in this sense, very important for this human being to be both independent, and also to enter into a community in some meaningful way, where he can leave some strong impression.

He has social nature, and he is not such a loner as many Aquarius people are- his inner nature is supplied with one dimension of uncontested sympathy, he expresses the endless ability of understanding, agreement and reunification.

Bad Traits

What we need to say it right now is that these two aspects do not match very well and the people of this combination often show some cracks in their behavior. But it is not something that will ruin their lives.

Often it happens that his individualism falls into conflict with altruistic aspirations when a closed, this intimate being does not accept the intervention of others in his private life, and this is the main principle that must be respected. In this case, he has a challenge in comprehending his self-defending reflex and immediately turns out to be unfeeling, or in the best case scenario the one that is very frustrated and the one that let others see that.

Conscious of many susceptibilities to influences, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Taurus sign can become suspicious, distrustful, and entangled in its own indecisiveness.

This person strives for professional freedom because it can be unhappy if he does not have support because it can simplify your life more easily. Occasionally suspicious, under the influence of the environment, but he tries to overcome it by all means.

Also, as we are talking about much negativity that are connected to this nature, equally it happens to rebel against himself and to lead a cruel inner struggle, in order to enable his win or his need for independence or affective attachment, but according to the force that expresses these two aspirations.

What are we trying to say here is very simple – this is the person who does not lead any kind of struggles, but the ones that are much more difficult, the ones that are inside of him.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon in Love

When it comes to love, in the case of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Taurus signs we must start with problems. So, love problems with such a person are mainly due to the loss of illusions in feelings -he is the one that can do that for many reasons, mostly to feel great.

The fact is, that is the love he does not manage to distinguish the reality from the imaginary and very often his admiration to other people, who he falls in love represent the exaggerated expectation.

But one more thing needs to be said, and he has a special affinity for romanticism that does not always allow him to preserve the lucidity needed for developing a sensual life and for success in the experience of common life.

Though attractive and sensuous, it can easily happen to act completely contrary to the ideas he represents – or in simple words, he may be the one that will act completely in opposition to his real personality.

So, his lovers most often do not meet him as he truly is.

He often hides his feelings and often thinks that in love some unforeseen situations happen, the one that he so smart cannot resolve.

But there is a piece of very good news, and he is also the person who is the very patient, and dignified person who has extraordinary inner strength for the most challenging situations as if he has some sort of higher energy reserves.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

His lovers most likely fall in love in his ability to solve the problems of others or run family, he is in charge, he is the organising, etc.

In this sense, he leaves either amazing impression on his lovers, cause he shows how great he is, and truly has the ability to learn something new and use it. He must be the leader of a relationship and often find lovers who he can dominate, but they cannot be weak.

Of course, we spoke many times how he shows the negative side of his persona and then happens that his lovers or future lovers do not meet the real him.

So, he needs some time to fix his image when with someone in a romance; he can be sensing and is a bit self-satisfied with himself.

He can act very safely when in love (the Moon in Taurus) and lovers can be surprised when they discover his other experimental, innovative side of the personality (the Sun in the Aquarius).

The most important thing to be remembered here -this is the person who shows immense stubbornness in the desire to live the way he chooses. He likes to keep things in his love life under his control, and he has many ways that he is doing this.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon

The person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Taurus sign is very active, he likes to take charge in a relationship, and he is emotionally striving for security, but also with more practical partners, long relationships.

He can be secretly possessive, but for his lovers, it is very important to know that he is always amazing support and a friend because he can often have much more experience than others, and he would gladly share it.

The perfect match for him is the person born in the Zodiac sign Leo, and you should not be so surprised.

This is a very powerful combination in love, and this is for sure a loving couple that can truly build the relationship of affection and warmth because their perceptions in love almost perfectly coincide.

Also, we must say that both lovers, in this case, have aspirations for acquiring material wealth (the Leo lover and the one with the luminaries in Aquarius and Taurus) and they coincide with the tendency that in a love relationship it is equally important to agree on both at the sexual and at the higher, spiritual level, which makes their love harmonious and cooperative.

Aquarius Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

The Moon in the Taurus is a traditionalist, conservative, and slower – while the Sun in the Aquarius is all the opposite of it; all of this creates one interesting nature that attracts equally interesting friends.

There is no doubt that this person is strong and active, with the developed principles in life, and he likes to that his close people follow them – but also volition and perseverance, each of which pulls on its side.

But he is not strong that he will manage to forget about the pain, and in this sense, he is very sensitive to personal injuries that come from his friends. It is difficult for him to overcome the contradictions that are in him, and there must be a balance between instinct and reason will be achieved after a lot of fractures, and pain caused by his loved ones.


This is the person who has such an interesting nature – he can be melancholic, slowed but the strong impact that comes from the Moons location in the Taurus sign.

This personality, at the same time compact and leisurely, sensual and spiritual, constantly oscillates between the need for stable and secure intimacy and the desire to open up, to mix with the multitude and diversity.

At the same time, the conservative and reformer are very closely related to the traditions, but it is irresistibly attracted to everything that is new.

He does not stand loneliness and is most visible when he is alone, and it is often hard for him to overcome it.

However, after a lot of oscillations, they can find the right path with the strength and perseverance they possess from within.


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