Cancer Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

What exactly is an astrological illustration of a Leo, Scorpio, or Virgo? Our Zodiac sign actually represents the position of the natal Sun in a particular Zodiac sign. And even from the beginnings of astrology, a civilisation of the ancient era, have noticed the connection of the imaginary movement of the Sun with ecliptic and the changes that take place in nature.

We can understand the aspect of the Sun that we have in our natal charts like the one that is a symbol for many things – The Sun is a representation of life. Consider the nature (element) of the sign in which the Sun was found so that you know what the underlying motive, which will lead a person in his life is.

So if the aspect of the Sun is found in the Cancer or Pisces, then the life of that person is motivated with the emotions. If the Sun is located in the earthly characters like in Taurus, or Virgo, then life rests on gaining material and sense of security.

Now, today we are focusing our undivided attention to the people who have the Sun located in the Cancer sign (a life carried with emotions), and the Moon located in the Virgo sign.

Good Traits

The first word that comes to our thoughts when we should define the nature of the person who has Sun located in the Cancer sign and the Moon in the Virgo sign is the reserved nature that makes him the opposite of opportunists.

But, in return, this is not a person without the ability to adapt to life circumstances. If he has to make a decision, he does so with great care for detail, and after a careful analysis – so the space for making a mistake is reduced to the minimum. He never has free time for himself, but he can, therefore, boast of the confidence and security that he brings in the eyes of others.

He is mostly interested in psychology, and he knows how to listen well; he is very helpful in this sense – often times this is the person who finds his career in the realm of humanitarianism or psychology.

At the same time, this is the person who is both, serious and modest; trying to take the place she thinks belongs to him, not to worry about an overwhelming ambition.

All in all, this combination gives the essentially receptive personality, open to the impressions coming from the outside world, always ready to pick up everything that can enrich his spiritual and intellectual luggage.

Always have in mind, that the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Virgo signs that his strong emotions carry him, and they define his actions.

Bad Traits

When we look at things realistically, we can say many negative things about this person, but you should see this as just the person who is maybe shyer than some others. He is not the person who will easily give himself to the others, and he conveys one kind of shy behavior, more in moral than in physical sense, which makes him very tactical, sensitive, honest and gentle.

Sometimes, however, a person who has luminaries located in the Cancer and Virgo Zodiac sign seems too stiff. Since he does not know how to risk, this person misses the opportunities in life and those that should be grabbed as soon as they point out.

We are not saying that this person does not love life and enjoyment, but we are saying that some inner voice constantly reminds him to stop, to accumulate all impressions, collecting them to the maximum.

This voice is governed by the Moon in the Virgo sign, and if sometimes life passes by him, without touching him.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon in Love

There is no doubt that this human being has a good common sense and he is the person of the initiative, the one person that tries even in love to be orderly and organised. But, like in everything, in his love life, there is an aspiration to perfectionism that can often make him very hard in relationships.

He is striving for loyalty and serious emotions, he hardly forgives, he needs time to bind, but when that happens, he is very seriously turned to that field.

However, in marriage or a long term relationship, he enters from a platonic, random relationship, and it is important for him to tie up with an emotional, sentimental person who will let him down a bit from the constant need for perfection, rules, and permanent responsibility.

Also, this individual strives to the self-control, methodical operation and avoiding adventure; and of course, which is that person that can enjoy in love without having a little adventure. Such behavior generally keeps him away from dangers and heavy bumps in an emotional sense, but it could shut him down in one monotonous life, missing out a lot.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

But there is one exemption to this rule, and this is a person who can feel spontaneous only when he feels completely safe; then he discovers that he is more interesting than other people think he is.

This is the person that is, for example, prone to constant business changes and innovations. However, he is emotionally slower, and he is always either alone or in long relationships, while in marriage he becomes completely relaxed and ready to devote to his family. When he is safely secure in his relationship, then he shows the best out of his virtues.

He remains a dreamer in his love life and is actually better adapting to reality than other emotional people. Dreams keep him connected to the child inside of him, and he is lead in life by his feelings.

When in love, this is the person who is strongly connected to his first love; he never forgets his love roots or the experiences that occurred a long time ago.

Best match for Cancer Sun Virgo Moon

This is the person who is honest in his activities and social relationships, and also in love – everything he does must be honest, because he is carried with his emotions. Carried out for loyalty, both in friendship and in love, he is a solid companion to whom his lovers can count on. Troubles often encourage him, in a sense that he can be the one that can make a difference; he likes the feeling when he can help his closest people.

But, but there is a risk of closing in on himself, and that in his communication can lead to serious difficulties – especially when there are emotional needs in question.

So, who can deal with all of this? Our guess this time goes on the lover that belong to the Pisces sign, and we believe that he has all that it takes to deal with this interesting person. He believes that he can deal with all of this, and together they are sweeping away eternal loyalty.

They do not make the difference between sexual attraction and love, so their intimate encounters will be romanticised. They understand each other well and know how they will please each other in every sense of that word.

The only thing these two lovers might lack is the admixtures of unpredictability and risk, but if none of the lovers minds this, then who cares? They can live and love each other for a long time, and enjoy a long-term relationship.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

This person is one very intelligent one, the one that makes good observations and has a warm heart – he spontaneously enters the essence of other people or things and in friendships, this is more than welcome.

It has an innate sense of hospitality and above all for friendship, which manages to elevate the depth of feeling. All of us should have one lover that is just like this one – caring and loving, but able to give amazing advice.


This astrological combination directs to one extremely sensitive and peaceful creature that has his own world where he adores spending his time and the people he loves is the centre of his life.

This person compensates for his weakness by organising life to the details, constantly adhering to his principles – he rarely gives up on them, since this will mean that he will give up from his life.

He is the one that can surprise others, by the stage where he is extremely looking for attention, people are “getting or losing him in the details”, and he can be very pedantic and organised, and he expects the same thing from others. Although he is often under stress, he is doing a lot of rapid progress, and he can make to the high places in life.

Also, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Cancer and Virgo sign is unconcerned and careful not to open up to anyone, and if he does it, it is never completely, he will keep one part of his life to himself.

He can express himself only in family intimacy or in a narrow circle of carefully selected friends and puts faith in love and friendship in the first place in life, and success and professional achievements on the second.

This is the person who, in life, strives for fair relations, he is one natural person who constantly makes some balance and holds a balance in fields like profession, but soon shows the diligence and desire for self-esteem.  His strongest weapon is intelligence, and he uses it to defend himself.


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