White Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

When we talk of the most beautiful symbols that we have in our Universe, we must speak of the most beloved ones, the ones that have primarily positive meanings and their symbolism carries all good attributes. It means that whatever that object truly is, in its biological sense, for us, in the spiritual mind, it carries positive traits, and we should regard them as such.

Symbols are necessary in the human world because with them we can communicate in different ways, and communication not just with the fellow man, but with some other parts of our Universe is even more important (and the reason why religion and spiritual teachings exist).

Regular ways of communication (like oral communication) and what is even more important is the fact that when we use symbolical signs, we are sure that we can communicate with the other dimensions of our world, from which we can learn something in this life.

In this sense, it is the most common idea that with symbolical signs we can speak to, for example, dead people who meant the world to us and that are not materially present in our lives, or that we can receive the warning from God, or the Universe, depending on beliefs of a particular person.

Now, when we talking about the positive signs that we have in our life, we must speak of one that is so beloved that it is impossible not to know what we are talking about – the Butterfly, the one insect that is so adored all around the world, that for many it is their own personal symbol. Most commonly, it is connected to the process of a change and with the processes of a spiritual metamorphosis.

In today’s case, we are looking into one particular Butterfly, and we are discussing the White Butterfly. He, because of his color, carries somewhat different symbolism then some other flying insects.

Still, it is connected to the aspects of beauty and love, but whit some additional and much stronger attributes.

Meaning of White Butterfly

First of all, we must say one thing that is commonly known among people, all around the world – butterflies are creatures that are loved, and the first association to them is their naivety, their fragile along with the beauty and love.

In this case, the White Butterfly carries all of these traits, along with some others that we have already mentioned in the beginning.

First, it must be said, that, as some belief, this type of Butterfly, in some symbolical way, belong to the group of so-called Light Spirits that are already introduced to you in the stories that you could read as a child, where they are depicted as guardian Angels, that are talking to people in the form of White Butterflies.

Some say, that they are the representation of the spirit that binds to death (at the same time fertility, but this does not have to be just a biological thing, it is much more, as a spiritual fertility, and ability to grasp these elements), and is considered the patron saint of graves and monuments (because very often it appears on tombs and monuments; and if you look at you will see that this is so true).

Some say that they can be seen around churches, but only on the condition that they are appropriately marked with the cross, often people describe that they see a white light and white butterflies that land on crosses.

In addition, this spirit of the White Butterfly is in charge of all material matters (money for example, but also numerous other things), it also somehow connected to some other deity – for example, the goddess of poetry, spiritual abilities and healing.

So, when you know all of this about the White Butterfly, then you know, that, it is, therefore, one of the most powerful spirits in the Universe that is in charge of the transition from the world of the living to the world of the dead souls. In this sense, its white color is the souls, and in this case, we are talking about the souls of the dead people.

Those who believe that it carries such a strong symbolical value know that they can dedicate to it, and be happy when they see it since it is believed, that it can help when we are facing dramatic changes in life, but also with money or problems with children.

It is also believed, and this is said in the numerous religious teachings that deal with the symbolical signs, and among them, the White Butterfly, that it can invoke moments when healing is needed – It can show you “magic tricks”, is very clever and sharp and, most importantly, gladly responds to every human call for help!

Some say that the White Butterfly is the representation of the contrasts that exist in our world and that it can show people that you can reach to the other side and come out from it clean and pure.

These two words, as descriptions, should be remembered in this case, because they describe this creature very well, and it shows us the beauty and darkness and the fragility of the world that we live in now, and forever.

Seeing a White Butterfly and we must say that event is not as common as you might think, on the contrary, not anyone could see him, or even register that they have seen him, but when he does appear, be sure that he is carrying one very meaningful secret, and that comes from the outer world, the different dimension.

The Symbolism of White Butterfly

Some say that the White Butterfly does not fly like everyone else, but that he has his own dance, and in many parts of the world this is called something like floating, he seems almost invisible, and often times you are not sure, is that the White Butterfly or the beams of Light that are around you.

But this is the point, and that is the indispensable part of nature’s ritual, and it is interesting to mention a special trick to check whether the followers are really real or just disguised observers.

Just like, the belief in Angelical beings, this is also something that you must believe in, even if you are not sure what have you seen – they seem almost invisible, and this is the reason why many called them light beings (similar as people like to call Angels). And it is even more special, of such a being has landed on some part of your body, and then it carries a somewhat different symbolical value.

Some say that after the White Butterfly has landed on you, you must check if the Holy Spirit has entered your body. Quite logically – if a follower could endure something like this, then there would be no doubt that spirit had taken over his / her body and the ritual had completely succeeded.

The ritual in which this light creature wants to tell you something that will change your life that will direct you in some way, and why not, make your life better.

Good or Bad sign?

Of course, this is a good sign – the White queen, goddess, or better said a mother of the souls; it can sometimes be heard that she is actually one of the aspects of the deity and that “air” part – equally beautiful, charming and sensual.

However, it should not be overlooked that this is another good spirit that, among other things, rules our souls, and its presence is very helpful at the ceremonies of invoking wealth and prosperity.

In addition, she is the ruler of pure souls, virginity, fertility, youth, art, beauty and music – all of these aspects are connected to the White color, but when the symbol is Butterfly, then we can speak of the change that can lead to these and similar traits in a life of one human being.

The White Butterfly has the marvelous powers, and then seamlessly take him to his under empire, where all those things and elements that we do not see in our real, material world do not see, but they are there, in that world, and the White Butterfly can come and go out of that world, whenever he wants to do, cause he cannot be seen so easily.

It teaches people some kind of magic abilities and reveals some new spiritual dimensions to them; this aspect is necessary for the re-birth of every human being, and connection to the Butterfly here is very clear. He is connected to the metamorphosis, and such a change is more than obvious.

When human “serves” his own can he choose whether to remain in her realm or to return to her former environment? Everyone agrees in one thing – no one returns from the depths of the Universe without becoming more experienced, smarter, but also more mysterious. And this incredible creature with powdery and even magical wings is teaching us this, and it is all up to us, whether we will accept it or not, whether we will see it or not, notice it.

Its beauty that mesmerizes and captivates with mystery and magic is loved around the world, and in that sense, it is never a bad sign when you see it; but you have to let it do its own thing, to the land where it wants to and fly from you when it wants to.


To sum up this interesting story, and to say it in a way that everyone could understand what the White Butterfly means and represents for human beings, we start by saying that this is one of the most interesting good spirits, represented in the material form, in the form of the most beautiful and pure being.

There is nothing more “clean” and “pure” then the White Butterfly, and in that sense, it, for some, resembles, the Bride, as the symbol of youth and fertility.

It is, considered the protector of nature, souls, and all living creatures in this world that exists. It is a rather mysterious ghost whose name means “pure soul”, and he does not like to be disturbed or taken out of his magical world, but he does it when he wants to when there is such need in this world.

The Nature, of the Universe, is yet another word for this spirit, so in that sense, it can be very convenient and predictable in giving us the important messages that come from the places that we do not visit very often, but that is also the part of our world.

Also, is some parts of the world, people believe that when they kindly ask for his advice, he is ready to respond to the greatest challenge, so the White Butterfly can rightly be said to be one of the most beloved spirits.

Some say that they have seen it in the depths of the forest, and in some parts of the world, it is believed that his wings carry some magical properties that can help heal even the most serious diseases (if you have ever touched the wings of the White Butterfly you will see that they are like powder that sparkles, and that could be easily destroyed).

In addition to healing, this spirit of the White Butterfly is well aware of the magic and all the secrets of this (and that) world, and is often portrayed as the protector of ancestors, that is, all those who are no longer physically present but whose people continue to play an important role within the society itself. It can be general society, or your own.

In some other parts of the world, people believe that they can summon the spirits of the other world, and when it comes to the invocation ceremony itself, he generally has no major demands, so people usually leave him presents in the form of leaves, sticks and beautiful plant.

Some believe that they can build temples built in his honor where usually one part of the room is left completely intact to emphasize the wilderness.

When he is flying around a certain area, in fact, he is monitoring the situation, which he then leaves unnoticed and goes his own way.

It is interesting to note that the very symbol itself is reminiscent of the image of souls and hearts – a clear sign that the White Butterfly (despite his slightly innocent appearance) is basically seen as a really good!

In the end, we must add one more thing that is relevant for the understanding of the White Butterfly – some say that he is, in fact, the saint and martyr (this is very interesting aspect, because the White Butterfly usually comes to those people who feel that they are victims, or that they lost something that was dear to them), widely known for his healing powers, and is, among other things, considered the patron saint of the sick, or those who suffer in some way.

On the other hand, it is safe to say that he is actually every tree we see in nature because it is as healing and magical as one of the most popular spirits in the Universe.

In the end, be happy that you see the White Butterfly, and be joyful that he approaches you – do not neglect his powers and his quiet, but the effective connection to the other world, the one that we want to look, but we cannot.

The White Butterfly is much more than a symbolical sign of a personal change, of metamorphosis, and anything that is between; it can be a spiritual guide, your personal assistance, that you cannot call whenever you want, but it comes to you whenever he hast the need to do so.


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