Saturn Sextile Pluto

Saturn, like the planet, is very important in the natal chart, and in this sense, it is relevant for the description of the structure and boundaries of that structure, time relating to the stability.

It is the planet that speaks of maturity, stability, the balance required for a given form to maintain its structure over time.

On the other side, we can see the planet Pluto that speaks of something else – it describes the principle of change and transformation that takes place continuously in every material structure and form, as well as in everything that exists.

In this piece, we want to discover what kind of relations these two planets give when they are connected in the sextile position, and what kind of effect it has on people.

General Characteristics

As we know, the sextile is an aspect that is mostly connected to the positive side of something; here it combines homogeneous polarities and enables the symbolisms it connects to understand and support one another.

This position shows the creative process in which they participate together and help each other in the development of their own symbolism.

Here we meet the combination of the persistence of a form over a period of time (Saturn) with the completion of the existence of a form in a given form and its transformation into a different form of existence (Pluto).

Even if this seems to be contradictory and incompatible, but in fact points to the lawfulness of nature that forms, forms and structures are subject to constant change, and that the energy that is at the core of everything is always present and cannot be lost, expired or disappeared.

Translated these people could live, work and enjoy, and not to lose anything in their lives, they can maintain the change in the form it should be, as a natural and welcome.

Nikola Tesla, Joe Pesci, Michael Nesmith, Muammar al-Gaddafi, Leona Helmsley, Janis Joplin,  Orlando Bloom, John Partridge, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison.

Good Traits

When we talk of solely good traits that this aspect brings, we are talking about the amazing stability and form to transform, because without this no process of transformation could work (Pluto is the planet that speaks of transformation, he is, among other things, a representative of death, and death is not only one moment when one comes to the end of one’s life in bodily form but is the beginning of the process that is bringing something new, and to do so, something old has to die).

These are the people that have to understand that this is a good thing and that this is just the change of the life cycles, and nothing more.

At any moment, something within ourselves changes and transforms, and these are the people who can grow from such a process, and their growth is beyond compare to anything else.

It is good to know that the planet Pluto is the sign of a change in this case, while the planet Saturn shows maturity.

By conveying their basic meanings to each other through the aspect of the sextile, they symbolize in this relationship the maturity to take on the necessary changes.

Bad Traits

In the same way, as good changes occur, sometimes these bad can occur, and they are also the part of the process, but from a negative point of view, these people are not able to deal with them in the way they want to, or the way that is beneficial for them.

In the worst-case scenario, these people are not able to achieve anything in their lives, in cases, when they cannot meet the imperceptible changes that the Saturn brings at the cellular and microcosmic level symbolized by Pluto, we get a lifeless thing.

In this sense, these people can change so slow that that process cannot be noticed. This is why Saturn and Pluto are important for maintaining the life cycle that takes place within established laws and boundaries.

Please have in mind, that the planet Pluto is described as the master of the world below the earth, the invisible world to the human eye – for the world of an individual, this is the immense potential energy contained in something small, but it does not have to use properly. It could be misused or used for some things that are not beneficial, noble, etc.

Love Matters

When it comes to the sextile position between Saturn and Pluto, we must speak of an emotional level, and the most prominent characteristic of these people is their ever-changing mood.

It is like when they are in love, their moods change from hour to hour, and at the mental level, they have a large number of different thoughts in just one minute.

All of this brings to the life where they change lovers frequently, and they cannot be calm in love, to say it simply.

There are many changes that are happening inside of their hearts, but on the other side of the story, these people could be very attractive to the opposite sex.

They usually have characteristic body shape, face shape, character, way of behaving, thinking, and reacting – they could be desirable lovers without compare.

But the fact is that they can be egoistic at times, in the case of the sextile of Saturn with Pluto, there is a symbolism of constant change, one that serves to support the process of development and progress. So, things do not stay the same for a long time, which can be a good thing.

When we look at the symbolism of the Saturn sextile with Pluto, we have to say that these are the people who become, over time aware that they need changes in order to achieve the desired goal in love and initiate those changes in themselves.

The fact is that when they become aware of their own limitations and those forms of our behavior that no longer perform their original function (for the purpose of love and stability), which no longer produce the expected results, but slow us down or hinder us in further progress, it is time to we transcend them and transform them into behaviors that will be more advanced and enable us to achieve what we want better and more effectively.

They could achieve this if they find a suitable lover that can bring them closer to the stability and fulfillment that they crave for in life.

Work Matters

In work matters, it is equally important to accept the change as given, and the greater and deeper the change in things they want to accomplish, the more time and energy they will need to make it happen (but they can do it if they find what is it they want to do in life).

To move in the direction of desired change, these humans need to draw on the experiences they have gained over the past time, as well as our innate abilities and potentials that we carry with us in our genetic heritage, and look for ways in those experiences to redirect ourselves to function more efficiently, wisely, more maturely.

In a professional sense, these are the people who are able to overcome the norms of their work, and transform outdated ways of work and create a set of better patterns of action, so usually, their business blooms in time.

This aspect also allows them to set the necessary priorities, take the necessary responsibilities, raise them to a higher level and thus achieve a better balance and stability in life and also in their work.

This is the aspect that affects them as an empowering force – with ease they are able to meet the challenges of daily life, and they are able to use the full potential of this aspect and achieve safe and stable change for the purpose of personal progress and better quality of life.

Of course, this aspect is manifested in their work and professional life, whatever they choose to do in life.

Often times, they succeed every expectation and initial goal that they set for themselves.


Saturn and Pluto symbolize the subconscious and unconscious energies that are below the origin of awake consciousness, and thus inevitably act out of the reach of our conscious control, so we cannot avoid or mitigate their effects, but can only readily welcome what they bring us by accepting them as part of the natural process of development and progress.

It is only in the case of the sextile of Saturn with Pluto that these two planetary symbolisms bring us a conscious transformation that we can direct ourselves, and with clear conscious intention and self-control participate in this process.

No matter how complicated or difficult this aspect may seem to you, and truly it can be complicated in certain areas of life. This is best seen in times when you seem to be in a hopeless situation that lasts too long and does not seem to end soon; the effect of the sextile of Saturn with Pluto will lead to necessary improvements and consciously do anything to change the situation you are in.

The main thing with this aspect and people who have it is that they become more aware of this over time, as they go through the process of change, which in this case is safe and lasting, both at the individual level and at the general level.

Both planets Saturn and Pluto carry the symbolism of genetic substance, which is a planned program that gives us a basis that makes each of us unique and distinctive and on the basis of which our development as bodily and conscious beings takes place.

This very fact guarantees us that no matter how it seems to us that some ways of our actions in our daily lives limit us to succeed because they become obsolete and inefficient over time, their transformation into better and more efficient ones is inevitable as the very nature of it ages.

This is the main thing that people with this aspect should accept as true – we must lead to change and mature constantly, and to follow the nature’s way, as the only way that is floating and it is the representation of life itself.


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