Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When we speak about the favorable aspects in the personal horoscope, we are talking about the emphasis on the positive, beneficial energies of the planets that all of us get in one way or the other.

We are talking about the areas in life where this person who has aspects can accomplish whatever he wants with the smallest effort possible, and some like to talk about the impact of luck in this sense.

But some more experienced astrologers will say to this that many people who know that they have such aspects take their life for granted and become passive.

There is always a place to grow in life, and it is sometimes enough to know your luminary position so that you can learn what you need to fix in your life, for the best results. Today that opportunity belongs to the person who has them positioned in Aquarius and Virgo signs.

Read all about this exciting and above very intellectual person.

Good Traits

We could say that the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Virgo combination is developed in such way that he knows what his needs are, but he is also aware of the needs of people who are around him.

He is always ready to set real goals for his life, knowing that they are supported by constructive criticism in conflicts not only of his own intentions but also in the outside world.

That world in all of its beauty and pain at the same is the most valuable field of action for this person who wants to analyse it and to go deeply into the core of life and all of its content.

This luminary combination, in fact, gives careful adventurers, some type of moderate idealists and sincere friends to all people who cross their path.

He has an extraordinary and exceptionally strong personality, above all in an intellectual sense – he is very smart and likes to learn; his education never stops.

In the end, this is a human being who is endowed with a marvelous hunch and supernatural ability to analyse characters of other people. Nothing can fool him, and he even can see things that are about to happen in the future, so everyone who tries to fool him will be outsmarted.

Difficult situations rarely find him unprepared because he can deal with problems in a rational and neat way, preserving optimism and hope at all times.

Bad Traits

Though this human being leans toward an eccentric lifestyle, deep inside he hides things that are very simple and honest. But it more comes to the misunderstanding of his environment which does not want to tackle between his “skin” and believes in what it sees first.

And from the other side, this person does not try to make them see the deeper inside of his soul, and things are left on that. This is a waste of everyone’s time, this kind of superficiality when he is involved in interpersonal relations, without any chance of developing some meaningful connection, regardless of its duration.

He himself has a problem that he starts believing in this unrealistic picture, and in this way, he must try to find his essence, and never to succumb to the temptation of egocentricity, which occasionally engages him.

What he wants, what seems to him that is right and wrong, for the person who has Sun and Moon in Aquarius and Virgo signs is the only measure of value, and he expects others to follow this scale of values, and this is not really objective and realistic.

Therefore, he needs to draw attention to honestly reviewing himself and to be as objective as possible, and this is the most difficult task for the person with this luminary combination.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon in Love

Without a doubt, when we are talking about the love affairs and interpersonal relations, this human being possesses irresistible charm, pleasantness in communicating with others (even if he deeply criticise them), along with the diplomacy in solving problems, which is an excellent thing in love, even necessary. T

here cannot be love if there is no deep understanding, but of course, he can be closed at times (the Moon in Virgo), so all of these virtues cannot be seen.

Sometimes it’s hard for him to fit into the requirements of “environment” and the influence of the lovers because sometimes adjustments are more difficult for him; he can be rigid in this way, and unwilling to change (even if he is genuinely in love).

This is the person who often takes the role of caretaker of his lovers, and it is the one person that is even willing to sacrifice for the people he loves.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

It is very important for this human being to leave a good impression and to have a good reputation in society that he belongs to, or he wants to belong.

He often finds himself in the presence of more energetic emotional partners, but for the long-term relationship, or marriage he should especially strive to estimate, because there may be a situation that he will have to choose in some ways, cause he cannot have it all with one person.

He often experiences a situation to fall in love, or to have very unusual emotional experiences, but more than once his relationships grow from friendships.

His emotional life can often be very exciting, with lots of unplanned events thanks to the Sun’s location in Aquarius sign; but the common thing is that for him to be longer with someone, he needs to believe in something, even if we are talking about the idealisations, he seeks and strives for lasting and eternal things.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

In short, we will say that this is the person who is using more his head than his heart – he is the one that analyses, dissect, to the point that his strange plans (even in love) become reasonable.

He can be more selective and refined than he is in essence, but the fact is that he does not ever miss a critical point, and this is a good thing.

He can be overly cautious, and he has a sense of organisation and is more than willing to make services to others – so you could imagine his relations with people he loves deeply.

The perfect match for this candidate is the one that belongs to the Zodiac sign Sagittarius; he is the one lover that will openly show the warmth, empathy, devotion and dedication. These are all things that will suit the person who has luminaries in Aquarius and Virgo signs.

They can truly have a harmonious love relationship; but on the other hand, interesting, witty and cheerful nature, as well as the optimistic and cheerful Sagittarius love spirit, makes our candidate feel happy in his company at the beginning of a love affair. The Sagittarius partner will be very impressed by the unusual intellect and argumentative mind of him with which he will have lots of discussion topics.

This is a connection that can last and is based, it must be based on healthy and open communication, and everything else will grow from there.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

The person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Virgo signs is always aware of the fact that he belongs to the human race, and then to some smaller group, like the one that is his friends.

His loving approach and social enthusiasm do not go without some moral freedom, provided the exchange is fair because they do not allow random meetings. Although he is not particularly distrustful, he is cautious not to fall out of the fools, and he shows fears in interpersonal communication, even with people who are his longtime friends.

In fact, he is much more inclined to friendship than to love because he is afraid that he will not drift into the dizziness of passion and lose his integrity there. So, when he is that kind of state of mind, he is more than willing to become friends with all people who cross their path with his.


This is an interesting combination of two instinctively contradictory and complementary nature; one comes from the closed nature that belongs to the Moon in the Virgo sign, and the other is extroverted that comes from the Sun’s location in Aquarius.

This is the person that must find some of his own reconciliation thanks to the power of the realisation of his own and both signs; he is determined, enthusiastic and always ready for new things. Of course, since the Moon in Virgo sign gives its touch here, he does all of this with caution that is not excessive but is constantly present.

This person even manages to remove certain blockages and defensive mechanisms that too often prevent one side of his persona from displaying its humanitarian and social endowment, largely suppressed by the too cold and critically minded intellect.

In the end, as we would like to sum up this luminary story, we must say that this human being must accept the assessment that he is able to be so uncritical to ideas that.

He must try to bring his ideals into harmony with reality and to seek only those goals that will not lead you to spiritual isolation.

In the end, this person must learn to express deep feelings and tender emotions and change his life completely – we are talking about the time when he should open to some people, who deserve his trust and loyalty.


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