Dreams About Heaven – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about heaven can have different meanings. Even though heaven has a very positive meaning in real life in our dreams heaven can be a negative sign.

Dream about being in heaven

If you are in heaven in your dream, this means that you have protection in reality.

Probably there is a person you can always contact, regardless of the problems that are bothering you.

He or she will gladly listen to you and help you to deal with people who want to hurt you.

This person also clarifies you many things from which you conclude that you are your own greatest enemy.

Dream about being expelled from heaven

If you are expelled from heaven in a dream, it implies that you will let someone down. Perhaps you won’t be there for this person when he or she needs you the most.

You will be dealing with your own problems and things that are not so urgent. This will hurt them a great deal and they will end up resenting you.

Dream about leaving heaven

When you see yourself leaving heaven, it indicates that you are very complicated.

You are a person who is never satisfied and you see problems where they are not.

You do not manage to settle anywhere because you are being tormented by rhetorical questions to which nobody is giving you answers.

This only causes you damage for the long run and it is best for you to stop living like that.

Dream of going back to heaven

If you return to paradise in a dream, it means that you will redeem yourself for the mistakes you’ve made.

Perhaps you are going to contact the person, to whom you weren’t fair, and ask for his or her forgiveness.

This person will appreciate your courage and because of this you will be able to redeem yourself and continue this friendship or relationship.

Dream about heaven in general

Dreams about heaven in general represent some sort of guilt you are feeling.

This guilt could be a result of something you have done before or said before.

Maybe you hurt someone with your actions or with your words.

This mistake will cost you a lot and you will have to do a lot in order to make it up to this person.

If this is someone very important for you then give your best and make the situation good again.

Dream about gate of heaven

If you had a dream of heaven gate then this dream is a representation of high hopes you have for something in your life.

You are praying that a project or a relationship is going to work out and that you are going to be successful at something.

If you put a lot of effort into that project or relationship, then the only thing you can do is to sit back and wait for it to finally fall into place.

Dream about St. Peter in Heaven

If you had a dream about St. Peter in heaven, then there might be an important person in your life who you see as your role model.

This person is very significant in your life and you can’t imagine your life without this person.

This can be your parent or even your boss, if he helped you progress in life and in your career.

Dream about walking in heaven

If you had a dream about walking through heaven, this dream is a representation of your clear consciousness.

You stand by your word and you would never another person intentionally.

You walk through life with pride and no one can come up to you and accuse you of being a bad person.

Dream about feeling like you are in heaven

If you had a dream where you felt like you are in heaven, then this dream is good news. It means a positive and fruitful period is coming your way.

Everything you start right now is going to be successful and you will feel like you are on top of the world.

Alternatively this dream means you are currently happy in life and nothing is bothering you. You are enjoying life to the fullest and nothing can mess with your positive energy.


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