Monsters in a Dream – Interpretation and Meaning

Monsters are, usually, made up creatures we create with our own imagination. They can be a combination of an animal and a human being, but the most important thing about them is that they are made up.

We all probably had a dream about a monster at least once in our lifetime, and wondered what does this dream mean?

To help you interpret your dream, here are few interesting examples of dreams about monsters.

Dream about a monster in general

Dreaming about monsters can be interpreted in many different ways. Before you get into the interpretation, it is important to remember the situation that was going on in your dream and other symbols that might have been present.

Once you get that done it will be easier to understand your “monster dream”. Dreams like this are mostly connected to our feelings and emotions.

When we dream about something aggressive and scary, this might be a representation of our own fear in real life that is caused by something or someone.

So, the general idea of a monster in your dream as a symbol is that you have great deal of emotions and feelings bottled up inside you that need to get out.

Dream about a monster animal

If monster in your dream had a shape of an animal, then this dream is a representation of your constant need for expression and fear from doing that. Something is blocking you in your attempt to show your  true personality, and you don’t know how to finally break free.

This dream could also represent your hidden desires that you are afraid to unleash.

Something about them is not natural or they are too aggressive, so you rather keep them under the lock.

Dream about running from a monster

Now this dream is a pretty common one. If you had this dream where you were running away from a monster, then this indicates that series of unlucky events are going to happen in your life.

If you try running away from these problems that are going to occur, it will only make your position harder and you will make more damage for the long run.

So instead of running, like you did in your dream, focus on solving these problems.

Dream about killing a monster

If you killed a monster in your dream, then this dream is a representation of victory you are about to achieve over people in your life who have tried to sabotage you.

These people, perhaps, tried to ruin your reputation and make your life miserable, but in the end their attempts are going to fail.

Dream about a scary monster

All monsters are scary, that is why they are called monsters but, if the one in your dream was particularly frightening, then this dream is a representation of an adventure that is going to change your life.

This adventure might be pleasant but it might also be risky for your life. B

e careful about the things you are getting into and avoid doing something that could potentionally harm you.

Dream about a good monster

If monster in your dream was friendly and wasn’t trying to chase you or kill you, then dream represents good news you are going to receive from someone.

Stay social and maintain good relationships with other people because this news is going to come from someone you are going to meet at a party or somewhere in public.

Avoiding social events and staying at home could result in you missing out on this great news.

Dream about someone else running from a monster

If someone you know or a stranger was running away from the monster in your dream, then this dream is a representation of troubles you are about to get into.

These troubles and problems might be related to your career, so be careful and don’t share information with people who might be your adversaries.

This way you could save yourself from these troubles or at least make them less stressful.

Dream about talking to a monster

If monster in your dream was talking to you, then dream is a representation of your hidden desires that can’t come out because you are repressing them.

Perhaps you have feelings towards someone but you are too afraid to share them with that person.

Another interpretation of this dream is that you are going to hear bad news from someone.

The news could be about someone close to you, who is going to get into some kind of trouble.

Dream about a monster in the distance

If monster in your dream was standing far away from you, then this dream is a representation of problems that you are anticipating.

You know that something bad is going to happen because your inner feeling tells you so.

Best thing you can do is to wait for things to develop and then react to them.

Rushing to solve problems that might not even occur is the worst thing you can do.

Dream about a monster in front of you

This scary dream is a representation of fear you have from something or someone in your real life.

This fear is paralyzing you and making you give up on everything.

This fear could be literally anything, from fear of public speech to fear you have from your boss.

Whatever your blocking fear is, it is stopping you from making all of your dreams come true so you should definitely work on fighting against it.


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