I Died In My Dream – What Does That Mean?

Dreams about dying are not unusual and mostly all of us had this dream at one point in our life. Dreams about dying can have different meanings and most of them don’t have to have a bad or negative meaning.

There are a lot of examples of dreams about dying that are positive and that have a good symbolism in them.

So, if you ever wondered what your dreams represent, here are few interesting examples.

Dreams about dying in general

Before you start freaking out about your dream we have good news for you. If you had a dream where you died and you got scared, you can relax because this dream is a representation of long life and prosperity.

Even though there are many different interpretations of this dream, this general one is linked to dying in general.

Every little detail about your dream can have an impact on the meaning of your dream.

Before you start interpreting your dream, it is important to remember as much as you can about the dream because even the slightest detail can give your “dream experience” a whole new meaning.

Dream about dying by drowning

If you had a dream about dying by drowning in the sea or in the ocean, then this dream is a representation of a dangerous situation that you might get into.

This situation could possibly get even worse over time, if you choose to ignore what is happening and pretend like everything is okay.

Dream about dying from fire

If you had a dream about dying from fire, then this dream represents possible job threat that you are going to face. Problems regarding your job or your career are going to come from people who are your co-workers, who have been envying you for a very long time.

These people are going to do everything to get you of your “throne” so be careful about what you are saying to others and how you are behaving.

Everything you do and say can be used against you, because these people are going to be prepared for everything.

This is a good period to stay low for a while and open your eyes wide for any possible threats.

Dream about dying in a plane crash

If you had a dream about flying on a plane and then dying after the plane crashed, then this dream is a representation of a possible streak of bad luck when it comes to your personal life. This dream is a good representation of you going down from the “cloud nine” and back to reality.

Your partner will probably be responsible for your depression and misfortune, so be careful how you act in this period. This might be the breaking point in your relationship or marriage, and a perfect time to see your partner’s true face.

Perhaps this person has been pretending to be something that they are not, and now you are going to get to know them truly.

Be prepared for what is about to come and don’t be surprised when the reality strikes you.

Alternative meaning of this dream is that your loved ones like your family or your friends are going to make you feel bad or depressed. Until this streak of “bad relationships” passes, take some time off and dedicate some time to yourself.

Dream about dying after being stabbed

If you had a dream about dying after being stabbed, then this dream is a representation of victory over your adversaries. People with whom you have had some differences and problems are finally going to be defeated and you are going to be victorious in your attempt to make them disappear from your life.

These people have been trying to make you feel miserable and sad for a very long time and you didn’t know how to confront them. Use this period to get back on your feet and remove everything negative from your life.

Dream about dying after being shot

If you had a dream about being shot and dying, then this is a representation of positive times that are ahead. Something you planned is going to come true and you are going to be able to finish all of your projects on time. This is a very positive period in your life to start planning more and investing more in various projects.

Almost everything you try out in this period is going to be successful and you won’t be able to believe how much luck you are having. Don’t slack off this period and use it in the best possible way, because who knows how long you will have to wait for times like these.

Dream about dying from jumping from a cliff

If you had a dream about diving into the unknown and jumping from a high cliff, then this dream is a representation of an adventure you are about to go on to. This dream could also represent an adventure you are already on that is making your life completely different.

This adventure doesn’t have to be something crazy, it can be a simple change of your lifestyle or perhaps a change of career that is turning your world upside down making it completely different. You are now able to meet more people, travel more or perhaps invest more time in building yourself and your future.

Dream about dying after being suffocated

This dream has a negative symbolism, and the reason for that is, that this dream represents obligations you have put yourself into that are making you feel miserable and defeated. You don’t know how you got into this situation, but now there is no way out, or it seems like there is no way out.

Perhaps you should consider your own needs and take some time off to think about your life and goals. If this life you are living is not something you wished for, then it is time to say goodbye to everything and start over fresh. Even though it seems hard, sometimes this is the only way out of a life that is making you feel terrible.

Dream about dying after being killed by an animal

If an animal of any sort attacked you in your dream and you died, then this dream is a representation of your hidden nature and desires that want to go out. You have been repressing these desires for almost all of your life, and you don’t know how to make them disappear or at least stay under the leash.

These hidden desires could be linked to a passion you’ve had since childhood, but you never had courage to take a chance and try to pursue it. If these desires are not going anywhere, then maybe you should let them unleash and show you all the possibilities and beauties in life that you couldn’t even imagine.

Dream about dying while in jail

If you had a dream about dying while you were in jail, or after being sentenced to a death penalty, then this dream is a representation of a positive outcome. This positive outcome could be related to almost everything in your life, from personal life to business relations and career.

Whatever you have hoped for and wished for is going to end up being successful and you won’t be able to believe the results after you see them. Don’t waste any time thinking negatively, because positivity is all you are going to get out of your efforts.

Dream about dying with your partner

If you had a dream about dying together with your partner, then this dream could be a metaphor for eternal love. You feel like your partner is your soulmate and you would do everything to protect him or her. This love is something you have never experienced before and the amount of feelings in you, are overwhelming.

Alternatively this dream could represent your fear of losing your partner. These feelings could be justified or they could be based on surreal things, but either way you are too much in love with your partner that your fear of losing them is overwhelming you.

You literarily feel like you would die if something happened to your partner and this feeling is something you can’t fight away. Whatever you do, remember that you should come first in your life, because when we truly love ourselves and depend only on ourselves, then we can share that love with others.


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