Apocalyptic Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams, as we know them, are not present in our lives only to possibly heal but also teach, complement, direct, inspire, point out mistakes, provide answers to questions and solutions to problems that the conscious part of the personality cannot handle.

All of these things are not plausible to do address in everyday life, so we must do it, in some other way, but the best way is via dreams, where our mind, the parts that are hidden take the prime.

Yes, we are talking about our subconscious that maybe sleeps during the day, or works in a way that we are not aware, but at night, in a dream world, our subconscious is wide awake, and it is taking the lead in the functioning of our mind.

Thanks to dreams, there are possible solutions to life’s challenges, but it is really important to look at them from some point of view that is objective. It does not matter if our dreams are disturbing; they truly are the surest way to reach the unconscious.

Dreams reveal even what we do not know about ourselves and others, as well as what we do not see, which significantly affects our lives. That is why we can compare them with x-rays of psychological events – and today, we will examine dreams that are connected to the Apocalypse.

We all had them, but it is not something that should alarm us deeply, it is more something that should give us the lesson.

These dreams have numerous versions, but all of them are scary, and often fall under the category nightmares.

The Meaning of Apocalyptic Dreams

At some point in our lives (some much often than others, but we all had them, there is no doubt about it, even when we were small kids), we all dreamed of some natural disaster or the end of the world. This is the event that many call the Apocalypse, and it truly is, oftentimes described in religious teachings and books.

In its most general way, these dreams are connected to the lack of control over the problem or fear. In some ways, this is the dream that is connected to these two aspects of our lives – fear and control.

The fact is that many people have these dreams when they are not able to control the fear that they have, and when the fear starts to take control of their lives.

When you have some dream about the Apocalypse, it could mean that you are afraid that some short-term happiness will disappear and that you will have a problem, in your life because of it. It is possible that in the coming period everything will finally go hand in hand.

You will be satisfied both emotionally and business-wise so people will want to be in your company.

Since you will know that this condition is transient, you will make the most of every moment because you deserve it.

If, for example, you have dreams that you are in the middle of an apocalypse and that you are about to die any second, that the world will end, such a dream implies that you will discover a secret.

It may be that you will find out that you have had the wrong opinion all your life about a person who did not deserve it. You will let the environment affect you, and you will easily accept their suggestions. You will be angry with yourself for not using common sense and independently assessing who a person is.

If you have a dream that you have survived the Apocalypse and that you are the only survivor after this terrible event that took everyone off this planet, such a dream indicates that you will fall in love.

It is likely that, when you least hope to, you will meet a person you will never be able to get out of your head. You will not know what caught your eye, but it will hold you for a long time and make you do all sorts of nonsense to get his / her attention.

The Symbolism of Apocalyptic Dreams

But, there are those who claim that the apocalyptic dreams are never a piece of good news and those them symbolical value is negative.

They say that if you had this dream, it symbolizes some negative events in your life that are about to come very soon, and you will not be able to avoid them.

To dream that you have seen the Apocalypse in a dream signifies that you are in a bad time of life when nothing will go good, and you will continue making one mistake after another. In these moments, it is truly significant to stay strong and to, as some say grit your teeth because there will be better times after that.

This is the main lesson that you have to learn- even after that Apocalypse, and even after everything you know until this moment will disappear, you can start over, and make your life worth living. It is so interesting how people can find joy in their lives, right after the moment they feel like everything will disappear.

If you are just an observer in a dream, where the Apocalypse is going on, such a dream is an indication that you will hang out with the wrong people, after which you will adopt their bad habits.

This kind of behavior will (and it always is) an apocalypse for any human being – a life that has every potential to become great will deteriorate. Do not let this to happen, ever.

In some specific scenario, such a dream assumes that you will have some problems in communication with people who are close to you, and what is even worse they will turn back on your left you’re alone.

If you are in the center of Apocalypse in a dream, and you feel stuck in the ground, and you cannot escape from that horrible situation, such a dream is the symbol of the powerlessness. You will probably want to help a loved one who, in your opinion, is wasting time on things below her level, or is doing things that are hurting you badly (or someone from your environment).

You will try to persuade him to flip his attitudes and appreciate himself more, but your warnings will encounter resistance that you will not be able to overcome. In the version of this dream where you are saving others from the Apocalypse, such a dream is the symbol of cautiousness.

Such dreams, regardless of how they can be realistic, are in fact, and indication, that you are the human beings who are, in all times, in all situations, too cautious. You are a person who strictly adheres to the advice he hears because you do not want to endanger your health, but such fears could expand to all aspects of your life, and you can become hypochondriac that cannot live normally.

Fears are your other name. Often, you deny yourself pleasures that could be harmful to you and longingly see others enjoy life.

Do I have to be worried?

In some cases, you should be worried or at least careful, but do not become a person who fears – it is true that sometimes, these dreams can warn you on some negative event (it does not have to be objectively bad event, it could just be for you, it could be something that is causing your fear).

It may happen that the coming period will be extremely difficult for you because you will have losses that will be difficult to bear.

They may be in the form of money to recover from, or the death of a dear person to whom you are connected in life – anything that has put the scar on you could be the cause of the apocalyptic dreams that are torturing you every night.

But, to resolve such dreams try to look objectively on life- you are leading and people who are close to you – some of them are hardly waiting for you to turn your back to talk bad about you, and even if they are “close” to you, you are alone.

Although you will care more about who says than what you say, you will not care what your name is mentioned in a negative context.

One more negative context that you have to take care of is the one version where you are trying to save others from the Apocalypse that is coming, and we must say that these dreams are most often connected to those who are hypochondriacs, and the more they fear, the more common these dreams become.

What to do if I had this dream?

Then dreams that have Apocalypse as a motive become frequent, and some people claim that they are dreaming these and similar dreams almost every night. This should be seen as a wake-up call to change something in your life because it is very clear that something is bothering you.

Additionally, the media just intensifies those dreams, as they abound in stories of the Apocalypse, climate change, and more – as a result, dreams are created that put fear into our bones. But their cause is often unrelated to the end of the world but is more connected to something in us.

As we have said these dreams that have a common motive the Apocalypse, in whatever scenario possible, are connected to the terms fear and control. It can be one and the other; it can be control over fear, or the fear that takes control over you and your life.

In some versions of these dreams, their meaning can be their connection to the time that is passing and that you have a fear of passing. You have anxiety that you cannot make everything in time that you wanted, and you think that everything will end.

This is such a bad attitude to have in life because in this sense you are putting everything into perspective of past or future, and for that matter, you are not able to enjoy in the time present. You are losing time because you are thinking about it all the way – try to enjoy the moment.

But also these dreams could imply that you have a feeling, or you are becoming aware that you declining over time – you are not able to achieve everything that you have planned over time, and you feel like you are losing control over it, so it makes you feel frustrated, and therefore you have such a dream.

It is possible that, because of the many commitments, you will not be able to see the dear people who are eager for your company – it could be your lover or someone from your family.

You strive to make up for it with money or material things, but most will not have a relationship like before, and in some way, you should be worried.

In the end, you will be the one that has lost so much, and you will be sorry – maybe you will feel like the world has ended because you will feel emptiness in your soul.

Do not allow such events from happening – there is much more to this life than chasing career and becoming rich; relations with other people could not be restored, so do not let them deteriorate.


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