133 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

We can all agree that we disagree about many things, and numbers and their impact can be one of those things, and every one of us has some precognition about what numbers are and what they express in our lives.

There are also a lot of disputes about where numerology originates.

Some even believe that numerology originated from the time before Pythagoras and that it originated from mysticism and Kabbalah that is thousands of years old.

There is no doubt that the Pythagorean numerology was the basis that we use today, and in short, it is the number science that says that numbers hide the truth about the world, and we will agree.

Each of the numbers from 0-9 and their combinations can help us discover the world.

Now, Angel numerology just gave the Divine touch to the numbers, using them to send important messages to the people, who are sometimes unaware of their presence and importance.

When you know about their existence, you may even see these numbers more and more frequently. This phenomenon is known as Universal synchronicity because you are in the Divine stream of life, in times when you get in contact with the Angelic formations.

Without any exception, when you start receiving Angel messages, you began to experience a spiritual awakening, and in those times you are guided, knowing that “something is happening” outside physical reality.

To make the most of this energy pass, and understand better what Angel numbers mean for you, read this text till the end; today our attention is focused on Angel number 133.

Angel number 133 General meaning

You have a very variable character that is difficult to define, and it is all thanks to the extraordinary influence that comes from the double 3, or 33, whatever you prefer.

Actually, you do not even understand yourself.

You like nature, children and animals – in fact, you are in a deep understanding of the world, but your focus may be on the purest souls, the ones that belong to children for example.

In you, more or less, there is a line of spirituality, but in no case, you are not orthodox. You can understand that in this life there is something more than the physical presence and that you can be connected to that “other” world (later in the article we will tell you why you have this opportunity, and others do not).

You are a good organiser, capable and you have strong tendencies towards helping people, but you are not a big fan of socialising – you prefer to love yourself with your thoughts. These are the times when you can think, and imagine, but the problematic part comes when you should realise your ideas, this is the moment of choice.

You can be very successful at any work you prefer and crudely break through others, not worrying about their feelings but this is only true when you are pursuing the greater good for humanity.

You have substantial energy supplies that you are wasting at times, and this is the aspect that you need to work on before you lose everything you were given. In each venture, you calculate the price and risk and rarely leave the jobs you are interested in.

The main lesson in your life could be – find your faults by self-analysing and resolving to obey them. So you will achieve success and lasting happiness if you do so, and in the end try to use those moments of silence to learn something about yourself, rather than wasting it on significant projects.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

In the honest attempt to try to reveal more than it meets the eye, we will discuss the parts of this numerical sequence. And today we will start from the end – and we will speak of the vibration that belongs to the High vibration of the 33. This is the number that can be seen as the appearance of Higher beings in life, they are close, and you can be connected to them in many ways.

So, number 33 is in some other way a representation of the extremely High communication or the communication with the Higher Realms. And when we look at the pure and simple meaning of the number 3, in its double form, we get to a conclusion that the energy of the entire Angelical formation is emphasised. This number represents a clear passage to the Angels and smooth communication with them; 133 gives you the opportunity to speak freely to them and ask for guidance.

Now, we will go back to the start – number 1, the potent vibration and a clear representative that in life there can be many new beginnings and choices to make, and that it is up to you what those choices will be. And one more thing – any message that is connected to 1 means that the spiritual journey is about to start and that you should be ready to go.

It’s a piece of powerful information to show you that your mission is about to start.

So, in totality, when vibrations of 133, or 1+33 are sublimed, this Angelical information speaks a lot of the possibility to have the spiritual journey and the chance to make things right this time around.

Number 133 in Love

Angel number 133 brings one interesting lesson that you need to learn if you want to be a part of the Divine Love. It says that it is unrealistic to think that you will feel great and are ready to fall in real love as soon as you find your soul mate.

For many, it takes time, so give yourself all the time that you need to fall back in love – into yourself in the first place. You need a break from the bad connections in life: use it focus on your passions and give yourself the time to heal. This is the only possible way that you can open your heart and find positivity to believe in Divine Love.

Even more, you need to develop these three things/virtues -faith, trust and positivity – there will be moments in which you will think that you have made a mistake of leaving and going on without a chance of finding the Divine Love, but only your ego is trying to deceive you. Stay positive and keep your faith in yourself and the Universe.

We must mention one more thing – opening (number 1) goes hand in hand with the law of attraction, according to which you get what you give, which is why it is especially important to think positively (the impact that 33 gives). I always say that your thoughts are your silent manifestation, so let your thoughts be positive and the Divine Love will enter your life.

Amazing Facts about Number 133

First of all, when you get in contact with the Angel number 133 this is a clear sign that Angelical beings are close to you, they are the Divine ones who offer you help, love, and support.

Any message that has in its core 33 be sure that Angels are even physically close to you.

As soon as you see the number 133, call them immediately and ask them not to leave you because they are needed at this moment, and they will undoubtedly respond to your requests. And even if you are not aware of what is that you want, they will know it for you, be sure about this.

One more thing needs to be stated in this part – the sum vibration, in this case, belongs to the numeral 7, one of the Highest vibrations in the Angelical specter. This is numeral that is connected to one of the Greatest virtues there is – In it, we see elevated areas of existence, firm faith, but also secrecy, good intuition and the almost daily pursuit of those most cordial responses to ultimate philosophical questions.

This number, when connected to the Angel numerology, and seen through the messages from the Higher Realm, represents the symbol of the common awareness.

This idea runs equal to your increased connectivity to Higher beings, as we have mentioned in the second part of this piece.

Will Angel number 133 Bring Good Luck to You?

In the section where we discussed thoroughly about the Divine Love, and the fact that this is the Highest Force there is, you need to understand one important thing – in the early stages where you just focus on understanding what 133 means for you, a conscious effort will be required to stop when a negative thought appears and change it to a positive one.

For this Angelical sequence 133 is giving you excellent affirmations: they apply regularly, they can help you adopt a positive attitude toward life, and the happiness will come along this path.

So, Angels are saying in the message that you see number 133 that is essential to accept that we should be good, that we have the right to good things in life, and happiness is definitely one of those things. If we are good and when good and positive things in life surround us, then we can help others – and helping other human being is the Highest virtue that we all should strive for.

Otherwise, we are lost in the low energy of our problems – so, Angels are saying in the message 133 that you need to focus on the positivity, and keeping saying positive affirmations that will help you surround yourself with the positive things, and then you will be good for the rest of humanity.


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