Dream of Being Homeless – Meaning and Symbolism

We live in such a world, where society abandons those who do not have enough fortune, for whatever reason, and they do not have their homes, they rely on our help – who can help them, it should.

All of us have passed some homeless person and give it a dollar or two, or we have turned our heads because we do not want to look at that misery. We feel uncomfortable if we look at them, and that fear comes from the feeling that they will do something bad to us, and another part comes from the thought that we could be on their place.

You do not have to act risky so that you lose your home; there can be fire, and you can lose your home, and become homeless.

But what would happen if you were in their place? How would you feel? Such a dream probably fills you with dread and terror, but this is one of the common dreams among people, and it can come as a reflection of our fears, to be alone and helpless.

In the next piece, read all about this interesting dream, that speaks, depending on circumstances in a dream of so many different things.

The Meaning of a Dream of Being Homeless

If in a dream, you have seen yourself being homeless, such a dream brings you the idea that you are reckless at some times of your life, and that such behavior can cost you a lot. It is possible that you have had many negative experiences with the people you have helped, and they have turned your back on you.

You will find that you are no longer obliged to solve their problems by saying that everyone is a blacksmith of their own fortune, which is why you will start looking at their jobs only.

If you are a homeless person in a dream, such a dream means that you are a very sad human being – is possible that, despite all that you have been given and what you have fought for in life, you feel a void that you do not know what you could fill. This is the meaning that comes as an alternate version of the dream where you are a homeless person.

If you, in a dream, see homeless people who you have the need to help, such a dream implies that your friend is in trouble, and this has to be someone who you care for so much in life, and you want that person to be very happy and safe.

This is the dream that is telling you to find the answer and help the friend that is probably facing a serious material condition that badly affects his or her psyche, and overall well-being.

You will try to make that friend understand and explain to that money is not the most important item in your life to lose your nerves, but you also want to tell that person that money is the necessity, and you need to be careful when you use it. You will suggest that a focus on other values, at least until they return them – and on the long, they certainly will return to them.

If others mock you because you are homeless, such a dream indicates that everything comes back like a boomerang. You are probably not affected by other people’s suffering because you have never had any major problems.

In fact, this is the dream that speaks to you – as such, you are a human being who judges others, some events and people by heart without trying to hear their story and the circumstances that brought them to this state.

Be careful because you never know what will happen to you tomorrow, and always try to see the bigger picture, and to know that things are not always as they seem to be.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Being Homeless

As far as symbolism in a dream speaks, the one where you see yourself homeless, it is the dream that symbolizes wisdom. You are likely to change many attitudes over time that prevented you from living the way you imagined.

People in the environment who have a lot of life experience and patience will help you hear and consult you – this is something that you desperately need at this moment in time, you cannot look at things clearly.

If you are homeless in a dream, and you still want to help others, and you do not have a problem in being homeless, such a dream indicates that you will give someone a second chance.

You may be reconciled with a person you have not stayed in a fair relationship with. You will try to correct the errors that caused the altercation, but you will expect the other party to do their best, and you should act in this way.

If the people in your dream are attacking you, and you feel helpless, because you do not have a home to go to, and you feel so alone and so bad, such a dream is the symbol of your attitude toward others that is bad.

You are behaving poorly, and you may be annoyed, but you will anger the person who has nothing to do with it. You will make the most of what you know that you can tell him / her anything without getting mad at you.

Do I have to be worried?

If you do not feel bad that you are homeless, such a dream signifies unhappy love or some unhappy relation that you have in life, that does not love, there are emotions just from one side, while from another there is nothing.

Your parents may not approve of a relationship with a person, who is not in an enviable financial situation, or you do not approve someone or something from your environment – all in all that person in your life or you do not feel ok, does not feel loved, and for that matter he or she suffers and feels isolated.

He will be afraid that he wants to take advantage of you and why he will use dirty tricks to get you and him/her in a bad light.

In this sense, such a dream does not mean that you should worry that you will lose everything in a material sense and that you will become homeless yourself since these dreams are never, in fact, fortunetelling stories. But you should take care of yourself, from being alone even if you are surrounded by many people.

You plan each day in advance to avoid idling, and it is most difficult at night when you are left alone and painful memories come to mind. If you are poor in sleep, it means that you will remain honest and proud.

You are the person who has always done everything transparently because you didn’t want to blush tomorrow for something. You had many opportunities to enrich yourself and to provide for yourself and your family, but they did not conform to the moral principles you advocate.

What to do if I had this dream?

Anytime you see sick, poor or homeless people in a dream, and it is always a dream that speaks of the discontent.

Now from what point that discontent comes is another question – sometimes this is the dream that speaks of the possibility that you are aware of your own shortcomings but do not know how to change them.

You constantly have the feeling that you are missing something and that the void will be filled by a close person or thing.

However, you are still unhappy that it would be best to look for the answer in yourself and not others.

As you could see, maybe the biggest value of this dream is the one that gives you the birth of the idea that you should always look at the bigger picture in your life, to know that you are not safe from negative events in your life and that you should never make fun or turn your head from bad events and helpless (and homeless human beings).

Instead, try to think of people who need help in their lives, they do not have to be homeless, but they could still need your help. Try to give it to them.

In the end, we must say one more thing – this is the dream that speaks of the personal character and strength that we must have even if things are not good in our lives, and when we are seemingly on the bottom.

In those times, we should not think that we could do something bad, immoral or negative. We must rise above the problems. And the same case is when someone from our environment is in that position – do not judge them, but help them to become better people, and to learn from their mistakes (that had brought them to that helpless/homeless position in life).


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