Meerkat – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Meerkat is a small carnivoran that belongs to the mongoose family. This interesting animal inhabits South Africa and we can’t find it anywhere else in the world.

Because of this fact, their symbolism was predominantly created by African people and African tribes, while the rest of the world got introduced to meerkats hundreds of years later.

Meerkat traits and characteristics

Attentive – Meerkats are very aware of their surroundings. They are always on the lookout for potential threats and predators.

This is not strange if we take into consideration the fact that meerkats have a lot of natural enemies.

Tricky – Meerkats depend only on their intelligence to survive. This is why they need to have a quick way of thinking and acting in all life situations.

Only this way they can have a shot at surviving in, often cruel, desert rules.

Meerkat as a totem

As totems, meerkats represent awareness, intelligence, quick wit, social nature and group energy.

People protected or born under this totem are real social creatures. They enjoy spending time with other people, discussing all sorts of things and throwing in a gossip or two.

Being a part of a group is their life’s meaning and they wouldn’t be able to survive on their own, even for a day.

People born under this totem are also very intelligent. Just like meerkats need to be smarter than the predators that are out to get them, people born under this totem use their intelligence to get themselves out of trouble and succeed in life.

Another important thing for everyone born under the meerkant totem is awareness.

These people are always on the lookout for new opportunities, new partnerships and new ideas.

This kind of aware way of living helps them score better chances in life and achieve great things.

Meerkat people are great friends and co-workers.

They are also devoted partners that are always going to be by your side no matter what.

They simply need that support from another person, so they won’t throw away a meaningful relationship that easy.

People protected by this totem are the life of the party, and everyone gets ecstatic around them.

They know how to communicate and involve everybody so nobody gets left out.

Having a friend protected by this totem is the best thing possible, since you won’t know what it means to be bored.

Meerkat as a symbol in a dream

As a symbol in a dream, meerkat is usually seen as something positive. They are carriers of good luck and fortune, but can also be warning signs that something is about to go wrong.

If you saw a meerkat in its natural surroundings, then this means you will receive a valuable opportunity to show off your skills.

This kind of opportunity comes rarely in life, so you need to get on board as soon as possible.

If meerkat in your dream was looking for something or if it was on his back legs looking at something, then you need to be careful.

Something is about to happen and you need to be careful not to get into trouble. Someone might even try to trick you into doing something dangerous.

Dead meerkat in a dream is a symbol of missed opportunities. You probably feel bad about something you missed out on.

The opportunity you missed out was important and possibly related to your personal life. But don’t worry chances are always around us, if we only look hard enough.

Meerkat as a symbol in different cultures

As a symbol in different cultures, meerkat was seen as a symbol of awareness and social behavior.

Meerkats are always holding themselves as a group and you can rarely see them as individuals.

People noticed this behavior early on and started seeing meerkats as symbols of friendship, unity and group efforts.

Meerkat symbolism is predominantly created in Africa since this is meerkats natural habitat.

In popular culture, the Western civilizations went wild over meerkats.

There are many TV shows, cartoons and movies that follow lives of this small, interesting animal, making it one of the most popular animals today.

People find its desire to be a part of a group amazing, and we could definitely learn a thing or two from these interesting animals.


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