Leo Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The common knowledge is that Astrology is more closely associated with the horoscope and the individual horoscope. But the Astrology is seen as the science of stars, and it begins with the belief that the stars and constellations between them, or the whole picture of the sky, have certain effects on our planet and on everything that is on it.

It is, that is, the influence of the universe, all celestial bodies and planets on the whole of nature, on all events and on every person or individual.

And in that constellation, there is one that is a particularly important aspect – the luminaries, or the Sun and the Moon.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who have Sun located in the Leo sign and the Moon in the Virgo Zodiac sign. Soon you will see this combination compatible or not.

Good Traits

In this combination, the Moon in the Virgo sign brings shy and reserved temperament, and in some way, it reduces the magnitude of the size that triggers the passion that is connected to the Sun in the Leo sign. But the positive aspect of this trait is that this person is generally able to provide the means to realise his plans to the last and the smallest detail.

He has a restless nature, but very fruitful and productive nature that does not know about obstacles and limitations -whatever he does he will do it well, or he will never start it.

This is also one person that has a character that matures and develops nicely and balances quickly from any problems that may occur in his life. Being aware of his limitations as much as his abilities, he knows exactly how he can go and keep cold blood in difficult situations – what an amazing upgrade from the regular Leo person that burns easily.

The one that belongs to this combination has the need to confirm that he is free, and the logical and practical spirit is his main asset for material success or any other success that is on his life path.

Bad Traits

This fundamentally decisive temperament, which this person has the Sun in Leo sign to thank, is characterised by a strong desire for emphasis, blocked by unreasonable frustration, as well as excessive love for details, which often loses the necessary representation of the whole.

This obsessiveness can lead in the wrong direction that is far from the true path that he should go – he misses a lot in this sense, by focusing on details.

Regardless of everything, it is a matter of nature that brings with it the perfect opportunity to reach its strength. But, this person, if weak, is marked by passivity, is overly proud that glorifies his egoism – and these two traits when are in the same person will never bring anything good, they will make things even worse, without any room from change.

Refusing to admit his defects, he takes up the stance, proud of the absurd, seeking from others what he himself is completely unable to do and pointing out the incompatibilities of other people, instead of working his own problems.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon in Love

A person who has luminaries located in the Leo and Virgo signs is the one that has a specific choice in the realm of love, not just anyone could be his lover. And in this sense, he is the one that asks a lot from his partners, while in everything, and in love also, he is nurturing certain principles, and the centre of them is he, and there is nothing argumentative about this.

As you know, this is the person who is very ambitious in life, and he is the one that must fulfill his personal goals, and then dedicate himself to someone else.

When he thinks about a love he is an idealist, he believes in certain virtues such as honesty and competence – and his lover must nurture both of them, besides many other qualities that this human sees as relevant.

As we have said this is the person who can be egoistic, and this is something that is reflected in his love life, so the relations with the environment can be questioned. Such behavior that often repeated itself could lead him to big mistakes, especially on the emotional plane – and they are the ones that cannot be taken back so fast. His lovers may never forgive him such behavior.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

As we have said in the previous article, an emotional selectivity is the main thing when the person has the Moon is in the Virgo sign, like in this case. This is the person that has an incredible need to share the experiences he has gained about self-analysis with others – he likes to observe himself and his personal growth when with someone in love.

Just because of the strong desire to dominate, he very often reacted too harshly because his course in love should not disturb anyone, and it does.

Though generous, when time and power are spent to help others, he also knows how to grieve if he feels that he is not loved in the way that he wants to be loved, and we should not neglect the fact that here we are talking about the Leo (the Sun located in this sign) and all of them want to be adored.

He has the best personal/ emotional relations with the people whose, just like his mental activity is very pronounced, and practicality is present – he does not like too much imagination, he likes to keep things concrete.

In the end, we must say that he is one generous lover who likes to give, as much as he likes to take (love, attention, gifts, etc.).

Best match for Leo Sun Virgo Moon

An individual who has Luminaries located in the Leo/ Virgo combination loves everything that makes his mental qualities and lusty imagination thrive, so he needs a lover who will be his inspiration in this sense.

Also, he is the one that has his bad moment, and when such a moment comes along, he can be extremely misleading -his lovers will never know what does he think, let alone feels. That’s why the main lesson he needs to learn is to say from time to time what he thinks, and that his eternal silence and flexibility are replaced by a reasonable measure of openness.

So, who is the lover that can wait for this change to happen, and to have all the best from his partner? Maybe the one that is born in the Aries Zodiac sign – these two can be the best friends and lovers at the same time. To the Aries lover, he does not have to explain much about how he feels.

Sexual relations, kisses, hugs, and everything in between are planned in advance in the same way as the rest of their lives. This lover generally is the best match for those who do not keep him for a long time in uncertainty, but in the shortest time, they put him to the knowledge they want. He loves if a partner surprises him with new things – this could be one solid match.

Leo Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

When it comes to other interpersonal relations, and besides others, friendships, a person who has Sun and Moon located in the Leo and the Virgo signs is the one friend that has a common sense and is the person of the initiative.

He likes to organise many events, things to do in the company of others, and in this sense, he is the one that is orderly and organized but has the tendency to exhaust with unimportant details – his friends will mind this trait, and will avoid him when he starts acting in this way, it is best to keep things simple.

He knows to keep secrets, and in his energy he is vivid – this is one friend that likes (and knows how) to take care of other people, and in the long term this process will help the entire company of his friends to become better and to improve their lives.


The difficulties that lie in this Astrological combination of the Sun and Moon that are located in the Leo sign, connected to the fire, and the Moon that is located in the Virgo sign that is connected to the Earth.

One seeks for conflict, and the other seeks to free everything in its path, always bound up with a predetermined way of life; here the active will connects with passive intellect.

He is the one person that is more theoretical than creative, but he is capable of clearly perceiving the problems and actions that need to be undertaken, but which is more elastic to the needs of the loved ones than to their own.

This is the person who has a little more sensitive nerve than a typical Leo person, and because of the Moon that is located in the Virgo Zodiac sign, it is easier for him to get out of balance. Fine lines, love for reality and less sumptuous, and the more traditional, elegant environment are also his characteristics.

In the end, we can say with the substantial certainty that this Astrological combination is meaningful since it connected the person who is able working on various tasks, but most of them remain hidden from others, with the negative consequence – frustrations are easily born in this type because it hardly exhibits its open nature.


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